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Pengzu Mountain | Exploring the secret of longevity

Apart from the beauty of Emei, the tranquility of Qingcheng, and the narrow pass of Jianmen, there is another place near Chengdu known for its longevity - Pengzu! All are famous for their mountains, and now the newly renovated Pengzu Mountain, it takes about 1h to travel from the city to the countryside, which is very suitable for family trips and to start a weekend getaway. Pengzu Mountain Scenic Area Address | Intersection of Jiangkou Street and Jiangbai Road, Pengshan District, Meishan City, Pengzu Mountain Scenic Area Transportation | About 1h drive from Chengdu (with parking lot) Cost | 128 (including admission ticket) The scenic area is not far from the city, it can be considered a natural oxygen bar around Chengdu. Pengzu Mountain is not high or steep, suitable for bringing the elderly and children, and it takes about 1h to reach the top of the mountain. The surrounding scenery is beautiful, and there is a self-service vegetarian meal at the top of the mountain, which friends who like must try. 【Travel Guide】 Ninety-nine Longevity Ladder: Built with the wish to live to 99, there are nine bends, 99 platforms, 999 steps, but it's not steep and easy to walk, symbolizing that the journey will last a long time. Pengzu Temple: It is a place to commemorate Pengzu and his daughter San'e. Here is mainly for praying, you can pray for any psychological wishes~ Pengzu Academy: Rich in Pengzu culture, composed of Shouyang Book House, Pengzu Lecture Hall, Pengzu Painting Academy, more suitable for friends who like to read. Twin Buddhas of Qishan: Located on the mountainside of Pengzu Mountain, the huge Buddha statue has witnessed countless love stories. If you are a couple, you can come here to pray for a long-lasting love. Fairy Platform: Mainly for seeking marriage, single brothers and sisters can come here to make a wish~ 【Dining Guide】 The scenic area has a Dietary Art Museum, all of which are health diets. We were fortunate to taste the "Pengzu Health Soup" that Pengzu developed specifically for Emperor Yao. The taste is unprecedented, light and healthy. There are also small stalls selling snacks in Pengzu Square, such as cold noodles, cold jelly, wolf tooth potatoes, etc., and the prices are very reasonable. 【Tips】 You need to bring your ID to enter the scenic area The parking lot in the scenic area is not large, it is recommended to set off early on weekends
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Posted: Feb 6, 2024
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