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Things To Do in Amman

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Historical Site
M29***01Very nice to walk around, visit the museum and see the sunset from there. At night the lights turn on and is very beautiful.
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Dr. Nidi have been there many times. it is so wonderful place specially in the summer. many secrets in that theater only the guide can let you know about it! for example there is a communication channel build into the theater to enable talking between diiferent places in the theater! even it is an ancient theater but has excellet design touches!
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City | ​​landmark
狮子国女王Amman is the capital of Jordan, a very historic city. Because there are 7 mountains nearby, it is also called "City of Seven Mountains". Mount Nebo is the highest point of the city, standing on the hill can overlook the whole city of Amman. From a distance, white houses are connected together, so this is also called the "White City".
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Dr. NidIt is a great place, ancient and full of historical buildings. while walking you feel the culture of the country and the friendly people. Jordanians are truly kind and friendly people!
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更行更远的我One of the iconic buildings in Amman ~ King Abdullah Mosque known as the "Blue Roof Temple". This mosque was built to commemorate the first king of Jordan, Abdullah Ibn Hussein (عبد الله بن حسين) after the independence of Jordan. The colored dome is very eye-catching in a white building. The huge dome demonstrates the architectural technology. The pair of minarets in front of the temple provide coordinates for tourists to determine the location in Amman. Across the road from the Landing Temple is a church. In a country where Muslims account for 80%, this is also an expression of freedom of belief.
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Nature Reserve
小鱼儿2015The nature reserve is built and integrates many natural landscapes. The area of the reserve is very huge, and the protected animals and plants are also very rich. The nature reserve is also very worthwhile and blue. [Scenery] The nature reserve is very nice [Fun] Interesting and better than you

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City MallAmman,Jordan

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Museum of Parliamentary LifeAmman,Jordan

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Children's MuseumAmman,Jordan

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Qasr al-AbdAmman,Jordan

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Here are the best places to visit in Amman, including: Amman Citadel,Amman City Tour,Roman Amphitheater

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