A few things you need to know before coming to Dubai~ Especially don't miss this luxury version of the desert camp!

Returning to Dubai again, the flight landed directly to the Dubai Bab Al Shams Desert Resort~ After the renovation in 2023, the reopened Bab Al Shams added subtle Moorish details~ Under the cover of palm trees, between the sand dunes~ Enjoy the warm holiday time! This time we stayed in the luxury suite of the Dubai Bab Al Shams Desert Resort Hotel, as if living in a dreamy ancient castle deep in the desert~ The renovated Bab Al Shams has joined the Kerzner Group under the same group as Atlantis and One&Only~ It has become the group's first Rare Finds brand hotel. Rare Finds rare finds~ Each hotel of this new brand will have its own unique identity, location, talent and expertise. The Bab Al Shams, which reopened in early 2023, has completely updated its aesthetics while maintaining the dreamy desert and equestrian features of the resort, and new experiences and entertainment will be added to the picturesque desert resort~ Traditional travel vacations in Dubai must not miss the content in addition to the Dubai River night sea cruise, watching performances, enjoying Arabic food Of course, there is also desert sand dashing, which is the most Arab-style experience in many projects in Dubai travel~ Sand dashing is also the most popular fun sport in the UAE. Drive away from the bustling city, experience the charm of Arab culture, sand dashing drivers drive cool four-wheel drive off-road vehicles, rush from the bottom to the top of the sand dunes, and then jump down, slide between the sand peaks and sand valleys, shuttle freely, it's really fun! It's exciting but not scary like a roller coaster, everyone can experience the joy! How can you miss it when you come to Dubai! The top of the sand dunes in the sunset is the most beautiful scenery, stop at this time to take pictures~ Enjoy the beautiful desert sunset! Then go to the nearby desert camp, you can also experience camel riding, sandboarding, and beautiful Arabic hand painting~ The carnival program in the desert camp soon kicked off~ And the environment and dishes of the Bab Al Shams camp dinner have raised the luxury level of the entire trip by several levels! AL HADHEERAH Open Air Desert Dining can be described as a luxury version of the desert camp dinner~ As night falls, it's like walking into a dreamy Arabian Nights world! Exquisite decoration~ Delicious barbecue and various Arabic dishes, there is also a large stage on site, exotic Arabic dancers and handsome guys are dancing passionate belly dance~ There are also traditional musical instrument performances and song and dance performances, under the silver moonlight, accompanied by Arabic music, enjoy the unique exotic style in the desert, it is a very interesting travel experience!
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Posted: Feb 10, 2024
Peter Chege
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Peter Chege
I been to this hotel and is good
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Bab Al Shams, A Rare Finds Desert Resort, Dubai

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