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Vienna International Hotel (Shantou High-speed Railway Station East Plaza Branch)
4.7/5979 Reviews

Vienna International Hotel (Shantou High-speed Railway Station East Plaza Branch)

Shantou Railway Station Area Shantou|8.3km from city center
The hotel hardware is okay, except that there is no small refrigerator. There is Xiaodu voice AI smart control, and the bed and pillows are quite comfortable. The decoration style may be typical of Vienna. But the location and environment are actually not good. It's in the urban-rural fringe, around the high-speed rail station. If I had to choose again, I probably wouldn't live here... It's 10-16 kilometers away from the scenic spot by taxi, and it costs 20-40 yuan one way. The main reason is that there is not much food nearby, they are all small shabby shops. What about the service? We have stayed in many hotels such as Atour and Huazhu Club before. This time we saw this newly opened hotel in Vienna and wanted to try it. We didn't have breakfast. We asked when we checked in, but the front desk said we didn't have breakfast and asked if it couldn't be delivered. The front desk just nodded and said nothing. Actually, I just want to see how to respond. This is what members at Atour did before. Just respond casually. Too dull, a bit unexpected😅 Then the water glasses in the lobby were not removed after drinking. One of the glasses in the picture belonged to us, and the rest belonged to others before. We were the only ones in the seats. The New Year's Eve celebrations don't stop until 2:30. Each change is like setting off firecrackers, which affects sleep. The old man didn't go to bed until three o'clock. Later, after checking out, the hotel paid a return visit. The old man mentioned this point, but then there was no response. It was just a joke 😂😂 The cleaning staff threw away the hotel toothpaste and toothbrush that we had only used for one day (the toothpaste was actually not used yet, just took it out and put it aside) and replenished it with new ones. But now the common practice is to replenish rather than throw away the old ones, leaving it up to the customer to decide. This is not very environmentally friendly. Checking in, checking out, and storing luggage were pretty smooth. no problem. You need to scan the Alipay code to issue an invoice. For other hotels, you can open it directly if you have check-in information. This can be simplified. Anyway, we originally considered getting a membership before we moved in. We thought it was okay for the first few hours after we checked in, but then gave up the idea.

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Meiyu Loft Seaview Apartment (High-speed Railway Station Longguang Century Business Center Branch)
4.9/546 Reviews
Little Park/Coast Promenade
The room is simple and stylish, and it feels very warm to stay in it. The bathroom was cleaned very clean, a little unexpected surprise, this price can find such a satisfactory room, there is a chance to come again next time. Like it, brother!
Houten Hotel
3.2/5127 Reviews
For temporary stays, the Ctrip membership price is more cost-effective than on-site. The room is quite big, but there is an indescribable smell as soon as you enter. Fortunately, the window can be opened, otherwise you will collapse if you stay in it for a night. The water is very big and it is comfortable to take a bath. The air conditioner is very noisy. It's big, and it never felt quiet the whole night. Overall, it's very cost-effective, and the mattress isn't too soft. I'm particularly afraid of mattresses that sink when I sleep on them.
Huanyang Oriental Hotel
4.5/5163 Reviews
Xinyi City/Guangxia New City
The check-in experience was very good. The room was neat and clean. The front desk staff was very nice. The transportation was convenient.
4.7/56 Reviews
Center of Chaonan District
Whether it’s a business trip or a family parent-child couple trip, a group of friends or a trip alone, it’s okay. I often go there to wish a convenient, good, cheap and affordable
Lavande Hotel (Shantou Zhuchi Road Railway Station)
4.6/5971 Reviews
Shantou Railway Station Area
After staying here once in Guangzhou, I had a very good impression of the brand, especially the toiletries. I liked them very much and I'm hooked! The overall experience of this stay was good. The only drawback was that the light button in the room had to be touched when it was dark, and there was a small threshold to enter the toilet. I almost tripped. Can you consider another improvement? Everything else was great👍🏻
Yes tour Hotel
4.7/5126 Reviews
Online booking is a hotel, and on the navigation, it is a hotel. The front hall environment on the first floor is not bad like a hotel. When entering the room, the door lock is crooked and not easy to work. The wall skin in the room fell off, the air conditioner drained into the house, and the whole room was a lamp, which was very dark. The TV is just one channel, and people have not adjusted it for a long time. The environment is particularly poor, the service is OK, there is any problem on call

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