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What You Should Know about Flights to Davao

Popular Routes to Davao

Davao, with its pristine beaches, rich cultural heritage, and diverse landscapes, is a destination that beckons travelers from around the globe. To make your journey seamless, we've curated a list of popular flight routes to Davao, each offering a unique experience. Let's explore these routes, taking note of the flight distance, duration, and average cost in USD.

Manila to Davao: Gateway to the South

Flight Distance: Approximately 620 miles

Flight Duration: Around 1.5 hours

Average Cost: $100-$150

Cebu to Davao: Island-Hopping Adventure

Flight Distance: Approximately 330 miles

Flight Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Average Cost: $80-$120

Singapore to Davao: International Connection

Flight Distance: Around 1,800 miles

Flight Duration: Approximately 4 hours

Average Cost: $250-$300

Kuala Lumpur to Davao: Southeast Asian Charm

Flight Distance: Approximately 1,300 miles

Flight Duration: Around 3 hours

Average Cost: $200-$250

Tokyo to Davao: East Meets Tropical

Flight Distance: Approximately 2,400 miles

Flight Duration: Approximately 5 hours

Average Cost: $300-$350

Davao welcomes you from all directions, and these routes provide a glimpse into the diverse options available. Whether you're arriving from the bustling streets of Manila or the cosmopolitan vibes of Singapore, each journey promises a unique introduction to the wonders of Davao.

Best Time to Book Flights to Davao

Planning your journey to Davao involves more than just choosing the right destination; it's about securing the best deals. Here's a guide on when to book your flights to maximize savings and experience Davao at its finest.

Cheapest Month to Book Flights to Davao

Reason: September emerges as the golden month for budget-conscious travelers. The off-peak season, marked by fewer tourists, leads airlines to offer competitive prices. Dive into our data on to discover the unbeatable deals waiting to be unlocked in September.

Most Expensive Month to Book Flights to Davao

Reason: December shines as Davao's peak season, thanks to its festive atmosphere and pleasant weather. As holiday seekers flock to the city, demand surges, impacting flight prices. Plan ahead and explore our data to navigate the bustling December market wisely.

Unlocking the secrets of the best time to book ensures not only substantial savings but also a tailored experience in Davao, whether you prefer the tranquility of September or the vibrant energy of December.

Popular Transport to Get to Davao

While flights offer a swift entry into Davao, alternative modes of transportation provide diverse and scenic journeys for the intrepid traveler. Consider these options to reach Davao by land and sea:

Bus Travel: Overland Adventures

Explore the scenic landscapes as you embark on a bus journey to Davao. Bus services connect major cities, offering an affordable and immersive way to experience the diverse beauty of the Philippines.

Ferry Rides: Island-Hopping Excursions

For those seeking a maritime adventure, ferries traverse the Philippine archipelago, providing a unique perspective of the islands. Enjoy the sea breeze and panoramic views en route to Davao's coastal charm.

Train Voyages: Tracks to Tranquility

While train services in the Philippines are limited, certain regions offer picturesque rail routes. Check local schedules for train options, providing a leisurely way to reach Davao with a touch of nostalgia.

Davao's accessibility extends beyond the runway, and these transportation alternatives allow you to tailor your journey, savoring every moment on the way to this tropical paradise.

Major Airports in Davao

Davao, a gem in the Philippines, boasts two major airports, each contributing to the seamless flow of travelers into this tropical paradise. Here's an overview of the key details and facilities at these vital air hubs.

Francisco Bangoy International Airport (DVO):

· Address: Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur, Philippines

· Terminals: DVO is a single-terminal airport, ensuring straightforward navigation.

· Services: Enjoy the convenience of free Wi-Fi, efficient baggage services, and numerous charging stations throughout the terminal.

· Facilities: DVO caters to diverse traveler needs, featuring banks, lounges, duty-free shops, and a variety of restaurants. Traveler information kiosks provide assistance for a smooth journey.

Davao Mati National Airport (MXI):

1. Address: Mati City, Davao Oriental, Philippines

2. Terminals: MXI is a single-terminal airport, simplifying the travel experience.

3. Services: Expect free Wi-Fi, reliable baggage services, and ample charging stations for your convenience.

4. Facilities: MXI may be smaller but offers essential facilities like banks, lounges, and a selection of duty-free shops and restaurants, ensuring a comfortable wait before your flight.

Terminal Transfer

1. Both Francisco Bangoy International Airport (DVO) and Davao Mati National Airport (MXI) are single-terminal airports, eliminating the need for inter-terminal transfers.

2. Navigating these airports is a breeze, ensuring that your journey to and from Davao is not only picturesque but also marked by convenience and comfort.

Getting Around Davao

Upon landing in Davao, your journey doesn't end at the airport. Discover the array of transportation options connecting you to the heart of this vibrant city.

Taxis: Swift and Convenient

Estimated Price Range: Taxis are readily available at the airports, with fares ranging from $8 to $15 USD. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a direct connection to your destination.

Buses: Affordable Commutes

Estimated Price Range: Davao's public buses provide a budget-friendly option, with fares ranging from $0.50 to $1.50 USD. Ideal for the traveler seeking an authentic local experience while moving around the city.

Shuttles: Shared Journeys

Estimated Price Range: Shuttles offer shared rides, promoting affordability with prices ranging from $5 to $10 USD. Perfect for those looking to save on transportation costs while enjoying the company of fellow travelers.

Navigating from the airport to downtown Davao is a seamless experience with these transportation options, ensuring you reach your destination comfortably and efficiently, ready to explore all the wonders this tropical paradise has to offer.

Tips for First-Time Visitors to Davao

Island Essentials

Embarking on your inaugural journey to Davao promises a rich tapestry of experiences. Here are key tips to ensure a seamless and enjoyable exploration:

1. Climate Wisdom:

o Insight: Davao boasts a tropical climate. Pack lightweight, breathable clothing, and consider occasional rain showers in your plans.

2. Respect Local Customs:

o Insight: Embrace the warmth of local customs. Greet with a smile and familiarize yourself with customary greetings for a more immersive experience.

3. Culinary Delights:

o Insight: Dive into the local cuisine. Savor durian, the city's signature fruit, and indulge in seafood delicacies at local markets.

4. Safety First:

o Insight: Davao prioritizes safety. Stay informed about local guidelines and enjoy the city's hospitality with confidence.

Prepare for a journey filled with cultural delights and natural wonders, making your first visit to Davao an unforgettable adventure.

Exploring Davao

Davao beckons with a plethora of must-visit attractions and vibrant local activities, creating an immersive experience in this Philippine paradise.

Must-Visit Attractions

1. Mount Apo: Summit Serenity

o Conquer the highest peak in the Philippines, Mount Apo, offering breathtaking vistas and hiking adventures.

2. D' Bone Collector Museum: Natural Wonders

o Explore the wonders of biodiversity at D' Bone Collector Museum, a unique showcase of preserved marine and wildlife specimens.

3. Lon Wa Buddhist Temple: Tranquil Beauty

o Discover serenity at Lon Wa Buddhist Temple, an architectural marvel adorned with intricate designs and serene surroundings.

Local Activities

1. Island-Hopping in Samal: Coastal Bliss

o Embark on island-hopping adventures in Samal, exploring pristine beaches and coral reefs.

2. Aldevinco Shopping Center: Cultural Souvenirs

o Dive into local culture at Aldevinco Shopping Center, where traditional crafts and souvenirs await.

3. Crocodile Feeding at Davao Crocodile Park: Wildlife Thrills

o Experience the thrill of feeding crocodiles at Davao Crocodile Park, an engaging wildlife encounter for all ages.

The content of this article was created on 28 November 2023.

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Philippines AirAsia
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Philippine Airlines
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Cebu Pacific Air
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From US$60
Garuda Indonesia
From US$205
ANA airlines

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FAQs about Flights to Davao

  • What is the average flight ticket price from United States to Davao?
    The average ticket price to Davao is $100. Please use this price as a reference only.
  • How long is the flight to Davao?
    • Approx. 1 hour 55 minutes to fly from Manila to Davao.
    • Approx. 1 hour 9 minutes to fly from Cebu to Davao.
    • Approx. 11 hours 14 minutes to fly from Tokyo to Davao.
    • Approx. 8 hours 44 minutes to fly from Hong Kong to Davao.
  • How to get cheap flights to Davao?
    You can book cheaper flights in the following ways:
    • Search for tickets to a city or airport near Davao.
    • Look up different airlines that have flights to Davao.
    • Browse different departure dates from the same month.
    • Filter for different departure times from the same day.
    • Check for discount information on various social media sites.
    • Explore deals and discounts on airline websites.
  • What is the most popular month to visit Davao?
    Understanding peak and off travel seasons to Davao can help you arrange your travel plans accordingly. The most popular month to visit Davao is April. The average price of flight tickets to Davao in April is $88.
  • When are the cheapest flights to Davao?
    Flight tickets to Davao are the cheapest in July compared to other months, the average price is $90.
  • What is the transportation method from the main airport to downtown in Davao?
    • The distance from Francisco Bangoy International Airport to downtown is about 22km. It takes about 40 minutes by taxi.
  • Which popular airlines have flights to Davao?
    Popular airlines with flights to Davao: Philippines AirAsia , Philippine Airlines , and Cebu Pacific Air .
  • What are some popular attractions in Davao?
    There are lots of attractions to choose from in Davao: Coiff It Up Salon Centre (21 km from downtown) , F Chord (22 km from downtown) and Davao Upside Down House Museum (20 km from downtown) are the most popular attractions close to downtown.

Info About Flights to Davao

Cheapest nonstop flight price$1,509
Off-season for travelFebruary
Peak season for travelDecember
Flight distance15,405.27km
Popular airlineAmerican Airlines
Cheapest monthJuly