Italian Positano town, a colorful cliff town in a dream, nanny-level travel guide.

Positano is a small town located on the Costiera Amalfitana coast in the Campania region of Italy. The main part of the town is backed by mountains and faces the sea, and is distributed on the flat land between the mountains and the sea. A writer described it as follows: Positano is a dreamland. When you are there, it doesn't feel very real, but after you leave, it becomes vivid. Scattered along the winding and twisting coastline are many picturesque towns, and the most beautiful one among them is Positano. A small house slowly climbs up the mountainside from the seaside, painted in different colors, with flowers dotted on the cliffs. These colors are typical Mediterranean colors, mustard yellow, dark orange-red, and the sun deepens their depth. Walking on the winding paths is like a maze, and you can only adjust your pace to explore. A trip to Positano for seclusion and vacation is definitely a good choice. Here, there are comfortable and luxurious boutique hotels. Seeing the beautiful cottages on the mountainside, enjoying the brilliant sunshine in the endless Mediterranean Sea, it's so comfortable that there's nothing to say. Whether it's on the beach or next to the hotel's swimming pool, there are many people enjoying sunbathing leisurely. My itinerary: Napoli - Salerno - Amalfi - Positano - Sorrento - Napoli. Napoli to Salerno: Train for 4.3 euros (40 minutes), buy tickets at Napoli train station. Salerno to Amalfi: take the SITA bus, buy tickets at Salerno station, less than 3 euros (1 hour) From Amalfi to Positano: take the SITA bus, buy tickets near Amalfi station, 2 euros (1 hour). Positano to Sorrento: Buy tickets at the Positano ticket office for 2.9 euros (40 minutes). Sorrento to Napoli: Buy tickets at Sorrento train station for 3.9 euros (one and a half hours).
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Posted: Apr 19, 2023
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