Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Tuguegarao Airport(TUG) from downtown?

Tuguegarao Airport(TUG) is about 3.15km from downtown.

On average, how many flights depart from Tuguegarao Airport(TUG) each day?

On average, Tuguegarao Airport(TUG) has 3 departure flight(s) each day.

What is the earliest departure flight from Tuguegarao Airport(TUG)?

The earliest flight is 5J505, which departs for Manila at 08:05. If you wish to take this flight, we recommend you stay at a hotel near the airport on the night before departure.

What is the latest departure flight from Tuguegarao Airport(TUG)?

The latest flight is 5J507, which departs for Manila at 12:40. If you wish to take this flight, please check the operating time for the latest airport transfer, train, or any other transportation you may take to get to the airport.

What are some popular domestic flight routes departing from Tuguegarao Airport(TUG)?

؜Popular flight routes from Tuguegarao Airport(TUG) include Tuguegarao⇒Manila, Tuguegarao⇒Cebu, Tuguegarao⇒Davao, Tuguegarao⇒Caticlan, Tuguegarao⇒Cagayan De Oro, Tuguegarao⇒Bacolod, Tuguegarao⇒Tagbilaran, Tuguegarao⇒General Santos, Tuguegarao⇒Busuanga and Tuguegarao⇒Tacloban. are the most popular domestic flight routes.

What are some popular international flight routes departing from Tuguegarao Airport(TUG)?

Popular flight routes from Tuguegarao Airport(TUG) include Tuguegarao⇒Hong Kong, Tuguegarao⇒Singapore, Tuguegarao⇒Macau, Tuguegarao⇒Taipei, Tuguegarao⇒Kuala Lumpur, Tuguegarao⇒Bangkok, Tuguegarao⇒Seoul, Tuguegarao⇒Dubai, Tuguegarao⇒Shanghai and Tuguegarao⇒Osaka. are the most popular international flight routes.

What is the closest airport to Tuguegarao Airport(TUG)?

The closest airport is Tuguegarao Airport(TUG), it is 59km away.

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About Tuguegarao Airport

About Tuguegarao Airport

Tuuegarao Airport is a public airport serving the general area of Tuguegarao, the capital city of the province of Cagayan in the Philippines. It is located along Maharlika Highway, about 2.5 miles from the city center. It is classified as a major commercial domestic airport by the Air Transportation Office. The airport is currently served by Cebu Pacific, Sky Pasada and charter airline Royal Air Charter Service.

Transportation between Tuguegarao Airport and Downtown

Traveling between Tuguegarao Airport and the vibrant downtown area is a straightforward and accessible journey, offering various transportation options to suit different preferences and budgets.

Airport Shuttle
· Cost: $10 - $15 USD
· Time: Approximately 30 minutes
· Operating Time: 24/7
· Tuguegarao Airport provides reliable shuttle services connecting passengers to downtown destinations. These shuttles operate around the clock, offering a cost-effective and convenient way to reach the city center.

Taxi Services
· Cost: $5 - $10 USD
· Time: Around 20 minutes
· Operating Time: 24/7
· Taxis are readily available at the airport, providing a comfortable and door-to-door transport option. The journey to downtown Tuguegarao is relatively short, and taxis offer flexibility for those with specific time constraints.

Public Transportation:
· Cost: $5 - $8 USD
· Time: Approximately 45 minutes
· Operating Time: Varies
· Local buses and shared vans are affordable alternatives for budget-conscious travelers. While the journey may take a bit longer due to multiple stops, it offers a glimpse into the local commuting experience.

Terminal Transfers
If Tuguegarao Airport has multiple terminals, a complimentary shuttle service is typically provided, ensuring smooth transitions for passengers connecting between flights. Information regarding terminal locations and transfer options can be obtained at the airport's information desk.

Car Rental and Parking

Major car rental companies, including Avis, Hertz, and Budget, have counters at Tuguegarao Airport. Travelers can easily arrange rentals upon arrival, ensuring flexibility and autonomy during their stay.
Tuguegarao Airport Terminals
Tuguegarao Airport has only one terminal that serves both domestic and international flights. The terminal is a single-story building with a simple and functional design. The terminal has a waiting area, a check-in area, a baggage claim area, a security screening area, and a boarding area. The terminal can accommodate up to 700 passengers at a time.
The main airlines operating from the terminal are:
· Cebu Pacific: A low-cost airline, offering flights to and from Manila, the capital and largest city of the Philippines. Cebu Pacific operates daily flights using ATR 72-500 aircraft.
· Sky Pasada: A regional airline, offering flights to and from Palanan and Itbayat, two remote and scenic destinations in the northern Philippines. Sky Pasada operates charter flights using Britten-Norman Islander aircraft.
· Royal Air Charter Service: A charter airline, offering flights to and from various destinations in the Philippines and abroad. Royal Air Charter Service operates charter flights using Beechcraft 1900D, Beechcraft King Air 350, and Cessna Citation Sovereign aircraft.

Overview of Facilities and Services at Tuguegarao Airport

Facilities at a Glance

Maps and Information Counters: Located strategically throughout the terminal, information counters provide maps and assistance for travelers, ensuring they can navigate the airport effortlessly.
Relaxation spaces for premium passengers, offering comfort and exclusivity.
Conference Rooms: Ideal for business travelers, conference rooms are available for meetings and discussions, contributing to a productive layover.
Restaurants and Bars: Various dining options are dispersed throughout the terminal, providing a selection of local and international cuisine.
Smoking Zones: Designated smoking zones are situated outside the terminal for the convenience of smokers.
Prayer Rooms: Reflective spaces for spiritual solace, ensuring that passengers of all backgrounds have a tranquil environment.
Drinking Water and Shower Facilities: Water stations and shower facilities are strategically placed for passengers to freshen up during their journey.

Top-Notch Services
Charging Stations: Charging stations are conveniently located for travelers to power up their electronic devices.
Luggage Service: Baggage storage facilities cater to passengers requiring temporary storage solutions.
Temporary Boarding Pass: In the event of forgotten identification, temporary boarding passes are available to ensure a smooth boarding process.
Accessible Services:
Tuguegarao Airport is committed to accessibility, providing services for passengers with reduced mobility.
Massage Service: Relaxation services are offered for passengers seeking a rejuvenating experience during their journey.
Health and Medical Services: Medical assistance is available within the terminal to address any health-related concerns.

International Traveler Essentials:
For international travelers, Tuguegarao Airport provides foreign currency exchange services and offers guidance on immigration-related matters such as visas and passports.

Hotels near Tuguegarao Airport

Travelers to Tuguegarao can enjoy a range of accommodation options conveniently located near the airport, offering comfort and accessibility.
Sheraton Tuguegarao Hotel:
Introduction: Sheraton Tuguegarao Hotel exemplifies luxury and sophistication, providing a haven for discerning travelers.
Distance: Approximately 1 mile from the airport.
Airport Shuttle: Complimentary airport shuttle service is provided, ensuring a hassle-free transfer for guests.
Hilton Garden Inn Tuguegarao:
Introduction: Hilton Garden Inn Tuguegarao blends modern amenities with warm hospitality, offering a pleasant stay.
Distance: Situated 2 miles from the airport.
Airport Shuttle: Guests can enjoy the convenience of an airport shuttle service, enhancing their overall experience.
Marriott Courtyard Tuguegarao:
Introduction: Marriott Courtyard Tuguegarao combines style and comfort, providing a relaxing retreat for travelers.
Distance: Approximately 3 miles from the airport.
Airport Shuttle: The hotel offers an airport shuttle service, ensuring guests reach their accommodation swiftly.
Holiday Inn Express Tuguegarao City:
Introduction: Holiday Inn Express Tuguegarao City offers a blend of affordability and quality service, catering to various traveler preferences.
Distance: Around 0.5 miles from the airport.
Airport Shuttle: Guests can take advantage of the hotel's airport shuttle service, streamlining their arrival and departure experience.
These hotels not only offer proximity to Tuguegarao Airport but also present an array of amenities and services, making them ideal choices for both leisure and business travelers seeking a comfortable stay in close vicinity to the airport.

Things to do during Layover at Tuguegarao Airport

Maximize your layover time at Tuguegarao Airport with a range of entertainment activities and nearby attractions. Within the airport, indulge in duty-free shopping, savor local and international cuisine at the diverse restaurants, or unwind in the VIP lounges. For a cultural experience, explore the art installations and exhibits. If time allows, venture outside to discover the city's gems like Buntun Bridge, known for its picturesque views, or visit Callao Cave, a natural wonder just a short drive away. Tuguegarao ensures that your layover is not just a waiting period but an opportunity for exploration and enjoyment.

The content of this article was created on 30 November 2023.