Tianjin|Three-day tour super detailed guide

|Three-day tour super detailed guide.🌈National Day travel series treasure travel destination——Tianjin🍃 ✨If you also want to travel to Tianjin, please collect this guide💕~ Day1:🛫️Arrive in Tianjin→Century Clock Square→Italian🇮🇹Style Street→Yuan Shikai's Former Residence→Ancient Culture Street→Tianjin Eye🎡→Double-decker Bus🚌 Day2:Northwest Corner (Breakfast)🥣→Jing Garden→Xikai Cathedral⛪️→Binjiang Road Pedestrian Street→Lion Forest Bridge (Old Man Diving)→Porcelain House→Five Avenues→Liberation Bridge Day3:Dongjiang Qin Sea Garden→Ocean Museum→Binhai Library→Return🔙 ·Goubuli Buns🥯:It is a representative snack of Tianjin, Goubuli buns are famous for their rich fillings, delicate taste, and deliciousness. When you come to Tianjin, you must try Goubuli buns~ ·Pancake Fruit🫓:It is one of the traditional local foods, and it is a habit for Tianjin people to have a pancake fruit in the morning. Pancake fruit is delicious and tastes good. ·Ear Eye Fried Cake🧈:The fried cake is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, sweet and delicious, and it is worth a try. ·Ripe Pear Cake🍐:It is a traditional pear garden snack, the pear cake is sweet and delicious, with a unique taste, and is loved by locals. 1⃣️Five Avenues: There are many Renaissance, Classical, Baroque and Chinese-Western combined buildings, known as the "World Architecture Expo". 2⃣️Tianjin Eye🎡:Riding the Ferris wheel to overlook the panoramic view of Tianjin is a good choice. The Ferris wheel rotates for 28 minutes, which can well appreciate the city scenery. 3⃣️Ancient Culture Street: There are nearly a hundred shops inside, which is a concentration of old shops and folk handicraft shops, with authentic foods such as: Goubuli buns, pancake fruit, Lao Zhai medicinal sugar, etc. Attractions include Tianhou Palace, "Kite Wei" kite, Ni Ren Zhang colored sculpture, etc. 4⃣️Lion Forest Bridge: Tianjin's new popular check-in place, because the old men spontaneously give speeches and dive, attracting many tourists to watch and score. ☀️That's all for today's sharing, remember to like and collect if you like it! Your likes and collections are my greatest motivation for creation💕 🌈Welcome to ask questions in the comment area if you have any questions🍀
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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