Top 10 Sunshine Plaza Hotels

Top 10 Sunshine Plaza Hotels

the Temple House Hotel Exterior
the Temple House Hotel Exterior
the Temple House Rooms
the Temple House Rooms
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No. 81 Bitieshi Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, China, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
19.1km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
6.5km from Chengdu Railway Station
540m from Chunxi Road
610m from Dongmen Bridge
"Family travel, the hotel has upgraded the room type, thank you, and will have the opportunity to stay in the hotel first in the future. Reviews should still be objective, and Ctrip's review system must be credible. For many years, Ctrip has been used as a reference for hotel booking. Over the years, it has also reviewed hundreds of hotels on Ctrip. The Temple House - a Hong Kong-owned Swire hotel is the same as the Opposite House in Beijing. The resort-type hotel is considered to be the top in Chengdu. Compare the hotel types - Diaoyutai Hotel, Six Senses, Waldorf Astoria. w Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton. Yao Tang. Suitable for vacation and business trip. The area is not large, and it is not suitable for large-scale meetings. There are more than 100 guest rooms, two buildings, and a courtyard downstairs. A fusion of Chinese and Western. There is no doubt that the delicate display of Hong Kong designers. Location: Taikoo Li in the city center. Shopping is convenient. Renovation facilities: The renovation in 2015 is a bit old, but the maintenance is ok. The room type upgraded for us is an apartment suite, which is very large, with two bedrooms and one living room, with kitchen and washing machine, suitable for high-end business people. Service: Friendly and impeccable staff. Breakfast: not much variety, but exquisite. The breakfasts of hotels with more than 100 rooms are generally refined, unlike the buffet breakfasts of large hotels. Disadvantages of staying: The upgraded room type may be too large, the air conditioning effect is average, and the floor heating effect will take a long time. I made suggestions and the service staff improved their enthusiasm. In addition, there is a small strong one in the bathtub. Understandable. The temple price is still good, there is a chance to come again. Local in Chengdu, there are many opportunities to stay, and the Italian dishes on the first floor often come here."
"I entertained friends for two days at the Temple House on May 1st this year. I liked the design style of the hotel, but the overall experience was very bad, and I was really disappointed. However, I still like the House series of hotels very much. I recently took time to visit the Temple House twice, once for my birthday and once for a weekend vacation. The two experiences are also different. I will share them one by one later. First of all, thanks to Danny for the arrangement! A 90-square-meter apartment was arranged, as well as a wealth of welcome gifts. What was particularly moving was that I found a photo of our dog and printed a small photo! I was really moved~ The House series are almost all based on Taikoo Hui/Taikoo Li, and the geographical location of each house is too good. The same is true of Chengdu Temple House. Whether it is shopping, dining, leisure, or business travel, it is very, very convenient."
"Incredible experience - well beyond my expectations. The hotel is beautiful and in a perfect location with easy access to the Taikoo Li shopping complex. Staff amongst the friendliest and most helpful I have experienced during any travel. When asking for a good hot pot restaurant, the GM even instructed one of the staff to come with me to a nearby hot pot restaurant to help me order. An absolute surprise and delight, this team is dedicated to providing an unforgettable stay. I would definitely book again, and would recommend anyone traveling to Chengdu to stay in the Temple House."

173 Reviews
No. 28 Kuan Lane, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
19.8km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
5.2km from Chengdu Railway Station
330m from Kuanzhaixiangzi Alleys
740m from People's Park
"When I came to Chengdu for tourism, I turned to the Wren Hotel and knew that Kuanzhai Alley was a tourist attraction. Before I went there, I thought the hotel would be mysterious in Kuanzhai Alley. Opening the antique door, there was a stream of water inside, and the housekeeper specially came to pick us up at the door, giving us a homely feeling. The style of the room is also Chinese. Every small object is very careful, and the bathroom is very large. Early is served in the house in the morning, very rich, and good night milk in the evening. The service is attentive, and the courtyard across the door is very quiet, completely different from the lively wide alley. I will live in Chengdu again, and I am especially grateful to the butler Wang Ying for his warm and thoughtful service."
"In the wide alley of the wide and narrow alley, quiet in the middle of the noisy, soundproofing is very good, will not be disturbed by the noise of the street. The bathroom is large, there is also a terrace, that is, the plants on the terrace are not very well managed, and need to be watered regularly. There is good night milk for check-in, although we don't drink milk, it is recommended to add the option of sweet soup. Breakfast is delivered to the room, very rich. The service of the sales manager Ms. Wang is very intimate and thoughtful. The front desk brother also helped to send the luggage to the intersection when he took the luggage. I hope you can do better."
"The location is great. It’s in the middle of Kuan Alley in Kuanzhai Alley. It’s quiet in the middle of noisiness. It’s a lively attraction right out of the door. There are all kinds of specialty restaurants and cultural programs. It’s very comfortable to stay for a few days! High cost performance and good value for money. Throughout the process, I especially felt the hotel team's considerate service, meticulous. The breakfast was delivered to the room, which was very hearty! Special thanks to Tang Hao for the manager for us to arrange a lot of details. This trip is very enjoyable, come again next year :)"

90 Reviews
No.23 Toufu Street, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
20.1km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
3.0km from Chengdu Railway Station
840m from Wenshu Monastery
1.5km from Liangjia Alley
"The hotel is very comfortable, especially the butler lady is very good, the service is thoughtful and professional, and very intimate, we have been staying in the middle of the night, Miss Sister is still patient and meticulous service to us, and we are almost 1 o'clock in the middle of the night, thank you very much ❤️❤️❤️, The quality of the hotel is generally environmental facilities, half of it is the service of the customer service staff, my husband and I are too satisfied, my husband said that I will stay here in Chengdu next time~"
"Very exquisite courtyard, the accommodation environment is very good, the butler introduced that it is the former residence of Bajin grandfather, right next to Wenshuyuan, there is quiet in the noisy, and it is very convenient to travel. There is also a firewood dog called Xixi in the courtyard, cute and cute, and the guests are very enthusiastic. The service is also very intimate, it is a hotel worth visiting."
"The location of the hotel is in Wenshuyuan. The history is very heavy, the design and details are good, but the comfort of staying is a bit poor. The bed is very large, and the bedroom is very crowded; the sofa in the living room is crowded, which is cramped. It may be to keep the characteristics of the old building, not easy."

1272 Reviews
No.42 Section 4 of South Renmin Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
13.5km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
2.7km from Chengdu South Railway Station
620m from Tongzilin
730m from Nijiaqiao
"Because it is convenient to go to Shuangliu Airport and staying in Kempinski, the location is a great advantage. It is backed by the South Second Ring Road, which is basically the connection between the new and old urban areas of Chengdu. The subway has Line 1, and it is very convenient to take a taxi. Kempinski's unique girl in red, I like it very much. She introduced DR BAR and helped her to escort her bag to the door of the room. I liked her. It's a pity that the doorman is not at the door when entering or leaving the door. The series of anti-epidemic measures such as temperature measurement and site code scanning are completely decorations. The key is that Kempinski's own propaganda emphasizes anti-epidemic measures, which is really unreasonable... In 2021, the room will be upgraded and renovated, and the so-called European-style luxury "veteran style" will be changed. The light luxury and fashionable decoration style is obviously more in line with the current aesthetics. The whole facility, whether it is the design style or the quality of the facilities and equipment, is very good. The fresh air system is very good. Although the room is very new, there is no peculiar smell. The temperature during the day and night is very comfortable. The staff also kindly asked me if the temperature in my room was suitable. Before the toiletries, it was Ferragamo. This time I saw the Dutch Rituals Lefo, which is relatively small but the actual feeling is not bad. The room rate includes meals, and the unit price is not cheap. There are still many choices for breakfast, and the taste is average. The key point is that the supply time is very good, 6:30-10:00, covering a wide range. The only downside is that the waiter cleans up the table too fast, I just got up and went to get some food, and the table was cleaned up when I came back... I have seen similar situations at other tables. It is suggested to use a small ornament or a small card or the like. Those who are dining can put it on the table to signal not to accept it. There is a DR BAR downstairs. You can have a drink. The biggest feeling is that the style has changed and it really makes up for the shortcomings. After all, Kempinski has been rooted in Chengdu for nearly 20 years. Although the style of the room has changed, it still looks old, including the lobby. The old five-star transformation, innovation and tradition. How to balance it is a question to think about. After all, the overall stay this time, I feel that it is not very good compared to the emerging hotels of the same series in Chengdu."
"GHA Titanium Card Stays at Kempinski Chengdu Services: First of all, praise the girl in red Crystal He for her friendly, dedicated and professional service. After checking in, Crystal He will take us to the room, take the initiative to help with the bags, and ask if we need to explain the room after we arrive at the room. Crystal He gave a very comprehensive introduction to the room, which mentioned the free use of the mini bar and the tips of other charged items. He was polite and polite. After that, he took the initiative to ask us when we needed to deliver the cake. After getting the answer, we delivered the exquisite and delicious cake, candles and handwritten blessing cards within the estimated time, which was very heartwarming. For dinner, I met Crystal He again at the DR Bar on the first floor, and the whole service was also very good. When I checked out the next day, I mentioned that I wanted to keep a room card (because the quality of Kempinski's wooden room card is very good, and CHENGDU is printed on it) Crystal He went to find us two brand new ones Card and gave each of us a Kempinski keychain and card case, very pleasant surprise! Thanks to the housekeeper Yao Xiuhui for helping with the room layout, the cake folded with towels is very cute, the welcome red wine and fruit are very delicate~ Room facilities: The high-quality marble texture highlights Kempinski's aesthetic taste. As one of the oldest hotels in Chengdu, this renovation has indeed brought a second spring to the hotel. Spare is Ferragamo, very useful. The only downside may be that the razor is a bit dull haha. Dining: In addition to the service, the most worthy of praise is the food and beverages. The afternoon tea presented by the Titanium Card is pleasantly fragrant in the snow in Bitan. The pork knuckles, chicken wings, and ribs in the DR Bar are delicious, and the weight loss process has to be put on hold haha. All in all, the Kempinski yyds left a very deep and wonderful impression on me on my 23rd birthday."
"Location: Near subway, near Shuangliu Airport, about 15 minutes away. There is also a nucleic acid hospital near the hotel within walking distance. Environment: The lobby seems to be a bit dated according to the comments, but I have seen the room photos (newly renovated) before, and the actual measurement is really good. There is no taste. The cleaning is also good, and the eldest sister on the floor is warm. Service: The service at the front desk and the breakfast room is very good. The breakfast seems to be busy but they still try their best to help the guests. Wendy is very warm and thoughtful. Kempinski's breakfast is really good, it looks very healthy, the energy juice at the door, muesli nut cereal, and freshly squeezed juice, really freshly squeezed without water, noodles and rice noodles are also delicious . The most interesting thing is that they also sell ice powder in the lobby in the afternoon, which is very down-to-earth. The taste is not bad. Recommended!"

3518 Reviews
Building 3, International Finance Center, No. 1, Section 3, Hongxing Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
19.1km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
6.7km from Chengdu Railway Station
430m from Chunxi Road
820m from Chengdu Second People's Hospital
"Checked into the hotel at around 11:30 pm on April 2, 2022. At that time, the hotel had confirmed that there was a new crown contact and stayed at the hotel but still received guests. I don’t understand. On April 3, I was notified by the government that the hotel’s contact was turned positive. It caused everyone who stayed in the hotel to be quarantined in the hotel. A letter was sent on the 5th from the 2nd to the 9th of the quarantine time to tell the central air conditioner to shut down. Shouldn't it be closed on the 2nd? This is to cooperate with epidemic prevention. I still have to deal with epidemic prevention.. I have already left the hotel, but all the documents, mobile phones and luggage are in the hotel. I negotiated with the hotel and gave me my ID card and mobile phone. What are the epidemic prevention requirements and everything I do not leave the hotel. I am so embarrassed. I You can't walk without an ID card outside the hotel. Don't the hotel know what killing is? The service attitude is polite. But I don't know anything when I ask three questions. At the time of close contact, the subordinates must have been sealed up... resulting in a large number of guests being stranded. The hotel needs to give us an explanation and an apology.. If the hotel did not inform the hotel of the epidemic situation to the following customers, the subsequent guests will also be infected. The virus is responsible for"
"Many thanks to the housekeepers Lisa&Sylvia for bringing us such a high-quality experience in this trip to Chengdu! I went to Chengdu for my birthday. I stayed at the Hilton for one day, and then I stayed at the Niccolo. I can only say that I will only stay here when I come to Chengdu. The service is really great! The beautiful and kind-hearted housekeeper has upgraded the room type because of her birthday, arranged for us to check in early, and also arranged birthday cake, red wine, etc. As long as the request is made, it will be satisfied as much as possible! When I came back from playing at night, the thoughtful service staff had cleaned up the room, replaced the used toiletries, and took the initiative to turn on the turndown, which was really attentive! Although Niccolo may not have many advantages in hardware, after all, it has been so many years, but the hardware is cold, the service is alive, and the service really has nothing to say! Most of the joy of this trip to Chengdu comes from the considerate service, thank you again! May all the staff who bring us high-quality services go well!"
"The location can't be more convenient, and it's very suitable for friends to pick up. The next IFS is downstairs in Taikoo Li, which is very good for shopping, and also gave a courtesy. The best thing to use is Shiseido washing and blowing. Girls need it very much. A small gift was given, and the service was also very good. There is no need to say washing and nursing, that is, the swimming pool is not open and the gym is not open during the epidemic. I didn't add breakfast if I ordered a meal. Wagas downstairs is more cost-effective. Simply speaking, the room environment is simple and good, but it is very comfortable to grasp the details and quality services, everywhere is clean."

1217 Reviews
No.38-39 Kuan Alley, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
19.6km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
5.1km from Chengdu Railway Station
180m from Kuanzhaixiangzi Alleys
530m from Tonghuimen
"A very design hotel. The travel experience after National Day is very good. There are few people and it is quiet. The hotel’s various services and room facilities are very good. The most pleasant surprise is the hotel’s breakfast. Dandan noodles are very delicious. Ramisu tastes very good too! The big bed room I stayed this time was very spacious. The refrigerator in the room sent a lot of drinks, and we took them away. The self-driving tour in the back while walking and drinking, I feel very good 👍🏻 Compared to the Temple House, it is much more cost-effective! The only uncomfortable thing is that the bedding in the room is a bit damp, which may be related to the regional characteristics, and the on/off button of the room is not very clearly marked, so try one by one. The others are great!"
"Very good staying experience, the decoration is modern Chinese style, simple and elegant, simple atmosphere, compact and warm, especially integrated with the Kuanzhai alley, quiet in the noisy, very rare, you can feel the smoke and fire, but also feel at home, less After the fatigue of the journey, you can temporarily forget the exhaustion of business and make you feel home slowly. Especially the girls at the front desk, everyone smiled very sincerely, warmly, patiently, cordially, and friendly. They couldn't feel the professional smile, just like the little girl next door, welcoming you."
"Chengdu Diaoyutai Hotel, in the Kuanzhai Alley, is antique and very beautiful! The food in the restaurant is very delicious, the butler service is very attentive, the room hardware equipment is very good, and the price is very high! This trip took my two babies and my mother, a family of five, and the experience was great. Special thanks to the foreman, Xiao Zhong, for his kind and careful arrangements for the babies, and also thank the doorman, Master Wang, for going out every morning. Have a good mood!"

1727 Reviews
No.80-2 Section 2 of South Renmin Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
16.7km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
5.9km from Chengdu South Railway Station
290m from Jinjiang Hotel
630m from Huaxiba
"The hotel summary, just waiting for the airport to drop off, so I will write a good review. Location: The hotel is located in Jinjiang District, within the first ring, with Tianfu Square as the center, the hotel is just a little bit west of the south. Within 500 meters of the surrounding area, there are almost no online celebrity shops and check-in scenic spots, so the surrounding area of the hotel is very quiet. Since we chose the VIP building, which is 25 stories high and overlooks the river view, there is nothing to say about the view~ Room and facilities: The room is about 50 square meters, a large bed of 1.8, the washing area, toilet and bathroom area are independent, and there is a bathtub in the bathroom and equipped with a waterproof TV, which is considerate. All lighting and curtains have one-button control, which is very convenient. However, if you turn on the light in the bathroom, the desk lamp in the guest room will also light up. I don't know if this is the scene mode or the setting. The 27th floor of the hotel is the executive lounge. All executive room guests can take a free break with their key card or report their room number. There is not much tea and some snacks. What I’m most satisfied with is the swimming pool in the hotel’s recreation center. The 25-square-foot swimming pool is almost empty. For a person who maintains weight loss, swimming 1000 meters a day is still necessary. The important thing is that the opening hours are friendly. 06 :30-22:30, and there are not many people. Hotel service: As a veteran five-star hotel, it is said to be the first five-star foreign-related hotel in Southwest China, and its service is still good. Here is a special mention. Our room service, Zhang Chunbi, Sister Zhang, cleans our room every day, and she patiently organizes the changed clothes. I really want to thank you!"
"When staying in the VIP building, the beautiful young lady upgraded the river view room to us. The overall service is very meticulous and thoughtful. The room is spacious, the bedding is comfortable, and the toiletries are all L’Occitane. For the four nights of staying, I would like to thank Zhou Qionglan who served our room. She carefully put my cosmetics on towels to keep them dry. Zhang Chunbi and Zhou Jiming took the initiative to prepare more mineral water for us, and Chen Jinbo who gave us good night milk. Brother, the service is very attentive. I would like to thank Xia Wentao from the concierge department for being a free consultant. I recommend reasonable routes in the city for our reference. There are also authentic Chengdu home-cooked dishes that make us happy and satisfied. , There is a marathon on the day of check-out, and there is a road closure at the door of the hotel. We are worried that we can't find a car at the airport. It is better for Xia Shuai to help us arrange a taxi at the hotel so that we can go home at ease. This kind of service quality is great! Will choose to stay next time!"
"First of all, the VIP building is absolutely ok. There is an Indian concierge at the door to help with luggage. When I speak a little English, I feel too good about myself~ Hahahahaha Then because I stayed in the VIP building, although breakfast is not included, the front desk reminder 27 There are free afternoon tea snacks and coffee in the whole day, and there are egg white porridge and bread dishes in the morning. I think it is also a good deal. The afternoon tea snacks are also very beautiful! So, next time I come, I will stay again; the room is spacious and large, and the toiletries are all L’Occitane. You will renew it every day you use it. The body lotion is L’Occitane, which is very cost-effective. There are also two fruits a day. Although not much, it is enough. There are coffee capsules in the room, which are espresso capsules. I am very satisfied! Staying next time!"

821 Reviews
No.2 North Taisheng Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
19.6km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
4.1km from Chengdu Railway Station
470m from Taisheng Road South
1.2km from Chengdu Second People's Hospital
"The room is facing the road. The windows are very soundproof and no sound can be heard from the side of the road. However, the sound of opening and closing the door in the corridor and other rooms is very clear. The room may be too small. Most of the electrical appliances in the room are shown in Panasonic. I booked a newly renovated fashion room. I thought that a 4-star hotel should have a 4-star decoration design. Then I know that the design of the room is like a cheap hotel, as shown in the figure. There is a first officer named Cao at the front desk, and the service is very good."
"Sunshine old hotel, familiar scent. Although the decoration is not new, the material is clean and hygienic. Above the 15th floor is a new decoration, but also some smell, and the pattern is more crowded than the old decoration, the style does not like it. The service attitude is good, help turn back downstairs and live for several days. Good location, starting from Chunxi Road. It’s just that the breakfast is too late to collect, things are average. Overall very satisfied."
"Hotel location is very good, 1,200 meters from the subway station, go to Chunxi Road, Kuanzhai Alley, Wenshu Monastery are very close; the health environment is good, cleaning Cui Sister service is very careful, go out and smile in the corridor when you meet with you Say hello; 11 days is a little cold, not a little regret to swim in the open-air swimming pool, in short, the price is very high, the living is very satisfied."

2839 Reviews
No.88, South Taisheng Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
18.6km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
4.9km from Chengdu Railway Station
540m from Taisheng Road South
1.1km from Tianfu Square
"Beautiful hotel and kind staff. Our room was not ready at check in time, but the staff arranged for us to rest in a separate room until the room we booked was ready and prepared some fruit and snacks for us while we waited. Breakfast was exceptional. Good mix of Chinese, western, and other international cuisines, with a large assortment of fresh juices. Location of the hotel is very close to many tourist spots (kuanzhai alley, wuhousi, jinli street, tianfu square, etc.) and within walking distance to a virus test spot. "
"Our experience was very good. Friendly staff. The check-in and check-out were fast. The room was big, clean and quiet. I really couldn’t hear any noise there so we slept very well. The breakfast is nice. Especially the pastries and juices are better than usually in Chinese hotels. The drinks that we had in the upstairs bar were good. Definitely a five star experience. Thank you!"
"We chose St. Regist Chengdu to Celebrate our 10th anniversary with family. We got many complimentary from the hotel. The family room big, clean and comfortable. The service beyond our expectation all the staffs speak English and good service mind. Highly recommended. "

4978 Reviews
No. 19 Dongyu Street, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
17.9km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
5.4km from Chengdu Railway Station
570m from Tianfu Square
1.1km from Chunxi Road
"First the good. Great location beautiful hotel clean and new. Then comes the service. Overall was helpful helped us get ice power strip slippers. But then the unthinkable happened an attendant said there were no toothpicks and no whiskey glasses. For a place with 24 hrs room service. No toothpicks? And she gave me an excuse that the restaurants are closed and the bar which I assume they run is separate from them. Rather unacceptable for a brand that prizes on service. "
"All five points! The location is good, the facilities are new, the hardware is good, the landscape is good, and the breakfast is good. Booked the executive room, the room is very large, enjoy the treatment of the executive lounge - happy hour in the afternoon, cocktail party in the evening. Praise Zhang Ling at the front desk for her quick handling and enthusiasm."
"The location of the hotel is very good, close to Tianfu Square, downstairs is the subway transfer station, and it is basically a five-kilometer drive from Wuhou Temple, Du Fu Thatched Cottage and other attractions. The hotel service is very good and the response is very timely. It is basically a ten-minute walk from Chunxi Road and Taikoo Li. Overall very good👍"

Top 10 Sunshine Plaza Hotels & Weather

May 22, 2022
Light Rain
17 ~ 24℃
May 22, 2022
Light Rain
17℃ / 24℃
May 23, 2022
18℃ / 25℃
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May 25, 2022
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Chengdu Weather: Best Times to Visit Chengdu
May 21, 2022 Chengdu Weather: Light Rain| Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph| Humidity: 100%| Sunrise/Sunset: 06:06/19:55
ChengduTravel: Suitable| Umbrella: Advised| UV Strength: Very Low
<p>Chengdu has a subtropical monsoon climate which means four distinct seasons with hot and humid summers, and cold and damp winters. The best times to travel to Chengdu are Spring (March to June) and Fall (September to November). In Spring, the city comes alive with refreshing spring colors. September to November has the most comfortable temperatures and no rain showers. While Summer (July and August) is the peak tourist season but expect regular rainfall and an average high temperature of 30 °C (85 °F). Winter in Chengdu is between December and February, the average low temperature is 2 °C (36 °F) with the coldest month being January. This is a low season for the city as the weather tends to be cold and damp, with some rainfall.</p><p><br/></p><p>Chengdu has a subtropical monsoon climate which means four distinct seasons with hot and humid summers, and cold and damp winters. The best times to travel to Chengdu are Spring (March to June) and Fall (September to November). In Spring, the city comes alive with refreshing spring colors. September to November has the most comfortable temperatures and no rain showers. While Summer (July and August) is the peak tourist season but expect regular rainfall and an average high temperature of 30 °C (85 °F). Winter in Chengdu is between December and February, the average low temperature is 2 °C (36 °F) with the coldest month being January. This is a low season for the city as the weather tends to be cold and damp, with some rainfall.</p><p><br/></p>
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