Apollo Bay
Colac Otway Shire
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Things To Do in Apollo Bay

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凤凤吖吖London bridge is falling down,falling down,falling down~~~~
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Ancient Trail
优的良仕You can drive to the Gibson Steps soon from Otway. This is the first spot where you can see the Twelve Apostles, and you can go directly down to the beach to shoot, so it’s a must. It’s very close to the sea. It's cool, but the wind is so big here and the waves are big, so you need to wear more. The only drawback is that the waves are too big, so the fog in the air is too thick, and the photos are a bit hazy, but is it a bit fairy?
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Eva27Wonderland on earth, paradise! Crescent Bay, Maverick Observation Deck, the nearby rainforest flyover, and each house in the town have different styles, and each place is worth savoring...
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artistfx1118A walk through the treetops of Otway, if the translation should be like this, it is necessary to come here to experience the Great Ocean Road once. Because the Great Ocean Road is always watching the sea, it is necessary to experience the fun of the woods in the middle section of the forest road. Tickets are required for this attraction, and two ways are provided, one is hiking and the other is cableway sliding. Hiking is not like a normal trekking in the woods, but a tree top trek. It is a hiking trail in the middle of the woods. This trail is the tallest and longest elevated trail of its kind, with a total of 600 meters and 35 meters above the ground. After walking for almost 2 kilometers, because the whole journey is not at the top of the tree, there is still a part under the tree, which takes about 45 minutes to an hour. It is very interesting to see the whole forest from a completely different perspective. I didn’t choose the slide, so I can’t explain it to everyone The Ten Great Ocean Roads is a completely different experience.
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National Park
qinmayThe Great Otway National Park is actually a large tropical rainforest-like virgin forest. After driving out of Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road, I entered this national park shortly after driving dozens of kilometers in this park. The park is open and has no entrance. The most famous attractions in the park are Cape Otway Lighthouse and Otway Fly Treetop Walk (or adventrues), but one is more than ten kilometers south of Great Ocean Road and the other is more than ten kilometers north of Great Ocean Road. The Cape Otway Lighthouse is a ticket. It has Australia's oldest lighthouse and beautiful sea views. The tree-top walk is a pedestrian trail set up between trees that are tens of meters high. It is also a fee, but it is very exciting to walk, especially when there is an iron tower. When you climb on the tower, the tower sways gently with the wind, making me this People who are afraid of heights are even more terrifying.
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优的良仕Cape Otway Lighthouse is also a famous attraction on the Great Ocean Road, but it is also one of the few attractions that requires a fee. The price of $20 is a bit painful, but it is worth it, because there are many lighthouses on this road, but you can climb the tower. That's it. The landscape of the entire tower also looks more beautiful, but the top is white, which is a little regrettable. It might be better to change the color. The scenery around the lighthouse is also good, you can walk around. The sea view from the lighthouse is very beautiful, but the top is very small and can’t stay for long. The tourists below are still queuing up. It's good to shoot from different angles. In addition, this lighthouse is still in use, and there are staff on it.

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Great Ocean RoadColac Otway Shire,Australia

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Mait's RestColac Otway Shire,Australia

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Great Ocean Road Explorer - Private ToursColac Otway Shire,Australia

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Mariners LookoutColac Otway Shire,Australia

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London BridgeColac Otway Shire,Australia

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Apollo Bay Fishing & Adventure ToursColac Otway Shire,Australia

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