It's hard to imagine that 16 people have booked an entire villa on Mount Emei | 1h from Chengdu

| 1h from Chengdu.⛰️ Located at the foot of Mount Emei, in the mountains and lakes, it's an unparalleled place for oxygen intake. ⛰️ The villa area closest to the Mount Emei gate, just a 5min drive to the Mount Emei gate【Service】I would call it the most fitting butler-style service in my travel career. As soon as we placed the order, the butler contacted us, sending us the location and traffic route thoughtfully. Upon arrival, they were already waiting at the door to guide parking and help with luggage🧳, available online 24 hours. 【Hot Spring】♨️ The host knew we wanted to go to Hongzhu Mountain for a hot spring and kindly used their privilege to book tickets for us, saving us a substantial amount on a big meal. Truly deserving of a thumbs up👍🏻 【Barbecue】The guesthouse provides a barbecue grill. We brought our own ingredients and enjoyed a cozy barbecue in the courtyard garden. 【Facilities】Projector💫| Tea set🍵| Mahjong | Bathtub🛁 | Pool table🎱 Several families traveling together can enjoy tea, barbecue, watch movies with a super large projector, play board games, mahjong, pool, happiness is just like this. 【Style】Modern Chinese | Elegant grey tones | Luxurious decorations, full of details throughout the house🍵, great for taking photos. The butler can also help take group photos. 🌙 Sleep on a couch bed | Super soft mattress | Unlike other villa landlords, the bedding is all custom-made five-star, changed for each guest, with impeccable attention to hygiene! 🧘🏻‍♀️ Wake up in the morning, open the terrace, and you're really intoxicated with oxygen. Having always lived in a bustling city, it was a pleasant surprise to find the villa environment so close to nature. The villa is nestled against the mountain and by the lake, and you can even see little squirrels🐿️. The air is incredibly fresh. 🥯 Breakfast, Chinese-style snacks, because we were slightly tipsy last night and mentioned wanting to eat egg custard, unexpectedly the next morning the host had quietly prepared it. They really spoil their guests, making us fall in love with the place💙. ⛰️ Since we were also going to the Golden Summit of Mount Emei, the butler had prepared a full and half mountain strategy for Mount Emei the night before, so the whole trip was very pleasant. Recommendation rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Transportation: Self-driving🚗or high-speed rail🚄 Average cost per person: Around 100💰
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Posted: Mar 17, 2024
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