Top 10 Zhongtian Hotels

Top 10 Zhongtian Hotels


1042 Reviews
"The Journey Clear Water Bay Hot Spring Resort Hotel was recently opened in 2018, making it a fantastic choice for those staying in Anshan. Anshan Railway Station and Teng'Ao Airport are located 18km and 31km away respectively. This hotel is located near many of Anshan's attractions including Zhuoyue Qingshuiwan Hot Spring, Hot Spring Impression Experience Hall and Beihaihui Wenquan Dujia Hot Spring. At the end of a busy day, travelers can unwind and relax in the hotel or go out and enjoy the city. Airport pickup can be arranged by the hotel upon request. This Anshan hotel provides parking on site. There's never a dull moment at this hotel, our guests indicate that the facilities are excellent. For guests traveling with families, this hotel is consistently one of the most popular choices. "
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1861 Reviews
No.777 Yuanlin Avenue, Anshan, Liaoning, China
18.6km from Teng'Ao Airport
4.8km from Anshan Railway Station
3.2km from Downtown
5.1km from Anshan Railway Station
"Come to Anshan's friend's house to play, check in on the 18th and check out on the 19th, the money is also paid, the room is also set, and there is no unsubscription. Drinking time in the friend's house is late, go to the hotel at 1 o'clock on the 19th, As a result, the front desk told me that I had no room and wanted to change to a standard room? ? ? What am I supposed to do? ? Tell me that I scheduled to check in on the 18th and check out on the 19th. Is it already the 19th? ? ? ? ? ? ? What is the explanation? I just booked me on the 19th at 11 o'clock and I came to stay for 1 hour. I'm happy, then I won't stay and I won't unsubscribe. Can your hotel refund me? ? What a strong explanation, I heard that it is still an old hotel, and finally strongly opposed to asking me to finish it and then changed it to a mahjong room. It is really damaging the image of the hotel to stay for so long. It is okay to live in, and the health conditions are not bad. The standard accommodation is the standard old hotel. I got up for breakfast the next morning. I heard from friends that his breakfast was good and there were a lot of varieties. The result was a surprise, a pot of rice porridge, a pot of soy milk, four hot dishes and two cold dishes, and a plate of buns and a plate A plate of buns with eggs? ? ? ? Just order like that? ? Don't even have fried rice with egg? ? At most, the food and the four or five tables placed in the area of thirty or forty squares, the dishes are really not very good, so just two dishes, a customer has been talking about staying at the hotel many times, how can Order so much? The waiter said there are fewer people staying in the epidemic, so the breakfast standard has been reduced? ? ? ? Isn't the front desk full at night? ? Are your internal calibers inconsistent? If people live less, the standard will drop? The noisy customer finally called on the chef to cook the egg fried rice for him, then we consumers are not worthy of a decent breakfast? If the noisy children only have sugar, then should we go to this hotel to make a big noise, can we live in the presidential suite and eat customized meals? I really have strong doubts about the service concept of this hotel on these two things."
"This is still very good! Went here twice and stayed here. The environment is okay, the space is large, and the windows are large. There is a bathtub! If you can provide disposable bath bucket bags, even if it is the kind of sale. When I went for the second time, I specially prepared bath bags... Then... I didn't look carefully when I booked a room... I booked one that didn't... Hey!"
"During the epidemic, it is still necessary to live in a professional hotel. The hotel has the smell of disinfectant water from the door to the elevator and the corridor. It really makes people feel full of security~~ There are many breakfast styles and the dining environment is quite nice. Whether it is a taxi or a bus is very convenient~"
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300 Reviews
No.108 Dongfeng Street, Anshan, Liaoning, China
19.2km from Teng'Ao Airport
3.6km from Anshan Railway Station
12.2km from Anshan West Railway Station
1.9km from Downtown
"Just go to Anshan and choose it here. Old-fashioned hotels, facilities are old, but do not delay major events. The environment around the hotel is fresh and quiet, and you can take a walk in the yard when you are free. The space in the standard room is not large enough, and the bathroom shower can also be used. Moreover, it can be ventilated, and there are screens and mosquito coils. Especially the restaurant here is very good, it can be solved here in the morning and evening. The price is not too expensive, breakfast is 28 yuan a self-service. Can eat well. Chinese dinner is a single point, the price is mid-range, there is no service charge, the taste is very good, you can enjoy the food without leaving the house, why not! There is a machine for automatically purchasing train tickets at the front desk. It is really convenient to buy tickets. The service aspect is quite satisfactory."
"I always enjoy this elegant but a little dated hotel. I like the location close to the main city park and within comfortable walking distance of downtown. There is a convenient bus stop just down the hill where city busses stop and also the busses to Qianshan National Park. The breakfast buffet is excellent and the restaurant has earned a high reputation. Some of the older rooms do not smell good due to poor connection to the plumbing but if you get moved to one of the newer rooms that problem is solved."
"I came to live this time and found that the breakfast variety has been updated, change the smell, praise! There is a buffet at the restaurant on the first floor at noon, 50 yuan per person, which is convenient for individuals on business trips, but it is also very convenient to order food on the online ordering platform."
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1114 Reviews
No.306 North Shengli Road, Anshan, Liaoning, China
21.0km from Teng'Ao Airport
6.9km from Anshan Railway Station
5.4km from Downtown
"The underground parking lot is a bit far away, and the environment in the parking lot lowers the standard of the hotel a bit. The facilities in the hotel are still very complete, but it may be due to the decoration style. It always feels not very clean. It is recommended to wipe the windows of the room regularly to enhance the sense of brightness and perhaps further enhance the guest experience"
"The check-in experience was not bad. The front desk introduced the hotel facilities when checking in, and the service was friendly. The room was clean and had a five-star standard. When checking out, I would ask for a taxi and consider staying next time."
"Nothing to say about the room is very luxurious. Such a high-end hotel does not have a USB port for charging. I can’t understand. In addition, the elevator is too low. If you live on a low floor, there are only three elevators during peak hours. Wait until you doubt life."
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1653 Reviews
No.73 North Shengli Road, Anshan, Liaoning, China
19.8km from Teng'Ao Airport
5.7km from Anshan Railway Station
4.0km from Downtown
"I took my children to the Anshan competition and chose this hotel after comparison. It was very good and cost-effective. There is a free underground parking lot, and you can enter and exit as long as the front desk enters the license plate number. The breakfast went with the kid and dad and it was not bad. Our room faces the street, it's a little noisy, but it doesn't hinder the night rest. The eldest sister in the guest room is very nice, warm and thoughtful, she will greet her and ask if there is a demand, and give full marks! ! ! Overall very satisfied, I will definitely stay at this hotel again when I go to Anshan!"
"This hotel is really bad, I can’t believe its previous ratings, the pictures are all good, the actual facilities are very old, there are unknown traces of liquid on the sofa, the room is sultry to death, and the heating is stopped, it wakes up at night A few times in the morning, I was woken up by the curtains. It was so stuffy that people could not fall asleep. The front desk staff could not be rude, but indifferent. The breakfast was so-so, I would never come again anyway. I felt sorry for my 300 yuan. . =_= And the fatal thing is that the identification of the entrance and exit of the parking lot is very difficult, the license plate must be affixed, and the identification can be repeated several times. Please book the room carefully."
"This is the Nth hotel under the brand of Marriott. The location is very good. It is very close to Zhongshan Square and the railway station. Due to the itinerary, the front desk checked in early. The flight had to be delayed for two hours when leaving the store. I was thinking about renewing the room rate. , The manager gives free delay, conscientious service! Must have five stars👍👍👍👍👍"
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90 Reviews
No.591 Jianshe Avenue, Anshan, Liaoning, China
15.6km from Teng'Ao Airport
6.7km from Anshan West Railway Station
7.4km from Anshan Railway Station
8.9km from Downtown
"The hotel room is big enough, the bath water is too small, and the price is very close to the ornamental fish market"
"When I mention these, I really don't come out. The pro-smoked ones are so fake, and Han Nengfo scatters. It's almost as old as a man, dry sari. Once you are put in court, you are ruined."
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457 Reviews
Block B, Shuangzi Mingzuo ,No. 312 Middle Qianshan Road, Anshan, Liaoning, China
23.2km from Teng'Ao Airport
9.4km from Anshan Railway Station
7.8km from Downtown
"Many units like the reception meeting will arrange to stay here. Because it is a star hotel, the price can be relatively relative to other star hotels. This administrative room is not a small point, the parking lot has never been in the underground. I don’t know if it is internal or how. Breakfast is good in Anshan. Is there any scenery in the room given by the scenery?"
"The environment is very good, breakfast service is in place, we are a little later, I thought that I couldn't eat it, the waiter was enthusiastic about service. The only thing was that the hot air temperature was high, the air conditioning temperature was not obvious, and the night was too hot, I hope it could be improved."
"Very good in the morning. Warm service. Because the child is anxious to take the test. I didn't have time to eat in the morning. The service staff is particularly warm. There are many varieties in the morning. Good quality. Very satisfied."
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Very Good
117 Reviews
No.185 Qianshan Middle Road, Anshan, Liaoning, China
23.1km from Teng'Ao Airport
9.2km from Anshan Railway Station
7.6km from Downtown
"The suite was originally equipped with an extra bed, which is said to be needed for a parent-child family, but the suite does not have a refrigerator. Although it is mentioned in the introduction, it feels somewhat inappropriate, right? There are refrigerators in more than 300 standard rooms, but why are there not more than 500 suites? Could it be that the suite is positioned as a cheap family triple room?"
"The breakfast buffet is very rich, the hotel is also very high-grade, clean and hygienic, close to the mountain, fresh air, convenient parking lot, the only shortcoming, no plastic slippers in the bathroom, inconvenient to take a bath, hope to improve!"
"It is in the courtyard of the University of Science and Technology. The room is very large. After eating, I took the children around the school. It feels good. There is the newly opened Wanda Plaza in Anshan opposite. It is very convenient for eating nearby."
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1435 Reviews
No. 249 Jiefang East Road, Anshan, Liaoning, China
17.7km from Teng'Ao Airport
6.5km from Anshan Railway Station
11.1km from Anshan West Railway Station
4.3km from Downtown
"The first day I stayed at this hotel was because the pictures did n’t match the specific room. At last, the manager agreed to add a hundred to change the room I booked. I did n’t care about adding money to change the room, I prepared to take a shower and found bathing supplies in the shower. It was used, and I was very uncomfortable. The manager changed another suite. After entering the suite, the hygiene was severely substandard. At first, I found that there was no bathrobe. I sent the bathrobe and found that the bathrobe was dirty. It was used black things in the bathrobe. The waiter had a bad attitude when changing the bathrobe. He also arguably said that it was clean. He pointed out in person that hair was inevitable. It was absolutely clean. I was too lazy to argue. My heart is extremely depressed, just ask for a new one! However, the matter was not over, I was going to bed with the child to rest, lifted the quilt, there was a pubic hair, and then continued to lift the quilt and found that the sheets had not been changed, there were all kinds of dirty on it, because the bathrobe was not photographed at the time, I was afraid they would quibble. , Sheets stained with pictures! This time I can't bear the mood to find the manager and waiter must come! The result of the manager's processing is to extend the check-out time by two hours! Changed a full set of sheets and quilts, because I had tossed late, I didn't change the room! I really don't want to say anything! Have pictures and videos to see for yourself!"
"The front desk was upgraded to a super king-size bed room for free. Sure enough, the bed was super large and no one would sleep when sleeping three people. The hotel rooms have light meals at reasonable prices and the meat tastes good. There is free parking, and no water heater or shower rod can be seen in the bathroom, which gives a simple beauty. The downside is that the windows are dirty and nobody cleans them."
"Very good, okay, it feels very clean, ordered for friends, friends said very good. Very good, okay, it feels very clean, ordered for friends, friends said very good."
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135 Reviews
No.47 Shengli South Road, Anshan, Liaoning, China
17.0km from Teng'Ao Airport
3.2km from Anshan Railway Station
11.1km from Anshan West Railway Station
1.6km from Downtown
"Renovated in 2020, the Shengli Hotel is a great choice for accommodation in Anshan. Boasting a convenient location, the hotel is just 3km from Anshan Railway Station and 17km from Teng'Ao Airport. There's plenty to do nearby, with Anshanshilian Museum, Anshan Opera Theater and Anshan City People's Park all within a short distance. After a long day of sightseeing, guests can retire to the comfort of the hotel. This Anshan hotel offers parking on site. If cleanliness is important to you, this hotel makes an excellent choice, as our guests consider this to be one of the cleanest hotels in the city. This hotel is the usual choice for a large number of business travelers. "
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