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Home Crest Hotel
3.3/513 Reviews
Say the feeling: The hotel is conveniently located opposite the SM Mall. insufficient: Small room, old facilities 1. When you wipe/pull the card, the switch is very loud. 2. The room phone does not display the number of the front desk (the phone does not show which number the front desk dials, then at least the manual should be placed so that the customer knows how to call the front desk and dial the number, but there is no display. Leading me to ask the front desk to have a hair dryer and to make an international long distance. 3. Ask the hotel to have a hair dryer, hit 2 numbers, and send it up after about 30 minutes. The hair dryer is still storing electricity! The one that blows for a few minutes without electricity. 4. Because there is no reminder for breakfast time, my default is 10:30 before, I can go down at 9:40, the waiter starts to pull around 10:00, and starts to remind me, personal feeling: even if the end of 10:00, the customer Already eating, you should not withdraw, but also remind customers that they are in the rush 5. The breakfast variety is very small, basically no or cold at 9:40 pm, because there is no heating function under their small pot.
Lispher Inn
4.1/56 Reviews
I like the deign of the hotel, the reception is not congested have enough spacious that you can smell fresh air, and the hotel staff will guide you where you can able to buy cheap native products like durian etc.
OYO 871 Herel Guest House
3.5/514 Reviews
What i like about this hotel is its very near to the facility where my appointment is and its also not that expensive. The overall experience in this hotel was good. I only stayed for a night and checkout on the following morning. There's no free breakfast for online booking so i look for a carenderia outside the compound of the subdivision. The room is quite old yet its clean though. So thats all. Thanks.
OYO 192 TCC Condo-Hostel
3.7/511 Reviews
This hotel is in a quiet residential area but within walking distance to ride. The hotel probably was quite busy and nice prior to the pandemic. It still is but there’s a LOT of deferred maintenance that needs done. It’s understandable at this time but I hope it can be fixed soon. The staff is excellent and I had no hassles with my stay. Internet is 60mbps (upload & download) so the fast speed made me give a higher rating of 4 stars 😊
OYO 153 Espacio de Clarita Hometel
4.1/54 Reviews
The place was on budget range from travellers. The location was okay. Staffs are responsive. Will book again.
OYO 165 Circle-b Apartelle & Suites
3.8/517 Reviews
It was pretty decent for its price. Though, when I came in there, they've checked me in on a different room as the one that I've booked is not available. There is also a dog that was so noisy that I couldn't sleep. They've transferred me to my original room the day after. I've extended my stay here for a week and it's cool if you're on a budget.

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Davao Travel Guide

Brief Description of Gaisano Grand Mall Toril

Gaisano Grand Mall Toril is a popular shopping destination located in Davao, Philippines. It is known for its wide range of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment options. With its convenient location near hotels, it attracts a large number of visitors looking to explore the area. The mall offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere, making it a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike. Whether you're in search of fashion, electronics, or local delicacies, Gaisano Grand Mall Toril has something to offer for everyone.

Must-Experience Things and Uniqueness of Gaisano Grand Mall Toril

  • Enjoy a shopping spree at various retail outlets, including local and international brands.
  • Indulge in a wide variety of delicious cuisines at the mall's restaurants.
  • Watch the latest blockbuster movies in state-of-the-art cinemas.
  • Try your luck and have fun at the mall's arcade and amusement center.
  • Experience the vibrant nightlife at the entertainment venues within the mall.

Better to Know Before Visiting Gaisano Grand Mall Toril

  • The mall can get crowded, especially during weekends and holidays, so be prepared for large crowds.
  • It is advisable to bring cash as some smaller stores might not accept credit cards.
  • Check the mall's website or social media pages for any ongoing promotions or events.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you might spend a considerable amount of time exploring the mall.
  • Be aware of your belongings and keep them secure at all times.

Transportation Near Gaisano Grand Mall Toril

Gaisano Grand Mall Toril is conveniently located near various transportation options. The distance to these transportation hubs is as follows:

  • Davao International Airport - Approximately 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) away
  • Davao City Overland Transport Terminal - Approximately 13 kilometers (8.1 miles) away
  • Digos City Railway Station - Approximately 50 kilometers (31.1 miles) away

Tips for Booking Hotels Near Gaisano Grand Mall Toril in Davao

  • Check for hotels with complimentary shuttle services to the mall.
  • Look for hotels that offer affordable rates without compromising comfort and quality.
  • Read reviews from previous guests to get insights on the hotel's service and amenities.
  • Consider booking hotels with additional facilities such as fitness centers or swimming pools.
  • Compare prices and book in advance to secure the best deals.
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