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Top 19 Best Things to Do in Sapporo - 2024

Updated Apr 2024
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    "We had a great time at Shiroi Koibito Park, with so much photo taking opportunities in the park. the ticket price is very reasonable and able to reach by public bus."
    7.3km from downtown
    Highlights: A famous white chocolate dessert of Hokkaido, Shiroi Koibito is bought as a souvenir by almost every visitor to Hokkaido. Shiroi Koibito Park refers to the tourist attraction based solely on this famous snack. Visitors here not only can tour the factory and see the entire process of how the chocolate dessert is made, but they can also try making it themselves.
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    "Chase Park is connected to the TV tower and can usually be met together. The underground street is too convenient and comfortable (no need for rain, snow, too cold or too hot), and it is easy to miss the beautiful buildings on the ground. The park is large in scope, and on the way to travel, you may wish to slow down and see the beautiful streets on the ground."
    Sapporo.odori park Surrounding
    167m from downtown
    Highlights: Odori Park is located in the heart of Sapporo, Hokkaido. It stretches from east to west and is home to lilacs and various other trees. Decorated with flowers all year round, and featuring ever-changing fountains, the scenery found here is truly captivating. In good weather, visitors can take a walk in the park, watch the occasional street performance, as well as enjoy the avant-garde sculptures that are scattered around.
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    "One of Hokkaido's popular hot springs, it takes only an hour to get to the Kawaki bus station. Dingshanxi is famous for its red leaves, and there are many interesting legends of Hetong. So when walking in Dingshanxi Hot Spring Street, not only is the valley full of maple red, but also from time to time, you will see Hetong furnishings. Although this winter visit, there are no red leaves, but the beauty is not reduced. First go to Dingshanxi Erjian Park, then go to the Erjian Suspension Bridge to enjoy the mountain view of the valley. Because the snow may be quite thick, you must be very careful when walking, and wear snow shoes! Pay attention to safety! I chose Zhangyue for one berth and two meals this time! It is kaiseki cuisine!"
    Sapporo.Jozankei Onsen
    18.6km from downtown
    Highlights: Known as the "Living Room of Sapporo", Jozankei Onsen manages to make both locals and tourists feel at home. The hot spring is located in a quiet valley famous for its beautiful scenery, peaceful atmosphere, and high-quality hot springs. Lined with hot spring hotels, Jozankei valley is home to the Toyohira River, and it is also a well-known destination for viewing the red maple leaves in autumn.
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    "It is very convenient to buy tickets directly on the platform. The price is cheaper than buying on the spot. Hahaha. It will be more cost-effective to buy one day earlier! You can basically see the whole picture of the whole cockroach on the tower, very close to Datong Park."
    Sapporo.odori park Surrounding
    200m from downtown
    Highlights: Sapporo TV Tower is erected on the east side of Odori Park. It is the icon of Odori Park and a landmark of Sapporo. Sapporo TV Tower used to be a signal receiver and retransmission facility, but it is now retired. Now it is outfitted with an observation deck, a souvenir shop, and restaurants. Climb the tower and enjoy a 360-degree view of Sapporo and the dazzling lights of the tower at night.
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    "amazing temples around , also is the same way to the blue pond and water fall"
    3.9km from downtown
    Highlights: Hokkaido Shrine is a Shinto shrine located in the center of Sapporo. In Hokkaido's past, the main entrance to the palace was facing northeast to defend against a potential Russian threat. Sacrifices were once conducted here in an attempt to improve the lives of Hokkaido's people and the shrine still holds an important place in the hearts of the locals. It is also a great place to view the cherry blossom trees in spring.
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What are some Best Things to Do in Sapporo?
Some Best Things to Do in Sapporo include:Shiroi Koibito Park|Odori Park|Jozankei Onsen|Sapporo TV Tower|Hokkaido Jingu
What are some highly-rated Best Things to Do in Sapporo?
Some highly-rated Best Things to Do in Sapporo include:Shiroi Koibito Park:4.6|Odori Park:4.5|Jozankei Onsen:4.6|Sapporo TV Tower:4.5|Hokkaido Jingu:4.6
At what locations in Sapporo can Best Things to Do in Sapporo be found?
The Best Things to Do in Sapporo are mainly located in:Shiroi Koibito Park:Sapporo|Odori Park:Sapporo|Jozankei Onsen:Sapporo|Sapporo TV Tower:Sapporo|Hokkaido Jingu:Sapporo