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East White Lake Town
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Zhuji Downtown Area
1、酒店环境整洁,房间布局堪称完美,优雅又不失情调,服务周到,让人无比舒心。给我营造了一种家的感觉,无论大处到小处都是那么无懈可击,价格也很合理。  2、这家酒店的服务员个个彬彬有礼,热情周到,酒店装修的富丽堂皇,一般人是不愿进去的。3、酒店各色闪亮霓虹灯让整城市流光溢彩、神采飞扬些高档酒店灯火通明面定推杯换盏意醉休些写字楼玻璃幕墙变巨显示屏切换着同广告画面与标语酒店业最经典的话:1、 如 果 你 不 是 为 客 人 服 务 , 那 么 你 是 在 为 客 人 服 务 的 人 服 务 。 If you are not serving the customer, your job is to serve somebody who is. 2、 成 功 之 道 :总 是 做 得 比 期 望 的 多 一 点 点 。 Simple rule for success, Walk the Extra Mile. (Alwaysdo what is required PLUS a bit more.)3、客人对与错并不重要,重要的是他们的感觉。It doesnt matter whether the customer is right or wrong. It matters how they feel.4、 客 人 也 许 并 不 总 是 正 确 的 , 但 是 他 们 应 该 得 到 正 确 的 对 待 。 The customer may not always be right, but they should be treated right.5、小事会影响客人的感受。It's the little things that matters.
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Zhuji Downtown Area
We were in Zhuji beacuse of a wedding. Great Room! Clean and fresh with a massage chair. Great location near shopping malls and restaurangs.
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Zhuji Downtown Area
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Zhuji Dongbai Lake Hotel Guide

Book hotels in Zhuji via the website or app, it's easy and hassle-free. Book your hotel on for an amazing travel experience. You can plan a one or two day trip to Zhuji. In Zhuji, both areas with attractions and the city center are good places to stay. Other than just visiting Zhuji, you can also visit surrounding cities such as Pujiang, Yiwu, Shaoxing, etc. for a couple of days.

Zhuji does not have civilian airport. You can fly into a nearby city and come here using another method of transportation. Although there aren't any airports or train stations, visitors can come to the city via bus or other means of transportation.

There are 23 hotels in Zhuji with excellent service. The local average price is 28 USD per night. There are a variety of hotels to meet the needs of different types of travelers. There are 2 five-star hotels in Zhuji at an average price of 61 USD per night. There are 5 four-star hotels in Zhuji at an average price of 31 USD per night. There are 7 three-star hotels in Zhuji at an average price of 26 USD per night. There are 8 two-star hotels in Zhuji at an average price of 22 USD per night. Zhuji has many well-known chain hotels which are suitable for both business trips and vacations. Howard Johnson is the most popular brand among tourists. Those who favor Howard Johnson can choose a hotel under its name. Qicai International Hotel Zhuji in Zhuji is a favorite among users. If you're still unsure, recommends Xizi Hotel.

If you stay at a hotel in downtown Zhuji, nearby attractions like Xishi Huansha Stone, Hangzhou Museum can be your first stop. For short trips in Zhuji, Millennium Torreya Grandis Forest Scenic Area are all good options. The most famous attractions locally are Dongbai Lake, Wuxie Scenic Spot, Xishi’s Hometown. Those interested in art and culture can visit attractions like Loudongxiang Torreya Museum, Original Torreya Museum. For those interested in the outdoors, attractions like Zhuji Citizen's Park, Sports Park, Forest Park are excellent options.

Average Temperature

• January to March: 9.87°C during the day, 5.8°C at night

• April to June: 23.59°C during the day, 18.97°C at night

• July to September: 29.65°C during the day, 25.26°C at night

• October to December: 15.57°C during the day, 11.03°C at night

Average seasonal Rainfall

• Spring: 92.43 cm

• Summer: 156.3 cm

• Autumn: 137.23 cm

• Winter: 55.8 cm

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