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China is an inclusive country with 56 brothers and sisters living in harmony. Among the various ethnic groups, there is a group that looks very special. This group is black and strong.
Black-shirt is a branch of Guangxi Zhuang, generally referred to as Bulu and Bumin. It mainly lives in Napo County, neighboring Guangxi and Yunnan. The biggest feature of black clothes is that black is beautiful, including clothing and hats are black. They like to live in the mountains and live a life without competition.
Black clothing is very hospitable, seeing guests Linzhai always greets guests with wine and sing songs. The traditional dances here include welcome dance, black gun dance, wedding dance, end dance, etc. These dances have been passed down from ancient times to the present. When did they start, the locals could not tell, only know from the 3 year olds It will jump to the elderly.
Perhaps it is a partiality and a mist of moisture that makes the black-shirted family more casual and simple.
Black and romantic, dance is part of their life, singing and dancing anytime, anywhere. This includes working, falling in love, happy, sad, festive, when the guests come...
Children in the village are used to playing together, going to school together, seeing strangers entering the village, the smaller children are acting A little bit of iodine, the older child is not afraid of life, very warm and generous to pose, with photos.
Posted: Mar 22, 2019
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Guangxi, where karst landforms are very rich, can be said to be the hometown of caves. There are many caves all over the country, and at this moment, it is the best choice for winter caves.

Jixingyan is located in Nabu Village, Yanzi Township, in the south of Debao County. The scenic spot runs through Wushan Mountain. The constant temperature condition is the highest in China. Now it is winter. The temperature here is also 17 or 18 degrees. It is quite equivalent. Warm, winter look at the cave should be the old saying that winter is warm and cool in summer.

"Rare Karst Model Museum", "The Labyrinth of Heaven" and "The First Cave of Asia", etc., which are rare in the national cave scenic spot;

which is the travertine pool The most spectacular, in the light of the background, the terraces are sometimes sloping, depending on the terrain, the shape of the terraces, the background music creates a harvest of joy, the Zhuangxiang terraces of the golden rice pavement, called "China's largest stone ladder garden Cave."

Regarding the formation of the stone terraces, Le Junjun specially checked the Du Niang, which is a product of the sedimentation of water, because the water scares the sheet or the line from the top, bottom, wall and slope of the cave. When it flows out, the carbon dioxide disappears rapidly, forming a platy calcium carbonate deposit, called a flowing dam, which is distributed at different heights and looks like terraces. The total area of stone terraces in

jixingyan is nearly 10,000 square meters, which is the largest in both the southwest and the whole country.
Tianzhou Ancient City
The people of Guangxi are very beautiful, but when it comes to the ancient city, there are not many names. There are two main reasons for this. One is that the reputation is not big, and the second is that there is too little publicity.
In Tianyang County, Baise, there is an ancient city of Tianzhou, which is the birthplace of Zhuang. There is no wall, no ticket gate, no penny tickets, but many people have said that they have not heard of it.
Tianzhou Ancient City is located on the north bank of Baidong River in Tianzhou Town, Tianyang County. It is the only way for Yunnan Province to go to Guangxi Beihai City.
Because it is located in the valley area, the land is relatively fertile, the road is relatively smooth, and there is a moving station itself, which is also closer to the airport. The economy here is much better than other mountainous counties, and it is relatively rich in Guangxi Dashanli. a place. The houses in
Tianzhou Ancient City are of Zhuang style, but some newly built buildings have the taste of Huizhou architecture.
The river flows slowly along the ancient city, and the weeping willows and reflections depict a poetic town map.
Tianzhou Ancient City is not as prosperous as the ancient city of Dali, Lijiang, etc., except for the bonfire evening at night, the rest of the time is very quiet, especially during the day, there are not many tourists. In the ancient city, both the aborigines and the businessmen walked slowly and untidyly, and their days were simple and comfortable.