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Tulsa Square Hotel Central, I-44 by OYO
3.1/595 Reviews
Read all of the bad reviews and realize this is a crappy hotel for any price. I did not and paid the price. No hot water in shower for 3 days. Heat and ac did not work. Toilet did not flush correctly due to age. Outside card reader did not work. Elevator broke. Found out about hot water about midnight when hdcp brother was already in bed. Next day I was told entire hotel was without hot water in showers and it would be fixed. Got in late that night another cold shower. Found out later shower valves were just bad in some of the rooms as other people were taking showers in different rooms, that would have been a nice option. Staff was very nice but in hindsight that really did not matter. Called hotel to talk to mgr 2 times with no reply before writing this review. I have now stayed at 2 Clarions, downtown Atlanta and here and will never do it again, both in terrible shape.
Ramada by Wyndham Tulsa
3.5/5105 Reviews
Night personal more pleasant to guests than morning personal. Got on his bad side w/o trying. Room was clean (checked for bed bugs, it passed inspection) wifi was good, TV channels had wide variation. (It had CNN) breakfast was included, had a fair amount of choices.
Extended Stay America Suites - Tulsa - Midtown
3.4/540 Reviews
Hello Everybody!!! We are having a wonderful stay at ESA (Extended Stay America) Midtown, here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Due to the prior 2 years of dealing with COVID 19 protocols and restrictions, and the subsequent explosion in house prices, my wife and I decided to remain here at this hotel for an extended time. The staff here have been fabulous in caring for our every need. Even during this past week, when you had several top events held here in Tulsa, including the PGA Golf Championship, which caused zero available rooms in the Tulsa area, the staff responded in an exemplary fashion. Of course,whether it’s airlines or hotels, Booking Agencies (not the hotel itself) are notorious for overbooking the different sites. I happened to be in the lobby and witnessed several unhappy customers who had no room available to them, many after traveling here from a long way off, just to realize the hotel was overbooked. So, the staff was under tremendous pressure to explain “Why”, “the customer insisted”, and what they were going to do now? I could see the hopelessness and helplessness in their eyes. But actually, it’s not the hotel’s fault. Having travelled worldwide and stayed in over 35 countries, I can see this issue is a systematic failure of the Reservation System, in that the Reservation System does not take care to ensure booked travelers are not stranded due to over-bookings. This System needs to be revamped to take better care of travelers so they will not be stranded because of over-bookings. Still, the ESA Staff braved the difficult language being thrown at them, and handled the situation in an extremely Professional manner. Once again, The Staff at Extended Stay America has gone over and beyond their normal call of duty to satisfy clients and ease the pain of a difficult situation. Great Job ESA Midtown! Jim H.
SureStay Plus Hotel by Best Western Tulsa East
3.6/523 Reviews
The staff are very friendly. The front desk/foyer is deceptive though. Very new and updated… super clean. Then you get to the hallway to your room and you begin to realize the rest was not as updated. My hallway had a slight odor to it… then I got to the room… the room smelled awful like really old musky mildew… old wet carpet smell. Their were snot boogers blown on the wall near the bed (not kidding) and the sitting chair looked like someone had either given birth or possible been murdered… it was disturbingly gross. The bed was a full size that felt like it was made from layers of plywood and it was set up with a king backboard and night stands fixed to the wall so you almost had to get out of the full size bed to reach the night stands. I will say the maids cleaned daily of you wished and the smell wasn’t so bad after a can and a half of fabreez. They did have decent internet and surprisingly large 4k tvs. This was paid for by Melton Truck Lines for training otherwise I would have left the moment I saw the room and the smell… oh that smell.
Best Western Plus Tulsa Inn  Suites
4/5100 Reviews
I was here on business. The location is off a major highway, in a complex of hotels. There are two restaurants and a fast food place within waking distance. Other services are lacking in the area, and determined walkers will notice the lack of sidewalk. Memorial Blvd is nearby, but this stretch is between highway interchanges, so services are still lacking for the idle pedestrian or someone stocking a hotel room fridge while on foot. My room was on the first floor near housekeeping. The staff were very nice, in all the roles. My room was quiet, I rarely heard door slamming or voices in the hallway. I will consider staying here again just for that. The room had fridge and microwave, plenty of outlets, and a tub. The water pressure was good. I didn't use the pool, but it was popular. Vending machines on site catered to snacks and Pepsi products. They were doing daily housekeeping. Breakfast varied daily, tending to scrambled eggishness, with some kind of meat, biscuits and gravy, waffles on demand. One day had a potato sausage medley. The fitness center featured one treadmill and two seated machines. No water in the cooler, however, but the sanitizing wipes were abundant, and handy, since I forgot to bring any for my check-in ritual. I think the hotel is pet friendly, as I saw dogs brought in, and a cat in a window. My room had an odor of ”feet” if I only used the a/c fan, which I attributed to invisible pet accidents, but who knows.
Hometown Inn & Suites
3.9/554 Reviews
My wife and I were in Tulsa (from Wichita) working on our rental property and needed an inexpensive place to stay, and not being concerned about amenities. Picked this place due to positive reviews. BOY WAS I SURPRISED. We normally stay in 4 star hotels when on vacation, but for this purpose we were cost conscious due to the nature of our trip. In similar situations I have often stayed at many of the other ”Name Brand” budget facilities under $60. Hometown Inn is light years ahead of the rest. Although small and frugal, offering nothing more than basic vending machines, the property is meticulously maintained and clean. Walking in, you are greeted with extremely fresh smelling hallways and super clean carpet. You can tell this is a family owned and operated facility, taking great pride in its upkeep. We were pleasantly greeted by the female owner, Rupal, who owns the property with her husband. She was vacuuming the hallway when we arrived. Super friendly and kind hearted, as we noted her young daughter playing in the lobby while Rupal vacuumed. Rupal seemed to be there most of the time during our two night stay, so I suspect that they might live on site, but that is only conjecture on my part. Walking into the room held quite a surprise to us. Spotlessly clean and fully remodeled with brand new furniture that was as nice (for its size) as much more expensive properties. The bed was comfortable and you had several choices in types of pillow. This hotel is facing an extremely busy freeway but our room was as quiet as a church. In other words, well insulated. It does have tile floors so your feet will get chilled walking on them (not a biggie), but that guarantees no musty odors from old and soiled carpets. My biggest pet peeve for all hotels, including the high end 4 star facilities is the horrible water pressure in their showers, dribbling barely enough water on you to rinse. NOT THIS ONE. This hotel has the best water pressure in a shower that I have ever experienced. On top of that, they have installed large stylish shower heads that spread the flow all over you. That alone is worth the price of admission. Only minor negative, like most hotels, the towels are pretty small and pretty rough to the touch. I know that is somewhat necessary due to needing to keep the bulk down, for daily washing and drying of linens. But I will definitely take that in favor of the shower. Bar soap is barely large enough to lather with, but we always bring our own full size bars when we travel. At first we couldn't find a fridge to put our leftovers from dinner, but then discovered it hidden in the credenza underneath the TV. Coffee maker is really dinky and only makes one small cup at a time. Be sure to request styro coffee cups from the front desk if there are none in your room. Ours did not have any the first night there and we had to use their small clear plastic water cups. Later found out that the maid overlooked that item. There are 2 ”built in” night

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