Sawan Rat in the end of the dream: Pattaya of Coconut Paradise is waiting for you to come!🏖️

🕗 Morning (8 a.m.): Welcome to Pattaya! Arrived in Pattaya, ready to start your adventure. Book a room at your resort you choose and make sure your reservation is completed. After that, go to Pattaya beach. Welcome the first ray of the sun with sun bathing and staying in the highest light of the morning. Enjoy the tranquility in the morning and the sound of the waves. Then try breakfast at the beach. Don't forget to try boiled rice or local breakfast similar to king bread. 🕙 in the morning (10 a.m.): Explore the world of Patagalok Morning is the best time to explore the underwater world. Book a deep diving trip or water surface diving to the nearby Pataka泻, meet the magical animals in the beautiful ocean, go into the clear water and swim between the colorful pataka galleries. This will be an experience that will not forget. 🕛 At noon (12 o'clock): a round-up party Lunch time arrived! Return to local restaurants or roadside, seafood rice and coconut friendly menu. Don't miss to try some great dishes such as coconut milk boiled chicken, coconut tom yum shrimp or baked shrimp. This is a food that will definitely fill your stomach and delicious. 🕐 Afternoon (2pm): enjoy water activities This afternoon you will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of water activities. You can choose to go with teaching and then leaf lessons, surfing, water jet skiing, or kayaking. Have fun and excitement waiting. 🕓 evening (4pm): Relax and Massage Return to your resort and enjoy luxury massage and spa. Book a massage to make a professional spa massage help you relax and relieve your body and mind stress. 🕔 evening (6 o'clock): take the romantic Miao of the sunset The afternoon starts to go down. Go back to Pattaya Hill or Big Buddha Temple. See the beautiful scenery of the sunset The sun will make the sky bright red. and create a very romantic atmosphere. 🕖 in the evening (8 o'clock): night market and food #Weekend Tours #Overseas Tours
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Posted: Dec 24, 2023
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