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Beihai is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in China. It is an important starting port for the ancient Maritime Silk Road. It is also the favorite place to travel when it was a small time. At that time, a young and old family came together for the weekend, old street, silver. The pearls on the beach, the underwater world, and everywhere are the best memories of this place.
The first stop to Beihai is Beihai Old Street, an old street with a history of more than 100 years. It was built in 1883 and is 1.44 kilometers long and 9 meters wide. The streets are full of Chinese-Western architecture. Most of these buildings are two to three stories. They are mainly influenced by Western scroll-style buildings such as the consulates built by Ye Ying, France, Germany and other countries in the late 19th century. Now they have been transformed into gourmet shops, snacks and coffee shops. Wait, wandering in the mottled streets, very feeling.
The next step is to go to the famous Beihai Silver Beach. Beihai Yintan is a must-see for everyone to visit the North Sea. The beaches of Yintan are wide and the sand is soft and white. Because of the gentle terrain, the seawater here is fast and the tide is slow, so the swimming safety factor is very high, and the tide has just receded. Strolling on the flat and wide beaches, even the footprints will not stay, only the delicate white sand is shining in the sun. This is the most desirable travel destination in my childhood. The happiest thing is to come here for an afternoon with a small bucket of shovel.
Guangxi is one of the few ethnic minority autonomous regions in China. It has a long history, rich heritage and multi-ethnic culture, making it the most popular tourist destination in China. Well, today we will take stock of the six most scenic spots in Guangxi. Many foreigners have never heard of it. Do you want to go there?
Liu Yongfu is a national hero of the people of Guangxi and even the whole country. Its former residence is located at No. 10, Bangui Street, Qinzhou. It is also called "Sanxuantang". The name comes from Liu Yongfu and the Vietnamese defended against the law. Xuan Admiral, and the entire former residence was built after Liu Yongfu returned to China in 1886. Today, it is the most intact and most magnificent Qing Dynasty architectural group preserved in Qinzhou City.
Sanniang Bay is located in the seaside of Qinzhou, Guangxi. It is a national 4A level scenic spot and the hometown of Chinese white dolphins. It is uniquely located, rich in seafood, numerous tourist attractions, fishing boats, reefs, beaches and tides. Leisure vacations or photography photos are very good, but the most interesting thing is to take a speedboat to the sea to find white dolphins.
Mangrove is a unique woody viviparous plant, which grows in the saltwater and fresh water junction of the beach. It is also a kind of vegetation on the beach, while the Golden Bay in the North Sea has a mangrove of more than 3,000 acres. It is the best place to see mangroves in Guangxi, and you can also see the rare jumping fish and fiddler crabs that will climb trees.
All those who come to Beihai for tourism should not miss Beihai Old Street, an old street with a history of nearly 200 years. The streets are full of Chinese-Western architecture, nowadays it is basically a place for selling specialty products, snacks and nightingales. The total length is nearly 1.5 kilometers. Every evening, tourists gather slowly here, very lively, whether it is taking pictures or eating. Its worth it.
Qiaogang Fengqing Street is located in the downtown area of Beihai. It is a famous snack street, but it is not sold in Guangxi, but mainly in the Vietnamese style. Vietnamese specialties can be seen everywhere, and various Vietnamese snacks are available. Cheng Street has almost become a paradise for food, powder shop, seafood shop, barbecue shop, as well as a variety of milk tea and sugar shop, every evening in the evening.