In the temple, I found the secret to happiness in life

Ordinary days in the mountains, hiding the world's fireworks and endless coolness and joy. Allow yourself a few days of leisure, let the restless heart, calm down🌿 📿【Listening to Wisdom】Quietly listen to wisdom teachings, make cognition more transparent, let the doubts and worries in the heart get answers, let yourself live better · 🧘‍♀【Meditation】Put down the distractions, focus on the present, temporarily shelve the hustle and bustle of the world, learn to listen to the voice of your heart · 🌛【Overnight at the top of the mountain】Overnight at the Golden Summit of Emei Mountain, watch the stars in the night sky, watch the sunrise in the morning, the sea of clouds surging, see the world, and find yourself ⏰Time September: 9.24-9.28 October: 10.11-10.15, 10.18-10.21, 10.23-10.27 November: 11.9-11.13, 11.16-11.19, 11.23-11.27 📍Location: Sichuan Emei Mountain·Shengshui Zen Temple, Golden Summit Interested in Zen practice, remember to follow me
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Posted: Feb 7, 2024
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