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Saga Ninja Village Hizen YumekaidoNearby City

Saga Ninja Village Hizen Yumekaido

4.3/55 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 65 reviews
"Theme Park"
Open on Sat-Sun,9:00am-5:00pm;Open on Mon-Fri,9:00am-4:00pm (Local time)
"Ninja Village is very close to the hotel we stayed in and it takes only 6 or 7 minutes to walk past. It is just a private ninja-themed park. Tickets are 1,000 yen, which is slightly more expensive. There are a few experience tickets for the club. There are rental ninja costumes at the entrance, which can be dressed up as ninjas to enter the park. There are also various ninja weapons and decorations for sale. Follow the signs to visit, and first enter the Saga Domain Acting Officials' Office, where some ancient Japanese utensils, gorgeous costumes, mighty armors, and seven tools used by ninjas are displayed. Next is the ninja beginner training school, ninja RUN! , Ninja Training Dojo (Children's Road). Looking down from the mountain, you can see the scenery of most of Ureshino town. There are some ancient cultural relics going forward. Various panels are scattered throughout the park, including the five legendary ninjas. Ureshino House is an inn of ancient people. The counter, reception, kitchen, restaurant, tea room, and rooms are all arranged according to the scene of the Edo period. Ninja shuriken dojo, ninja quiz labyrinth, ninja house, haunted haunted house, shooting range and other venue scenes, you can experience ninja weapons and feel the atmosphere of the Edo period, and enjoy ninja show performances. Ureshino Tea House offers light meals such as curry rice and curry udon. The folk art product hall sells Ureshino's characteristic snacks and folk crafts, and the owner will provide a free inventory for you to taste. Overall it is quite a unique theme park, especially if you take the children to experience it."
Takeo Ureshino Marchen VillageNearby City

Takeo Ureshino Marchen Village

4.3/53 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 35 reviews
"Theme Park"
"Where to stay in Takeo-Romantic hotel in Kyoto Ya Takeo [Recommendation reason] We chose it in Takeo. The Kyoto Taisho Romance House is the hotel we stayed at. The main reason is that its room rate is relatively cheap. The double room includes breakfast and dinner only in the early 1000s. In addition, their family claims to be a century-old restaurant with Taisho era. Romantic atmosphere, and the service of picking up and dropping off guests with antique vintage cars. 【Travel tips】 Sure enough, that day we arrived at Takeo Station, and asked the sister of the travel agency to call the hotel for us. Not long after, a small driver came to pick us up in the classic car shown in the picture, although the journey was only three to five minutes away. , But the experience is still pretty good. 【How to play】 Their hotel is really old in terms of facilities, especially the carpets are worn out when you enter the door. You can see a lot of antiques in the Taisho era, such as gramophones, coffee sets, etc., which are very characteristic of the times. You can take literary photos . The hotel rooms are old but clean, and the public baths are also good. Soup is enough. Meals are eaten in the restaurant. Although it is ordinary Japanese food, it tastes good. After running the soup, you can also recommend everyone to put on the hotel’s yukata and outer kimono jacket, wear the clogs provided by the hotel, and stroll on Takeo Hot Spring Street. You can take a look at Takeo Hot Spring Street as soon as you go out. Lovely shop, stroll to the public bathhouse of Takeo Hot Springs, here, you can see the legendary red gate building, this is also a good place to take pictures, there are many here, Japanese locals bathe here, buy a pass If you do, you can take several baths, of course, two are enough under normal circumstances."