May Day Rizhao Tourism | Locals tell you niche spots to see the sea

Locals tell you niche spots to see the sea.🌴 Mountain, Sea and Sky Sunshine Coast 🌴 If you want to take photos, just navigate to Gate 2 🌴 To see the sea, you can enter from Gate 3, which is more open This area is very suitable for taking photos and checking in, with the white carousel, LOVE, Jay Chou's Sunny Day wall, and Aranya all here. There are also coconut trees, suitable for couples to take photos. ‼️ There is no admission fee here, so you can take photos everywhere for free, and the key is that there are fewer people here than at Wanpingkou, so no need to queue. Continue walking south along the seaside, and you will also find the Hobbit's house, as if you have stepped into a fairy tale world. ‼️ The Mountain, Sea and Sky Sunshine Coast and Taigong Oyster Garden are next to each other, and if you are tired of playing, you can go to Taigong Oyster Park to catch the sea. For sea catching, you need to check the low tide times, bring a small bucket and shovel, and there are treasures hidden in the crevices of the rocks, where you can go 'treasure hunting'.
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Posted: Mar 16, 2024
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