A Day Trip to Meishan with Kids

This time we went to a place called Xingfu Ancient Village. To get there, search for Xingfu Ancient Village in your GPS. It's suitable for a family to drive there, about a 40-minute drive from downtown Meishan. We set off from Meishan after lunch and started hiking up the mountain in the afternoon. The attraction is located in a valley with good air quality, and when we went in mid-March, the flowers were blooming profusely. It is said that on Women's Day, there were 45,000 visitors, making it difficult to walk. It takes about half an hour to walk to the top from halfway up the mountain, and along the way, you can take some pretty cool photos. There's no admission fee, just a parking fee of 10 yuan. Moreover, walking and taking photos is quite nice. If you bring children or the elderly, you can enjoy the flowers, and if you get tired, there's a beverage spot similar to a Lijiang guesthouse where you can check in. The consumption is not high, and you can also take photos at the entrance, which is very photogenic. The owner is also quite nice. The shop is called 'The Look of Happiness'. Having been to many attractions in Meishan, I highly recommend this one for flower viewing or hiking. You won't go wrong here. You can spend an afternoon climbing and then go to Danling Leng County to have some snacks before heading back to Meishan. There are also guesthouses on the mountain where you can stay. It's very nice to go ahead and stay one night in advance. The environment is good and very quiet, and the prices during the weekdays are also very good. It's suitable for everyone to relax on a Sunday and ease the tension of the work week. Xingfu Ancient Village
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Posted: Apr 8, 2024
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Xingfu Ancient Village

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