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Mountain and Xingchuan Travel Secret Resort Meisu (Gubei Water Town Branch)
4.9/54 Reviews
Beijing Wtown
設施:燒烤架子,適合烤串,最好是自己串好了帶去。冰箱,大電視,私湯泡浴,淋浴,蒸鍋,各種調料,炒鍋。沙發,餐桌。室外有個大泳池,夏天的時候開放。 環境:空氣清新,晚上可以看見好多星星。 服務:老闆非常熱情,我們是坐火車去的,從古北口站下車非常不好打車,老闆開車提前到車站等着我們。第二天去古北水鎮也都得老闆開車接送的我們,解決了我們最為難的交通問題。
4.1/549 Reviews
Daxing Airpot
This hotel is the best hotel I have ever stayed in this trip. The warm-colored lighting lined dishes are more delicious. It is really the top-ranked store yyds is very suitable for dinner with friends. It is highly recommended that the location is very good, the door is the subway station, the traffic is very convenient, This point gives the five-star praise a very good experience, secreting super dopamine, super happy! The staff service attitude is very good, polite and polite, can not pick the problem, come to play five stars to meet my needs, the ingredients are bright and beautiful, this price can taste this quality of food, very satisfied! The hotel facilities are very complete, the most important thing is that the safety factor is relatively high. This should be the most concerned point for everyone. The store that was planted by friends is impatient today. It is worth recommending.
Shidu Love Sea Sicily Homestay
4.9/542 Reviews
Fangshan Scenic Area
This homestay is highly recommended. The first is to eat. Shidu tofu, fried river prawns, grilled sturgeon are recommended. They are special and especially delicious. The second is accommodation. The room is very large and clean. There is also a mahjong machine for playing mahjong. The third point is to play, buy tickets from the boss, the boss will introduce you to the fun, cost-effective, we played the glass plank road, drifting, and also played a trapeze, want to bungee jumping, it is too exciting, we still have a look!
GaoNeng XingYuan Hotel
4.4/51319 Reviews
Princess Tomb and Wanshou Road Commercial Area
Myriad Love Hotel
4.6/525 Reviews
Madian Area
Huairou leisure courtyard home stay
4.8/55 Reviews
Huairou Scenic Area
Breakfast is also very convenient The company organizes events, the event space is also very large, the kitchen equipment is complete, there are also small supermarkets around it is also very convenient, there are two-bedroom parent-child suites on the first floor, a total of 18 rooms are still more than pine, the KTV is also big enough, we More than forty people didn’t think it was crowded, and the sound quality was relatively good. There were also plenty of entertainment facilities for children with colleagues who brought their children. They were not afraid of children’s insecurity or not having to play. The boss’s consideration was really too thoughtful. The customer service service is very good. If there are problems in seconds, they can be solved at any time. Follow-up team construction of other departments of our company also recommended them.

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Number of Reviews 66,075
Lowest PriceUS$18
Highest PriceUS$3,989
Average Price(Weekend Night)US$319
Average Price(Weekday Night)US$269

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Discover the Uniqueness of Beijing: An Experience Like No Other

Beijing, the vibrant capital city of China, offers an extraordinary blend of ancient traditions and modern wonders. Immerse yourself in the rich history, diverse culture, and must-visit attractions that make Beijing a truly unique destination.

Popular and Convenient Locations for First-Time Visitors

The Forbidden City: Explore the magnificent imperial palace that once housed emperors and their families. Marvel at the intricate architecture and exquisite gardens.

The Great Wall of China: Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to this iconic UNESCO World Heritage site. Witness the breathtaking views and conquer the ancient fortifications.

Tiananmen Square: Discover one of the world's largest public squares, a symbolic site in Chinese history. Admire the grandeur of the Monument to the People's Heroes and the Gate of Heavenly Peace.

The Summer Palace: Escape the bustling city and enjoy the tranquil beauty of this imperial retreat. Stroll through the lush gardens, sail on Kunming Lake, and explore the intricately designed pavilions.

The Temple of Heaven: Experience the spiritual ambiance of this ancient religious complex. Witness locals engaging in traditional activities such as tai chi and practicing ancient rituals.

Better to Know before Visiting Beijing

Before embarking on your journey to Beijing, it's important to keep a few things in mind:

Visa Requirements: Ensure you have the necessary visa documentation to enter China.

Language: English may not be widely spoken, so it's helpful to have a translation app or basic knowledge of Mandarin.

Smog: Beijing occasionally experiences high levels of air pollution, so check the air quality index and consider wearing a mask if necessary.

Currency: The official currency is the Chinese Yuan (CNY). It's advisable to have some cash on hand, although credit cards are widely accepted in major establishments.

Transportation in Beijing

Getting around Beijing is convenient with various transportation options:

Beijing Capital International Airport: The city's main international airport, located approximately 32 kilometers northeast of the city center. Take a taxi or use the Airport Express train to reach your hotel.

Beijing Railway Station: Situated in the heart of the city, it's a major hub for high-speed trains and long-distance rail travel.

Beijing Subway: The extensive subway network connects major attractions and neighborhoods. Purchase a rechargeable transportation card for seamless travel.

Taxis: Taxis are readily available and relatively inexpensive. Ensure the driver uses the meter or negotiate a fare before starting your journey.

Shared Bicycles: Beijing offers a bike-sharing program, allowing you to explore the city at your own pace. Download the corresponding app for easy access to bikes.

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