Known as "China's Semporna", the Pingshan Grand Canyon

Just how beautiful is the Pingshan Grand Canyon, known as "China's Semporna"? It was voted by China National Geographic as "the most beautiful place in China" It was voted by CNN in the United States as "China's most beautiful fairyland" It was listed by UNESCO in the "World Heritage List" This is the Pingshan Grand Canyon located in Enshi, Hubei. The Pingshan Canyon is also known as China's "Semporna", with gem-like lake water, clear and bottomless, boats sliding on it, as if floating in space, beams of sunlight shining through the cracks in the valley, making people instantly feel like they are in a painting, especially at noon when the sun shines directly into the canyon, the clear river water will reflect the reflection of the boat, like floating, unique and absolutely beautiful. Travel sharing: We drove there, bought tickets and continued to drive up the mountain to the A area parking lot, walked into the scenic area, walked a section of steps up the mountain-cliffside path (friends with fear of heights be careful)-Ada water platform-Taohuawu pier by boat-visit the canyon scenery-after getting off the boat, walk through the cave out of the scenic area-take the shuttle bus to the A area parking lot to return. Strategy sharing: The recommended play time is in the morning-noon, when the weather is good, the light is softer, and it is easy to encounter the Tyndall effect in the canyon. The boat ride time is about 20 minutes (also the essence), if friends who are not very interested in the mountain scenery can omit the mountain climbing part, walk the boat in and out route (specifically ask the ticket seller). The mountain is mainly stone steps, prepare for climbing sticks.
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Posted: Feb 7, 2024
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Pingshan Grand Canyon

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