Follow 'National Geographic' to Enshi Canyon

✅Note: 1⃣️Enshi is located in the mountains, especially the Grand Canyon/Suobuya Stone Forest, try to go up the mountain lightly and pay attention to safety!!⚠︎ 2⃣️There is a large temperature difference between day and night here, it is recommended to bring a coat, and remember to prepare raincoats and sun hats!❇️ 3⃣️There are drivers at the train station and airport who will stop you to stay in a hotel!! Don't believe those who take a taxi to take shortcuts!! ㊙️ 4⃣️There are many scenic spots in Enshi, and the attractions are relatively scattered. It is easy to go back and forth on your own, which is a waste of time🍎 🌸🌸Attractions ✅Pingshan Canyon: China's 'Xianbenna' Pingshan Canyon, take the popular floating boat between the canyons, named for the flat top of the mountain and the screen on the side of the mountain. It is like sailing in the vast green mountains in the belly of Wuling, known as the 'Oriental Noah's Ark'. ✅Suobuya Stone Forest: 460 million years of Ordovician seabed and Jurassic world, it has more than 100 classic natural landscapes, including Qinglong Temple, Lotus Village, Mozigou, and Jiulonghui, which are open. There are narrow secret realms and fossil relics everywhere, which can be called an ancient geological museum. Itinerary ✅Day 1: Pingshan Grand Canyon - Yungang Plank Road - Dry Waterfall - One Line Sky【Stay in Enshi】 ✅Day 2: Suobuya Stone Forest - Rhino Gully - Lotus Village【Stay in Enshi】 ✅Day 3: Qingjiang - Muddy River - Butterfly Cliff【Stay in Enshi】 ✅Day 4: Earth Valley - World's First Ancient Man - China's First Valley River - Bachu's First Valley - Return
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Posted: Nov 17, 2023
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