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Lotte Hotel Seoul Executive Tower
4.6/537 Reviews

Lotte Hotel Seoul Executive Tower

Myeong-dong Seoul|1.78km from The Soho Residence
Stayed at the Lotte Executive Tower just after the holidays, in a Premier Double Room. Pros: - The entrance of the Executive Tower is absolutely beautiful. Same with the Main Tower. Elegant, refined, beautiful art work. The executive tower check-in desks are on the 15th floor. - Easy access by escalator directly into the Lotte Department Store (from where the escalator takes you to, hang a right to get to the famous food hall!) - Location can’t be beat. Directly across from Eujiro Station (1) and around the corner from Myeong-Dong Walking Street / Night Market and several 7-11s (which are almost as good as the 7-11s in Japan). - Our room was beautiful, spacious, thoughtfully designed and decorated. Very modern touches and upscale finishes. A chandelier in the bathroom?? - Immaculate housekeeping. - Excellent temperature and very strong water pressure in the shower! - Appreciate the 2 complimentary bottles of Evian every day. - Fast wifi speeds. Cons: - Love the Diptyque toiletries but wish they weren’t the communal / shared bottles. There were bits of dried lotion crusted on the pump from the previous occupant. - Weird that neither lobby had a single chair to sit on. What’s up with that? Comes off a bit inhospitable. This isn’t the type of place to attract non-guests / loiterers. A bench wouldn’t kill anyone! - For a 5* hotel and the price we’re paying, it’s disappointing that there is a surcharge should you need a toothbrush, toothpaste or use of the sauna (!!). They claim the charge for toothbrush and paste is to prevent wastage but surely you could just have these small items available upon request at the front desk? - The doormen’s manners range from formal and friendly (some) to indifferent (most) to downright hostile (many), especially if you are not a Korean speaker, as many don’t speak English. I’m not arrogant enough to think they should speak English in a non-English speaking country, but a smile is universal, you know? Would likely stay here again at the right price and given the location.

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Sophia Hanok Guesthouse
3.2/514 Reviews

Sophia Hanok Guesthouse

Insadong / Bukchon Seoul|1.11km from The Soho Residence
Major security and food hygiene issues. Beware! Food hygiene issue: They provide bibimbap + other side dishes for breakfast. The alarming thing is their re-use of the side-dishes. When the breakfast was over and all other guests have left the dining area, the host casually put the unconsumed side dishes back into the larger pots where they are stored. The reason this is alarming is because the side dishes are shared among all the guests, and the sharing nature of the side dishes inevitably means that their saliva will also be shared. Not only is this gross to think about, but this will also potentially promote infectious diseases. Security issue: We stayed in a private guest room as a couple with our private bathroom. The locks were the old Korean style, with 2 sets of 4 sliding doors - one set on the outside, one set on the inside. The outer set of sliding doors have 2 screw-in locks which can be padlocked. The inner set of sliding doors only have screw-in locks. When leaving the room, I had the inner set of sliding doors shut, with one side of the door remaining locked. We were shocked to find that upon returning, both sides of the inner doors were unlocked and opened, indicating that someone had entered our room. No tampering of the padlock was evident, suggesting that this person had the proper keys to the padlock. What was more disturbing was that there was no good reason for anyone to have been there! No cleaning and no rearranging of amenities! We tried several times to contact the owner to no avail. We immediately packed and left after the first night. Value for Money: Quite expensive for what it is. But, if you want the experience of staying in an old-style traditional korean housing, there are several other such guesthouses. Location: Good location. Close to Anguk subway station, palaces and insadong, but far enough from the main road to not be affected by road noise. Cleanliness: Clean enough. Staff: Questionable business practice & work ethics. There is one elderly woman who appears to be helping to keep the guesthouse clean and to prepare meals. She only speaks Korean, and does so very loudly and abruptly. I am a Korean, and this does not bother me as I do have some idea about how some people speak, but my wife found this very confronting. Facilities: Minimal. Very small rooms with no furniture. But this is, after all, a part of the traditional Korean Hanok experience.

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Soo Song Guest House
4/535 Reviews
The transport guesthouse in the middle of Seoul is quiet and cozy, and the staff are friendly and my family visited their homeland stayed comfortably. It was a great luck to find a place where you can stay comfortably without any cost while looking for a suitable place to do Seoul City Tour. There were many restaurants around, so I could have a food dinner. It was great to have a friendly staff guide the restaurants around.
Hanok Residence Hotel Side
3.6/51 Reviews
It is really just living alone, very empty, the location is very good, the boss has seen it once! But many are self-service, so those who need service need to be considered
Hans House
4.5/52 Reviews
It's about meeting people's families, sharing children's lives with one another. My heart is in the middle of the city, I'm in the middle of the day, I'm in the middle of the day, I'm in the middle of the day, I'm going to go to the middle of the day. It's all about living in a small family. It's a good idea for old people, it's easy for people to live in harmony with the world, it's for the Korean language, it's for old people, it's for the elderly. The garden is so pretty. Gyeongbokgung Palace and Ewha Womans University are close to the city center, and there are subways and buses outside. The owner was very friendly and spoke to me in Korean and even gave me a small gift before leaving. Awesome!
NagNe House Boutique Hanok
4.3/512 Reviews
We loved the location first and foremost (boyfriend keep congratulating this part of the hotel as we were around the corner from Gyeongbokgung, the subway and an amazing food street). The house had been beautifully restored and the rooms were quaint with some nice ambiance lighting. The bed was super comfortable and quite large and we slept soundly all throughout. Even though some people complained about the soundproofing in past reviews, there were no problems. We had our own small and functional bathroom (no shower stall but a shower curtain to prevent the toilet and half the bathroom to get wet, we got used to the Korean shower in no time) but the fan was quite loud so if you shower in the evening you can't sleep a wink for a while unless you want the room to be very humid. We loved the fact that the hotel was being a bar in the afternoon and evening for both residents and non-residents and both the common room's deco and confines and the beverage choices (and food, they had a fruity cheese that was lovely) made it a brilliant spot to relax. We could borrow umbrellas at the hotel for free and the only staff we met was friendly and considerate while speaking good English and he was on hand to do our check in late at night. Amazing stay, really! We felt safe and looked-after. Nothing at all was a bother, we had an amazing time and we wished we could have stay longer (we stayed 6 nights out of 9 in Korea and we still had plenty to see around). They even provided restaurant recommendations and scheduled times for the close-by airport shuttle stop. Restaurants range from mostly local cuisine in the food street to foreign cuisine in an adjacent 2-minute-away street (We had Korean BBQ, Rice Burgers, Thai cuisine, Korean pancakes, Bubble Tea...)
Living Castle Single Room
3.5/52 Reviews
Located 3 minutes from the metro. Clean, comfortable guesthouse. Nearby within walking distance of local restaurants, attractions, shops and pharmacies.
Woo Guesthouse Insadong
3.8/53 Reviews
Insadong / Bukchon
Breathtaking view over Gyeongbokgung and the Blue House from the 2 windows of the palace-view room on the 5th floor. The owner is very friendly and helps to carry the luggage up and down the stairs.

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New and popular hotels in Seoul recommended by Trip.com. Planning a trip to Seoul? While traveling to South Korea, Seoul is one of the most popular destinations. Located in South Korea, Seoul is a well-known and vibrant city.

Every day, travelers worldwide arrive at Gimpo International Airport to start their vacations and business trips in Seoul. It's easy to reach Seoul. The city can be reached by plane, train, and car.

You don't have to worry about accommodations when traveling to Seoul. Here, there are more than 1899 hotels for you to choose from. The local average price is 57 USD per night. There are a variety of hotels to meet the needs of different types of travelers. There are 30 five-star hotels in Seoul at an average price of 185 USD per night. There are 86 four-star hotels in Seoul at an average price of 81 USD per night. There are 310 three-star hotels in Seoul at an average price of 61 USD per night. There are 487 two-star hotels in Seoul at an average price of 44 USD per night. There are many well-known chain hotels in Seoul. Hotels under the Ramada brand are a good choice. In Seoul, chain hotels such as Ramada are one of the top choices among travelers. A popular hotel in Seoul, Tmark Hotel Myeongdong Seoul is also one of the highest rated. If you're still unsure, Trip.com recommends Loisir Hotel Seoul Myeongdong.

If you stay at a hotel in downtown Seoul, nearby attractions like Seoul City Hall, Olympic Hall, Seoul Plaza can be your first stop. You can choose attractions in Seoul that are perfect for a weekend getaway, such as Olympic Park, GOCHEOK SKY DOME, Lotte World Aquarium. The most popular attractions for tourists in Seoul are Myeong Dong, Dongdaemun Gate, Sungnyemun Gate. With a developed commercial area, visitors can head to Sinsadong Garosu-gil Road, apM PLACE, DOOTA DUTY FREE for a great shopping experience.

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• October to December: 9.63°C during the day, 5.28°C at night

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• Spring: 30.33 cm

• Summer: 104.17 cm

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• Winter: 42.4 cm

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