Top 10 The Commodore Hotels

Top 10 The Commodore Hotels


15 Reviews
60 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
35.0km from Colindale
"I stayed here on the first night in Canada. The hotel was quite satisfactory. When I checked in, the front desk couldn't find the order. Let us print it out. Later, I sent the Ctrip order to their mailbox to confirm. This estimate is another intermediary moth. The facilities are much worse than the four seasons in Washington. It’s good in Canada."
"The main entrance of the hotel is not on the main road. The place is a little small and messy. The hotel is not soundproof and the room facing the road is a bit noisy. The cost performance is not high, and the location is not as good as the Ritz-Carlton."
"It is a very good experience. The hotel has excellent service and is at a good location. The only downside is that the breakfast is not so satisfactory. I hope it could be improved. In general, it is very satisfying."
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11 Reviews
118 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Hotel room, bathroom is very large, the surrounding bars, shopping malls are all available, the hotel service staff are very friendly, and we also carry luggage, in general, we are very satisfied with this hotel!"
"The room is very comfortable and the environment is clean and quiet. It's worth living in this hotel"
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16 Reviews
188 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The hotel is relatively close to the TORONTO UNION STATION, within walking distance, the hotel lobby service is very good, as soon as the guests arrive, there will be a baggage attendant to help you take the luggage uniformly, wait for the check in to enter the room, the luggage will arrive immediately, and tell at the same time With the use of your iPad and coffee machine, there is a super good 24-hour supermarket downstairs with lots of fruits. The lobby bar is nice, but there are too many people. To drive back to the hotel by car, just park at the door of the hotel and wait for the waiter to park. There is also a swimming pool of 1.27 meters, which is almost impossible to swim, just have fun. It is very convenient to go to downtown attractions, museums and art galleries, and within walking distance to Eaton Shopping Center. But there was a bit of unhappy experience. On the last day we checked out, we went out to buy something and prepared to go back to the room to pick up our luggage at around 11:20. As a result, the room door card could not open the room, so we went downstairs to the lobby for inquiries, and then we checked out. During the peak period, the waiter took my child upstairs to open the door to pick up the luggage. The tossing back and forth was more than 40 minutes later than our original plan. I left to the airport. I didn’t understand why it was less than 12 o’clock. Inform the guest that the room card can be automatically invalidated without checking out. This is the most unpleasant experience. Let the original goodness of the hotel disappear for more than half."
"The friends we went to from the airport were very convenient. It would be great if we took a taxi directly. Then the front desk service was very friendly. We stayed in so many hotels and felt that the price performance of the hotel was very high. Recommended"
"Breakfast has a bit of Chinese ingredients, shrimp dumplings and Hong Kong-style siu mai. Mainly Western food, no domestic rich. Excellent location in downtown Toronto, very convenient."
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20 Reviews
181 Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"1. The hotel is close to the cn tower. It should be able to walk in five or six minutes. 2. No breakfast at the hotel, there are meals around the hotel, walk 7 minutes to A&W, breakfast is quite a variety, and cheap 3. Parking for 50 a day, very expensive, and not stop by yourself, give the key to the waiter to help you stop, pick up the car, there are two parking lots opposite the hotel, no more than 30 a day, stop opposite, very close 4. There is a Chinese restaurant for six or seven minutes, or I am used to the comfort of a bowl of noodle soup. 5. The Kindle that read the book the next day after the check-in can't be found. The front desk said to help me find it. There is no feedback yet. I lost it inexplicably. This level of hotel should not be reasonable."
"As the most expensive hotel in Toronto, it can only be said to be very general. The lobby is small, the hotel is a bit old and the floor is warm and broken. The good thing is that there is CN Tower view. The service is very general, and there is no feeling of being at home. I feel that the front desk is thinking about the guests, not the guests. Many people have also mentioned that Marriott Gold Card and even Titanium have no eggs. The hotel is in the entertainment district. Many people who drink and soak in the evening, single women need special attention when they travel. There is no convenience store around the hotel, which is slightly inconvenient. This price is really not recommended."
"Don't eat breakfast, there is basically nothing to eat, the room is so nice! The location is very convenient, 2 kilometers away from Chinatown, there are dogs to ignore, a few hundred meters away from the CN Tower, you can go to the harbor, there are pearl restaurants near the harbor to eat lobster and onion ginger crab is very delicious."
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42 Reviews
325 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"There is no buffet for breakfast. There is only a Western meal. The hotel bathroom bath water flows to the outside, leaks under the glass door, and the bath floor is full of water. It is also necessary to clean up the mess. Someone took the luggage at the hotel, the front desk was very small, no one took the lead to check in, and I had to find the front desk myself. The location is very good, very close to all major attractions, the nearby Eaton department store is very close, and Chinatown is also nearly 2 kilometers."
"The St. Regis Hotel is one of the better hotels in downtown Toronto, very close to the subway, about a few hundred meters away; close to the city hall, walking a few hundred meters; Twin room, the bed is about 135cm wide, enough for two thinner people to sleep, the mattress is very soft; The hotel has slippers, no toothbrush, toothpaste and razor, you can call to go; A turndown service is provided daily, with chocolate and water. Overall feels good."
"The location of the hotel is convenient, all within one kilometer. The gym is 24 hours old, and the swimming pool is very user-friendly. The bed was very comfortable, the room was large, the bathroom was large and the facilities were very advanced. Doing hygiene twice a day, and giving chocolate is very intimate. Come here next time, still live here."
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Very Good
13 Reviews
80 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Picked up my baby on the first day, it was great"
"The breakfast room was awesome"
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12 Reviews
18 Saint Thomas Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"The breakfast was very rich, the chef was very warm, the restaurant had a classic temperament, and I saw a chic wedding reception in the restaurant. It was really a very good hotel! The location is in the university town, surrounded by high-end residences, Remowa is next to it, the intersection is facing Hermes.... The bottom of the alley can directly enter the Victorian University campus, the living function is super good, from the BAY of Metro Line 2 STATION is also very close and the traffic is very convenient."
" This hotel makes people feel the feeling of returning home: there are delicious dishes at home, a warm and homelike environment, and a full range of all- weather services. I'll come here if I have a chance. "
"Good service, great space"
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10 Reviews
111 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"My wife and I took a recent holiday to Canada and started the holiday by staying at the Ivy at Verity for our first 4 nights.This is a quirky boutique style hotel situated just outside downtown Toronto. Based in what was once a chocolate factory this hotel only has four rooms but has extensive accommodation which is used for conferences etc.The rooms are beautifully furnished each with a different theme and each has an outside balcony overlooking an inner courtyard.The bathroom in particular was quite spectacular and the bedroom very spacious.The staff were extremely friendly and helpful.Continental breakfast was not extensive but more than adequate and good quality.The hotel was very quiet and in a good position to reach both the hop on hop off bus service on foot and for access to the various downtown areas on foot.Plenty of restaurants in the vicinity.Highly recommended."
"Stay here ONLY if you want to feel pampered, rich and completely relaxed. Stay here ONLY if you like complimentary breakfast delivered to your room with fresh-squeezed orange juice and homemade chocolate scones. Stay here ONLY if you like the idea of being in the middle of a big city but waking on to your balcony to overlook a garden area that’s as peaceful as the countryside. The pictures don’t lie. It’s every bit (and better) what the hotels pictures show. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed every second. 10/10 the best hotel we’ve every stayed in. Thank you The IVY at Verity for giving these two perpetually tired parents their first night away! "
"Every single detail is perfect here. Only four rooms but someone has put a lot of thought into styling the rooms to perfection. There’s even a lovely patio so you feel you might be away from the downtown heart of the city. Sherry and cookies await your arrival. We’ve travelled around the world, and this might be the most imaginatively and beautiful lodging. Bed and linens, of course, are without parallel. Highly recommended. Staff is helpful too. We would definitely return"
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18 Reviews
111 Princes' Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"When checking in, I asked the front desk how much it cost. The answer was Max30 Canadian dollars a day. The hotel doorman did n’t let himself park, so he had to park on behalf of him. He had to wait for a tip when he parked the car. Yuan Dynasty passenger parking fees, three days of parking fees still collected, really do not understand? This is the first time I have stayed in a hotel so many times! ... very ordinary"
"I booked a room with 2 queen beds. The breakfast is buffet, but you can order some food you need. The room view is excellent. It's wonderful to take a walk along the Lake Ontario opposite the hotel, as it is a perfect harmony between humanity and nature. I will live in this hotel again next time."
"A hotel with very good hardware. In the end, it is a five-star evaluation. It is directly connected to the super stadium and is definitely the best choice for those who love exercise. Check-in also encountered art exhibitions, the restaurant on the second floor is also very good"
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55 Reviews
33 Carlson Court, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Because the hotel charges are high in Toronto, if you focus on cospa, it tends to be a suburb. There is nothing around. There is a free shuttle bus from the S number pillar at Toronto Pearson Airport. Despite having made a reservation for a king size bed, I was assigned to a double bed because I was alone at the time of check-in, and although I complained immediately, I was sesame seeds with "nothing else". The next day, when the front clerk was replaced, a complaint was made again while showing the reservation details (because a friend is scheduled to join). Once suggested a queen size, but still small. Waiting for an hour and finally King. A friend says that in Canada, check-in by one person can rarely cause slugs. The photo shows a double bed size. The restaurant next to the hotel was not used. Eventually I walked quite a bit, but only use the outside steak grill (it seems to deliver to the hotel) The rooms are clean and comfortable. Is there a refrigerator or microwave, so it's supposed to reduce food expenses? I think the hotel is generally compatible with airport transit"
"The hotel is located near the airport, on the basement level, there is a special hotel pick-up area. The shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes. It is very convenient. You can also take the shuttle bus to the city. The train to the airport is directly connected to the city center. The hotel room is comfortable and has a small hotel. The window can be opened and ventilated, the service staff is very welcoming, the check-in is fast, and there is no need to wait for the departure from the store. It is the best place to stay overnight."
"The hotel is located near the airport, on the basement level, there is a special hotel pick-up area. The shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes. It is very convenient. You can also take the shuttle bus to the city. The train to the airport is directly connected to the city center. The hotel room is comfortable and has a small hotel. The window can be opened and breathable, which is the best place to stay overnight."
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