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Top 10 SCORE Hotels


22 Reviews
Yunokawa-cho 1-16-18, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
"Awesome hotel, we got out from JR station, the tram that goes to Yunokawa can be reached directly, and it is only 200 meters to get off. Put down the luggage and go out for a meal. I booked the dinner at the hotel at the front desk. I have already set it up for us. I have a Japanese-style set menu. It is delicious and delicious. The bed has been laid back. There is also a waitress who is Taiwan. People, when we left the hotel, we took the initiative to brave the heavy snow at the door to stop the taxi for us, and the service attitude was super good. The breakfast is also great, here is the squid, there are all kinds of food in the buffet, cold salad, tempura, bibimbap, salad and so on. The hot springs are divided indoors and outdoors. For the first time, it is a great place to bathe in the snow everywhere. It’s great! I also booked a night tour of Hakodate Hill at the hotel. The adult is 2,000 yen, and the child is 1,100 yen. After the dinner, the bus comes to the door. The tour guide explains all the way. Although I can't understand Japanese, the attitude is super good!"
"I love this hotel very much. The old hot spring hotel is not negligent because we are not locals or individual customers. The service is quite good. Just arrived at the hotel, there is someone to help you with your luggage, arrange to sit down, and someone is responsible for check-in. Because of the honeymoon trip, the hotel manager, a special spirit uncle, presented the translator and the hotel gift to us, full of surprises! The hotel also has a dedicated Taiwanese waiter who knows Chinese and is very attentive to us. Not only does the baggage help us to the room, but also the precautions for wearing our bathrobes! I like the hot springs, and the outdoor is beautiful! The front desk can book a travel agency bus to Hakodate Hill, 1,500 yen a person, very convenient, come back from Hakodate Hill at about 10 pm, the bed has been paved for us!"
"There is a Taiwanese beauty at the front desk, and the Japanese uncle at the front desk has an interpreter, so even if you don’t speak Japanese or English, you can stay barrier-free. The hotel is relatively old, but the experience is very comfortable. The large hot spring has an outdoor pool. It is super comfortable and must be experienced. There is an airport bus stop at the door of the hotel and the transportation is convenient. There is an extra charge for children to stay. We added more than 600 yuan for two days, but tatami mats were also added in the house, and breakfast was included, which was great value for money"
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80 Reviews
Yunokawa-cho 1-2-25, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
"Coming from Date, there is a bus stop at JR Hakodate Station. It is actually 95/96 at the 3rd station exit to reach the hotel. The next station is diagonally opposite, which is actually very close. However, the bus has operating hours and is divided into working days. And weekends, so it is recommended to look at the time. We chose a taxi because we were carrying two large suitcases and we were a bit tired when we first arrived. Japanese taxis were more expensive. It took about 5 kilometers from the JR station to the hotel. Cheap 😂 The hotel service was also great. We hadn't reached the check-in time when we arrived. The hotel reception helped us put the boxes or something, because we were too lazy to wait, so we went out. When you go out of the hotel, go to the right, and you will see the word ramen (not bad, but Japanese ramen is not my hobby). After eating, go to the right and walk to the tropical botanical garden, where you can see the monkeys soaking in the hot spring Lahaha. But if it ’s snowing, it ’s probably more enjoyable. However, for a southerner, the tropical plants in it are usually on the street. The booked room is mountain-view Japanese style with hot spring (the sea view is booked when you booked ... but the breakfast time can also be to the sea, it can be made up), the small space of the hot spring pool, just two people. There is also a foot pond. It is very comfortable to come back and soak in the foot after shopping. But the open-air hot spring is one. It is completely different from the hot spring hotel that I went to. I want to go back to the next time It's so cool in the open air with snow ~ The overall space of the room is relatively large. After all, it is Japanese-style, and it is quite leisurely to sit and watch TV. It is estimated that the hotel is a certain age, but it is also very good, clean and hygienic. In fact, Hakodate Chaoshi is going out at Hakodate JR Station. If you arrive earlier, you can go shopping, but the market is basically closed at 1 noon, so be careful ~ we go there the next day and we can buy live crabs for processing Much cheaper than in Sapporo (I feel like I spent a lot of money) ... Honeydew is very sweet and strawberries are fragrant ~ It's still not cheap haha There is a restaurant called Nemurohan Sushi on the first floor of a commercial building directly opposite JR Station. The almond tofu is very good. We packed it back to the hotel and ate it because we ate a bit full in the morning market ~ In the end, the hotel is actually very close to the airport, but more than 5 minutes away, there is a direct bus not far from the hotel, but we still called a taxi, the cost is also close to 2,000 yen, so the distance is also several kilometers, but they are relatively leisure You do n’t need to hurry because the domestic flights in Japan are boarding 20 minutes in advance. But it ’s not too late to check your luggage ~"
"The hotel is older to watch from the outside, but the facilities inside are very new, the car is very convenient, and the monkeys in the hot springs are very close. The hotel's public bath has 4 indoor pools, different temperatures, and a large outdoor pool. Two saunas, one 60 degrees and one 90 degrees. Maybe because of the catch of the epidemic, there were no people in the public baths, soaking in the whole process, super cool. Shampoos and shower gels in public baths are also good, as well as exfoliating. Toners and lotions also work well. The indoor open-air bath is also good."
"Love this hotel because the price is very good. The hotel's breakfast and dinner buffets are great and there are many varieties. The airport bus comes one stop, 5 minutes, watching monkeys soaking in hot springs, eating a salt salt ramen, watching the sea, walking 5-10 minutes away, watching the snow, watching the sea, and soaking in the open air."
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82 Reviews
1-2-27 Yunokawa-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
3.2km from Songjiang University Town
"The hotel treats Chinese and Japanese differently! I woke up at midnight on the first day and got a nosebleed for 40 minutes. Later I called the front desk. A little brother from Taiwan sent an electric fan upstairs. Our room had no floor heating, no air-conditioning, and windows. sea breeze. Asked why the brother is so hot, he said that it may be because we live on the third floor, corresponding to the second floor of the hot spring downstairs, it may just be hot. My friend and I had a cold the next day, and we were allergic, because we slept hot on the floor and had a difficult night. I spent 7379 for the first time and stayed in such a poor hotel for two nights! The next day, I strongly requested a room change. The manager was still unwilling. Later, I went upstairs and found that the entire third floor was unoccupied, indicating that they knew the situation. The hot spring opening time also coincides with the time we feel very hot, and it is not so hot after 1pm. Because of the Japanese-style room, sleeping on tatami, it was really hot and I couldn't do it. Last year I went to the club hotel in Jozankei and the service is really much better! On the third day, we had a cold because of the heat, and people were very uncomfortable. After all, it was hot in the winter and a fan. I want to check out late, then go to the airport, the hotel is in a hurry, and finally agreed to a delay of one hour, saying that someone will come to live immediately, the third floor is vacant, and no one else is scheduled to live. We just arranged us a few days ago Live, in short, the worst service in Hokkaido I have ever stayed in, and the worst hotel in Japan! The staff who received us on the first day could speak Chinese, surname Cai, and the female manager behind did not see the name clearly. Hotel cleaning is also very unprofessional. It is the time for guests to check out at noon. An aunt in the lobby is cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, which is very noisy."
"The Japanese service is really nothing to say. As soon as the car arrived at the hotel entrance, there were service staff to help pick up the boxes, and wipe the wheels with a rag when entering the door. By the time we got to the room, the boxes were neatly packed. With the shoes off at the entrance, the staff wearing kimono greeted the introduction of the rest area, kneeling all the way to help Checkin, bring matcha tea and pastries, and run out of simple afternoon tea, Checkin also finished. I will introduce the time and place of the dining, the soup, take us to the room, and introduce the room facilities carefully. Every time we go out, the staff must bow at the door until they can't see it. So touched! The room was really hot, and the central air conditioning could not be adjusted. Later I came up with a tatami mat and spread it in the tea room. The temperature of the quilt was just right. I slept comfortably with the sound of waves crashing all night. Breakfast and dinner are also worth feeling. Ogasan served the dishes together, and the Japanese food tasted like French food. There are a total of seven tables for breakfast, and six tables are from our country."
"Fixed sea view room, the room can be seen when you look out, and you can hear the sound of the waves when you sleep at night; the hotel location is not in the city center, about 5km past the jr station, and a taxi of more than 2,000 yen (equivalent to about 130 in Japan. Invincible expensive). Hygiene was not as good as expected, and hair was seen on the quilt. The scenery of the restaurant is very good (Figure 4), but the so-called kaiseki cuisine is really not delicious. It is recommended that you go out to eat. The difference of more than 2,000 yuan should be able to eat good kaiseki cuisine. You can also use your own time. (The hotel dinner is at 7 o'clock at the latest and the breakfast is 8:30 at the latest. The time limit is too great)"
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12 Reviews
1-18-15 Yunokawacho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
"A room with more than sixty flats is really rare in Japan. Both European and Japanese styles are available."
"This is a nice and very well equipped hotel! "
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13 Reviews
1-2-30, Yunokawacho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
"A trip to Hokkaido on your own, two days of staying at this hotel. It is very strange that Ctrip has very little evaluation of this home. It is a relatively economical and practical hot spring hotel. Although the equipment is a bit old, there should be a small room. Very close to the sea, but the sound insulation is very good, so you can't sleep with the sound of the waves (laugh). Most importantly, this hot spring is very good, especially the outdoor soup, also known as the hot spring, the price of the next door is three times more expensive (I also live hahaha next door if loose). Anyway, the best value for money, recommend a small partner who loves hot springs哟"
"一部耐震改修工事中でした。泊まりや温泉は問題なく使えました。また、食事会場もとても明るく綺麗になってました、 温泉は改修されていて、屋内浴場から直接露天風呂に行けるようになっています。露天風呂からは海を眺めながら入る事ができとてもよかった。 夕食、朝食ともビュッフェでした。道内と言うより、函館近郊の名物が置いてあり、刺身や寿司も醤油ではなく他の調味料でもどうですか?と提案してくるような感じでとてもよかった。 スタッフの方もアットホームでホテルと言うよりは旅館に近いかも。"
"Old hotel. That's why entrances and rooms are reasonable. The temperature of the indoor bath was too hot to enter slowly. Sorry. Is the open-air bath the fire of the squid fishing fishing boat? I was able to put it in comfortably while looking at it. No ~ there is no repeat. I'm sorry."
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31 Reviews
1-3-17 Yunokawa-Cho, Hakodate-Shi, Hokkaido 042-0932, Japan, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
"Old hotel, want to experience the charm, atmosphere and service of the ryokan, this is a strong push. Be sure to order the kind of breakfast and dinner, and the cooking is too delicious. It’s delicious to cry, focus on fried fish (キンキの唐扬げ) The hotel's hot springs for men and women will be changed at night, so you can experience different hot springs. The location is in Yukawa Onsen, and if you take the city power, you will have to go under the Yukawa Onsen and you have to go for a while. The snow is a bit difficult. However, there is a bus stop at the entrance of the hotel, which is convenient for taking the bus. In addition, the hotel is about five minutes drive from Hakodate Airport, and it is about 1200 yen for taxis."
"Very Japanese-style hotel, one for two meals, do not bother living in it, each house has a butler, and arrange your stay for a few days. We stayed for two nights, each meal was not repeated, and it was eaten, and even the rice was aroma. A 15-minute drive to JR Station, the taxi fare is around 1600. Or take the tram about 5 minutes to the back of the hotel and go to each attraction."
"There is a bathtub in the room and a public bathroom. The open-air and indoor hot springs are clean and the environment is good. The service is particularly good. The room rate includes dinner. It will be delivered to the house. The meals are also very special. The clerk is very warm and lovely. There is also a convenient car to go to the sights."
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15 Reviews
3 Chome-1-17 Yunokawachō, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
"I have been living in Hokkaido for the third year. Imagine's Toyako Lake Noboribetsu and Akan Lake and other online hot springs have been booked by accident. The price is reasonable. At that time, there were only seaview suites in this house. , Is the Japanese-style configuration of a normal seaview hotel, must go on a sunny day, otherwise it is really a gray sea, and if you are a couple, it is really suitable for taking pictures in the hall ~ This is usually a wedding contract, so it is basically white Master ~ When the room just entered, there was a smell of straw mat. But it was because of treading on rice, so I quickly adapted, and I was completely attracted by the sea when I entered the house. The one thing that was inadequate was that the bath was divided into the first and eighth floors. The same improvement on the eighth floor. The place for breakfast is too hard to find. It was only found in Qiguai and Baguai. The commendable staff in the lobby on the first floor is so enthusiastic to the extent of hhh. My girlfriend and I both want to carry our luggage and run away, hhh. In terms of traffic, a one-minute walk downstairs is the tropical botanical garden. There are little monkeys. There is nothing to see in autumn. It is only interesting to take a hot spring in winter. The traffic is a certain distance from Mount Hakodate. I also like to make friends, welcome to Hokkaido consultation ➕v shasha327didiaoer, indicate the source, take you to experience the most beautiful Hokkaido in the East Season ~"
"The view from the open-air bath was good and the free ice and coffee tea after bathing were good. The food was delicious, including sashimi."
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16 Reviews
3-10-3,Yunokawa-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
"It must be said that this is a very good hotel, I will definitely stay here next time, and I have to live for two days. 1. Transportation: There is a bus from Hakodate Station to the Yunokawa Onsen, and it is convenient to walk for about 8 minutes. 2. Diet: The reservation does not include dinner and lunch, but there are several noodle restaurants around 500 meters. I went to a text and ate Hakodate salt ramen, which is very good. The hotel’s own breakfast is also very refined, although the variety is small, but it is quite good. And the hotel lobby has free coffee, ice cream, sparkling wine, matcha and other information, guests can enjoy it at any time, very much like it. 3. Environment: The room is a Japanese-style room, and the mattress is placed on a tatami mat, which is personally considered to be more comfortable than a traditional tatami mattress. The hotel's hot springs are also very comfortable and the water quality is very good. The overall feeling is very warm and warm 4. There is a small supermarket and an AEON nearby, and shopping is very convenient. Overall, this room is very satisfactory, compared to other hotels, I think this is a very high cost performance."
"It was dark when I got off the plane at about 4:30. The hotel was near Yunogawa Station for the first time because it was dark. I had kids and luggage. I took a taxi for more than 1,000. It was very close to the Botanical Garden. It was a 5-minute walk. One hour is enough to see the monkeys. There are water, ice cream and champagne on the first floor. Champagne is delicious 😂 Tangchi The water is a bit hot, and no one enters it. It may not be a weekend. The room is individually air-conditioned and the temperature is well controlled. The bed is made by yourself, and it feels not bad. Sleeping is quite comfortable."
"Tangzhichuan Smile Hot Spring Hotel, elegant environment, clean indoor environment, rich variety of breakfast, especially salmon sashimi and octopus sashimi, delicate taste, very fresh, free ice cream, sparkling wine, coffee, convenient location, If you take JR to Hakodate, you can take the bus 95 and 96 on Hakodate and get off at the Tropical Botanical Garden. It takes 8 minutes to walk to the Yunokawa Smile Hotel."
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13 Reviews
1-17-22 Yunokawa, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
"Ctrip is really disappointing this time~ Friends commented that they and their children are allergic to crabs. The dinner is still on the two crabs. The hotel has changed the hotel; the suite where I live with my son also has the information of the guests. After check-in There are no children's pajamas, no children's slippers, and the boat has been communicating with the room. The message Ctrip has not responded, it is a pity."
"The hotel feels low-key luxury, good facilities, good hot springs, and a private soup in the room, very comfortable. Especially the catering, it is too rich, and even far greater than the demand."
"Breakfast is Japanese, OK, dinner is OK Suite with bath, nice public, few people, nice view Some meals nearby are also good, cheap and delicious The overall Hakodate is a very relaxing place"
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Very Good
10 Reviews
1-15-3, Yunokawa cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
"The breakfast ended at 9 o'clock in the morning, and in the morning, the soup was soaked and the breakfast was not eaten. Dinner buffet is good. There are fewer Chinese guests in the hotel, which are basically local Japanese guests and Japanese tour groups. The breakfast family used a beaker to give the 2 year old a little porridge. They expressed dissatisfaction. They also told me that they would speak Chinese and were not very friendly to Chinese guests. The child is not in a good mood. We are already trying to persuade the child to marry the child. The waiter came up and told him to leave the restaurant. I feel inhuman. Finally, the adults did not finish eating and left, we are also afraid to disturb other guests to eat, the waiter not only did not help to find a way to tease the children instead of using such an attitude, should not be the service and etiquette of the country should do. There is a drug supermarket near the hotel is quite convenient, if the taxi from the jr Hakodate to the hotel is about 1500 yen."
"Room was very clean. Staffs were freindly and helpful,though they spoke little English. Toilet/shower/wash basin are well designed to locate separately.Big car park that can accomodate many tens.Breakfast and dinner were splendid, probably the best in Hokkaido.Apart from almost a hundred of delicious dish,several expensive items such as raw sweet prawn,raw or grilled scallop, crab leg,salmon roe,raw tuna meat and especially O TORO ( fatty tuna belly) were also available.Note that O TORO is very very expensive and very very rare to find in other hotel buffet.Magnificent sushi corner which served only fine items was also inclusive.These were marvellous.!!!!"
"freeking love it. The breakfast is plentiful and the restaurant is large. There are indoor and outdoor places for hot springs. Dinner is served in a small restaurant not far from the hotel, the ingredients are fresh and the taste is super good. Dining at a restaurant where pure locals dine is very good."
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