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Dawei Mountain Wilderness Ski Resort

62 Reviews
Outdoor Skiing
Business Suspended Business hours TBA
Recommended sightseeing time:0.5-1 day
Near Yuquan Temple Scenic Spot, Daweishan National Forest Park, Liuyang CityMap
Phone: 0731-83615686, 4008678591, 0731-83656686

What travelers say:

Dawei Mountain Wild Ski Raiders (no pictures of dry goods) Recommended Index: 3 stars (one is deducted from a long way, one is deducted by a disgusting coach) Recommended itinerary: Departure at 6 am - 9 am to the ski resort - 9:30 ski - 12:00 for dinner, rest - and then return tips1: Wild ski resort or indoor ski resort Fran's pot friends, Especially the first-time pot friends should choose the indoors decisively. . Reason 1: Dawei Mountain field skiing (260 yuan) must be bundled to buy forest park tickets (60 yuan), not cost-effective; Reason 2: The forest park to the ski resort must pass a 15km winding road, even if the driver's car skills are good enough, such as my husband, can not guarantee that the beautiful girl on the car is not motion sickness. . If the car skills like the girl motion sickness, then go directly to the house. . After all, skiing is a stimulating sport not a hot spring. . Reason 3: Those who choose the wild feel have a vision in the wild. . Forget it. . Wool. . I dare not take pictures of the ski resort. . People thought it was an ice-free waste construction site. . And after all, when skiing, especially beginners, the first goal is to learn, and it is far from being forced on 66 places, so there is really no difference in the wild indoors. . Reason 4: The wild is afraid of the sun and the rain. The weather is demanding. . tips2: It is highly recommended to get up early to play in the morning, there are few people, safe! ! ! Many people are really afraid of collision, skiing is not afraid of falling, afraid of collision! ! hit a lot of yo la la or go to AEST. . tips3: About clothing: pros! This is needed! You will definitely fall, and at least will fall a dozen or twenty times, I fell 40 or 50 times anyway, so clothes and pants must be waterproof! Recommended to wear a jacket, waterproof and warm and light. . 10 yuan waterproof gloves to a pair. . The rest is not used. . tip4: sunscreen! sunscreen! sunscreen! tip5: ski tickets 260 yuan 100min, 370 yuan 180min, 480 yuan 240min. . Personal recommendation to buy 100min, timeout 2 yuan per minute. . Generally, it’s almost 2 hours to play, and it’s not expensive to overdo it. 3 hours is too long. . After all, skiing is stimulating and exhausting. . tips6: About the coach: I saw the Raiders, but I still didn't escape the clutches of the disgusting coach. . Question: Do you ask the coach? Skiing has spent 320, coach 200 yuan an hour (in fact, only half an hour) is there no need? Recommend 2 options! There are only two! One is to go in and please! Coach can let you learn the keys as soon as possible, less fall, early hi! Suitable for girls who are starting school/not at all/not bad/motor cells are weak, please be sure to go in as soon as you go in, don't waste time tangling! ! Second, firm will is completely unsolicited, but the premise must be: watch the video tutorial yourself at least master the shoe upper board, skiing the correct posture and force parts, deceleration method, turn method these four skills theory and have certain sports cells willing and enjoying their own process! Look at the reverse textbook first! The actual situation of our group of 6 people on the day is like this: we decided not to ask a coach! But we did not master those four skills by ourselves! As soon as we entered the gate, a group of ski resort coaches were like a group of wolves, and the tiger stared at you. . One-on-one send a coach to help you get skis, ski shoes, storage is very warm, friendly and selfless, and after the snow road, you will also teach you to wear skis on your shoes. . (These really need them to teach for the first time) This series of initiatives, let us apologize to them, thank you, the most important thing is a sense of dependence. When we euphemistically said no, they still have a good attitude and said you try it first. Obviously, we will not wear shoes to stand unstable, slip and fall big, and then they began to persuade the coach not to even this slope can not go down, play not happy waste of time and money. . When you start to be very determined to think about yourself but you still haven't found the key to keep falling, they start to sneer and say you must not play well, let's start saying things that are completely unprofessional. . . Bombing. . . At least half an hour, three of us still invited coaches. But this process left six of us all wasting half an hour and more or less affecting the mood! (ps: Two men who did not ask the coach slowly thought about it and then asked the coach's friends to mention it and also played very 6 very happy. . Then ps: The coach only taught for half an hour and left, not quite responsible. .) For the pot friends who are not going to ask the coach, there are 2 detailed tips: 1. When you swipe your card to see the coach, please make it clear that you don't need to ask the coach, "you don't have to serve me, go with the next customer" to show kindness, (but mostly useless) they will still take you to change clothes, shoes, skateboards, swipe your card into the ski resort and walk on the conveyor belt Enter the slide to wear shoes on the skateboard, during this period please always keep grateful heart, keep thanking them! But, the point is coming, from the beginning they ask you to ask the coach to start, please completely ignore them, seriously refuse once, then do not explain, do not accept help, run far away, think about yourself to play! 2, the slide is steep to flat, the coach will let you start from the steep place to try the slide, so difficult and easy to fall and the big fall (show their importance) actually think that you should first go to the bottom of the slide a little slope but not steep place to learn, Practice those four skills to find the feeling. . Go up the steep slope again! But remember to pay attention to safety and avoid collisions! Finished. . I really hope what I wrote will help you. . I really hope you have more fun! In the Internet era, the happiest and most moving thing is that you can share and be shared!

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