The light boat has passed thousands of mountains//Ping Mountain Canyon

🌟Everything has cracks, that's where the light comes in. The beauty of Hubei lies in Enshi, and the beauty of Enshi lies in Hefeng. Rated by American CNN as the most beautiful fairyland in China. Rated by 'China National Geographic' as 'the most beautiful place in China', Enshi, Ping Mountain Canyon is her beauty representative. - 🏞Ping Mountain Canyon Scenic Area is located in Hefeng County, Enshi State. It takes about 3-3.5 hours to depart from Enshi City. Public transportation is not very convenient, you can only go to Hefeng County, and then transfer to the scenic area. - 🎫About tickets. The adult ticket price for Ping Mountain Tourist Scenic Area is 165 yuan/person, and the one-way canyon sightseeing transition boat ticket is 45 yuan/person (mandatory), totaling 210 yuan/person. The boat journey is about 15 minutes. When the weather is good, take the boat around 13 o'clock at noon, and the sun just shines on the water surface at the bottom of the valley, which is particularly beautiful. - 🔴Tour route: There is only one tour route, just follow it. Visitor Center→Scenic Area Ticket Gate→Gang Step Sky Ladder→Bu Yun Pavilion→A Da Water Platform (floating boat shooting location)→Thousand Search Waterfall→Huan Yun Bridge→Lan Lock Bridge→Peach Blossom Crossing (take a scenic boat, about 15 minutes by boat)→Cha Xi Crossing→Nuo Yuan Cave→Du Yu Building→Walk to the Visitor Center of the Scenic Area. 📌Enter the visitor center parking lot and walk to Du Yu Building to take a shuttle bus to the parking lot at the ticket gate, the fare is 10 yuan per person. - ❗️Practical tips: Be careful when going down the stairs, some spring water will fall from time to time, and the plank road stairs are slippery, wear more slip-resistant shoes. Bi Xin An is in a cave when you want to leave the valley at the end. It is recommended to check the weather in advance for travel, and be sure to choose a sunny day to come.
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Posted: Feb 1, 2024
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