Top 10 Woolwich Arsenal Hotels

Top 10 Woolwich Arsenal Hotels


43 Reviews
10 Trinity Square, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
10.8km from London City Airport
300m from Fenchurch Street Railway Station
1.1km from Cannon Street station
140m from Tower Hill
530m from Aldgate East
11.1km from London City Airport
980m from Cannon Street station
"The historic building renovation hotel can touch the history and feel the time and space. Next door to the hotel is the tower hill subway station, really isolated. Across the road from the Tower of London, you can walk to the river and walk to St. Paul's Church and the Millennium Bridge. This season is newly opened, the owners are Chinese, so there are more Chinese employees inside, and they attach great importance to Chinese guests. When I arrived, the doorman gave me the name "Mr xxx, welcome to..." when I opened the taxi door. I was pleasantly surprised and surprised. Jessie Xi, the Chinese reception manager, waited for me at the front desk early. After checking in, I took a trip in the hotel, introduced the history, functions and highlights of the hotel, and upgraded the room type. The Chinese restaurant inside is also famous for its deliciousness. This trip has lived in six 5-star hotels in London. This hotel is the most intimate and most valued guest. The focus is on, and the price is quite reasonable."
"Booked a deluxe room, the room is very large, the room in a hotel of the same price is quite large. The service attitude is very good. Very friendly to the Chinese. Welcome to see your car stopped and will run down to open the door for you. The front desk will see you come in and it will be Say hi all the way. After check-in, the person will lead you into the room. It feels good! highly recommended"
"The hotel is located in the bustling area of London, and the Tower Bridge is a five minute walk from the area. The hotel itself has a historical and cultural atmosphere, and the service level is good. There are Chinese restaurants and suites are particularly large. Don’t save money when you stay here, and you can’t pick anything wrong."
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12 Reviews
5 Fairmont Avenue, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
5.2km from Mile End
38.0km from Stratford
6.0km from London City Airport
2.7km from Limehouse Railway Station
3.7km from Royal Victoria Station
1.6km from Canary Wharf
3.3km from Canning Town
6.1km from London City Airport
"The geographical environment is beautiful and the transportation is convenient. It is a bit far from the city center. I have a lot of breakfast and I like it very much in the gym. There is also a free sauna, but girls are not convenient to use, because men and women mix steam room."
"Breakfast was ok. Hotel is good Ordered two orders and it didn't make me move things again to change the room. I also arranged a car to the airport, and finally caught up with the airport"
"15 minutes walk from the subway station, the environment is better, although it is to find a hotel for the concert, but the hotel is very good in all aspects, very satisfied"
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167 Reviews
31 St Thomas Street, Southwark, Greater London, United Kingdom
11.0km from Mile End
30.0km from Stratford
13.4km from London City Airport
200m from London Bridge Train Railway Station
1.1km from Cannon Street station
200m from London Bridge
710m from Borough
"Come to attend the graduation ceremony. The family has a fun trip. I did n’t say anything about living in the fragment building. The service was great. The three people stayed in the hotel at night (although we do n’t need it). All the toothbrushes and slippers were prepared for three people. It ’s intimate! The location is also very good. The black line and gray line of the subway are just downstairs. Various buses and southeast lines of the south train line don't want to leave."
"Checked in for the fourth time ~ The rooms allocated to the same room type seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Fortunately, the next day, the lady at the front desk changed to another room. It ’s better. Service is full marks. At the checkout, more than one hundred pounds of consumption were added to the bill. After checking, the excess amount was removed. It is recommended that you check the order when you check out."
"A hotel worth staying in London! The view is very good, the rooms are large, and the quality of equipment and supplies is worthy of the standard of a five-star hotel! The hotel is very new and there is a subway station downstairs. There is a Boluo market next door, many special snacks, black caviar from a seafood restaurant is recommended, and the price is super high!"
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16 Reviews
Poultry 27, City of London, Greater London, United Kingdom
11.7km from London City Airport
330m from Cannon Street station
710m from Moorgate
200m from Monument
230m from Bank
12.2km from London City Airport
310m from Cannon Street station
"Very satisfied with a hotel, worthy of this price. When I made a mistake at the time of booking, I saw that the room information showed that the facilities for the disabled were provided, and I didn’t think about it. I found that it was a special room for the disabled. It was really embarrassing. . . Before the check-in, the hotel contacted me via Ctrip and asked me about my check-in time. My answer may arrive at noon, which will be far earlier than the hotel's check-in time. The reply will be arranged according to the situation on the day. On the day of the check-in, we arrived at the hotel around 11:00 and they were all ready. Thank you very much! The hotel was originally remodeled by the bank and opened only last year, new and atmospheric. There are seven or eight restaurants in the hotel lobby, and the taste is comprehensive. Geographically, it is located in the downtown area, walking close to the hotels around the Thames, and next to the subway station. The decor of the room is completely classic British style, the details are carefully polished, very special and very like. There are no less than 20 kinds of bath products, which is extremely luxurious. I saw a comment on the book saying that the sound of the music downstairs was noisy, but the actual experience was completely unrecognizable. The sound insulation of the window was well done. The sound of the door next door was noisy. This may be the only fly in the ointment."
"The Ned is an excellent hotel in central London. A big eating area in the same building as the hotel. Very nice spa and gym. Rooms a bit small but nice and quiet. "
"Very classic hotel, centrally located, convenient."
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6 Reviews
19 - 20 Garlick Hill, City of London, Greater London, United Kingdom
13.6km from London City Airport
360m from Cannon Street station
900m from London Blackfriars Station
140m from Mansion House
420m from Cannon Street
"From the moment we booked the hotel, the excellent service began. We were emailed to ask if we had any special requests or services prior to arrival and we asked for extra pillows and towels which were placed in the room on arrival. We had a warm welcome from reception and were able to check in straight away even though we were slightly early. Normally they would take you to your room but this was not possible due to COVID. The room is quite stylish if a little small but the room was well appointed with a luxurious, comfortable bed and lovely bathroom with walk-in shower (but no bath). There was cafetiere coffee provided together with a range of teas and a soft drink complimentary minibar. At breakfast, they lost our order and we ended up not having anything to eat but they more than made up for it and were very apologetic. We ate in the rooftop restaurant for lunch and the food and service were amazing. There were even pods outside that you could book. You have a lovely view of St Pauls Cathedral from the restaurant."
"Vintry and Mercer has to be the most modern hotel I've stayed at in London. The room decor was beautiful with a gold, teal and marble colour scheme. The walk in shower was amazing with high pressure and great toiletries. The bed was comfortable and we were able to connect our phone to the TV to play music. The location is tucked away down the road from the tube station, next to a cathedral. If you don't like waking up early - you might need to request a quieter room, the cathedral bells start fairly early and are quite loud but don't go on for long. Staff are very helpful and friendly. Dimitri and Roulouka were always smiling and happy to help when needed. We couldn't ask for a more memorable trip. "
"From the moment I arrived at the hotel, the check in and then the room were all first class. The person checking me in (Dimitri) was warm and welcoming. Nothing was too much trouble and the orientation re the hotel (e.g. where the restaurant was, the precautions they were taking due to COVID etc) was delivered engagingly. The rooms are gorgeous and incredibly well planned out. The free soft drinks were a pleasant added surprise. On checking out the staff at Reception treated me in the same warm way. In short - a wonderful experience!"
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Very Good
10 Reviews
Top Dartford Road, Wilmington, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
28.1km from London City Airport
7.3km from Bexley Train Station
17.1km from Ebbsfleet International
32.0km from London City Airport
"I booked a room for my year anniversary. I contacted the spa about a couple spa treatment over a week in advance and was told no availability, I emailed back and got no response. Called and called with no joy. I understand that people are busy but from a hotel like this I expected a little more. I also called the hotel directly to arrange afternoon tea and champagne in the room. This was a meant to be a surprise for my other half on arrival but on check in this has not been arranged like I asked. Also on check in the spa had arranged our massages but for the following day where we were not available. I was told there was nothing that evening so I cancelled the next days appointment that I never made. Afternoon tea was in our room by the time we finished our swim and the tea was lovely like the room. My only other grumble was there was no one to make my payment to on check out but someone call me to confirm which was just as well as the spa treatments had be charged. All a little disappointed and not what I expected from the star rating and the current climate we are you think hotels would be getting things spot on. If anyone from the management would like to contact me to discuss further I’d be happy to receive that call or email. "
"When I arrived I heard someone complain that this is not as good as Alexander house etc etc.. I already thought you can’t compare considering this is cheaper and 1less star so clearly the service will be slightly down.. although personally I found the place, the staff and the room amazing for the money! The one down side was not being able to order alcoholic drinks to the spa.. but never mind.. I ate in the bar restaraunt with my gf joined by another couple and a man who was working close by who we all engaged in conversation and had a lovely evening with the best steak burgers and watching Liverpool on our phones.. I personally felt more at home here and will definitely be back."
"The settings here were lovely, the grounds were beautiful. The rooms were immaculate and the beds were big and comfy. Facilities like the pool and stuff were good but not very big - one of the 3 mini pools wasn’t working when we were there and the money it cost to go... I would have expected it to work! The food was amazing like a 5 star restaurant but all extras and things such as a toothbrush and small toothpaste were quite expensive (£3.50). For the money you’re spending you’d expect some things to be included. That’s not to say all the little extras in the room like tea, water, shampoos weren’t a great touch. Overall it’s a perfect escape from life and only a half hour drive from london"
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Very Good
15 Reviews
Royal Victoria Dock, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
2.6km from London City Airport
730m from Royal Victoria Station
3.6km from Silvertown
1.9km from Canning Town
6.7km from North Greenwich
750m from Royal Victoria Station
"The boat was absolutely stunning, the room was lovely , but the services was terrible . Went to have a drink in the bar I waited 40 minutes for someone to come over to take my order then waited another 20 to get my drink , asked for a food menu at 10pm got the menu at 10.25pm to be told food stops in 5 minutes, so I had to explain I had waited nearly 30 minutes for the menu , many people complained this night and also got up and walked out as drinks was taking far to long , too pay over £200 a night you expect more "
"Location was not easy to reach by subway with luggage, spent about an hour looking for the place so recommend to take a taxi instead. Staff was very nice and attentive, and the hotel amenities was impressive to give you a feeling of being on a boat. Would had been nice if windows in the room were able to be open. Got a nice terrace bar and restaurant to hang out!"
"the location was perfect, it was a 2 mins walk away from the station "
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3 Reviews
2 Blackfriars Road, Upper Ground, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
13.1km from London City Airport
520m from London Waterloo East
620m from London Blackfriars Station
550m from Southwark
690m from Blackfriars
13.5km from London City Airport
910m from London Blackfriars Station
"The service staff are very welcoming, the hotel is very new and the facilities are good. In the middle of the south bank of the Thames, between Westminster Abbey and London Bridge, it is very close to the Tate Modern. It’s a little far from the subway and bus. Let’s walk for 10 minutes. If you like to walk, it’s very suitable"
"Very good, although the 4 stars, the facilities environment is better than the five-star condition of our old 啥st paul hotel in London, the service staff is very good."
"For a friend to book, I heard that it is not bad!"
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13 Reviews
22-25, Finsbury Square, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
13.5km from London City Airport
510m from Moorgate
520m from Liverpool Street Station
490m from Moorgate
540m from Liverpool Street
14.8km from London City Airport
540m from Liverpool Street Station
"Nice hotel but wasn’t convinced on cleanliness as the complimentary biscuits had been opened and bitten into. Rooftop bar shouldn’t be advertised with the hotel as it’s separate and fully booked with no spaces reserved for guests. Hotel also can’t hold your luggage when you check out so worth noting when you plan the trip. Good experience but wasn’t sure it felt 5 stars. "
"Convenient location, near Liverpool Street, convenient for travel. Nearby Sainsbury, Tesco convenience store. The hotel service is attentive, will help with luggage, and will send fruit, chocolate and water."
"It was brilliant stay and the manager Eliana was a wonderful host Thanks very much for your support and assistance Restaurant can be better as we have have found hair twice in our breakfast "
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11 Reviews
12 Peter's Lane, London, Greater London, United Kingdom
13.7km from London City Airport
1.2km from London Blackfriars Station
1.9km from Moorgate
200m from Farringdon
440m from Barbican
13.5km from London City Airport
1.5km from London Blackfriars Station
1.8km from Cannon Street station
"Great small hotel in London with a history behind. Rooms are small but very comfortable. Location is perfect!"
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