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Things To Do in Haibei

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Geological Sites
碉堡的九哥Zhuoer Mountain is the most anticipated place! Feel the "extreme" scenery 🌈 on the northwest loop. When you enter the Qilian Scenic Area, you can immediately feel the mountains, 🌴 green trees, flowers, rivers, and the accompanying bees, mosquitoes and other haha. June-August is the best season here. It has to be really beautiful. The color is very rich in the sunshine ☀, but the weather in this season is also cloudy and sunny. It rained in the afternoon. 💦 Zhuoer Mountain belongs to Danxia landform. It is close to Babao Town and the Shenshan Niuxin Mountain in Tibet. Here the highest altitude is more than 3000 meters, the scenic area has built the path along the road, although saved a lot of strength, but still will be due to the altitude reaction some asthma, there will be a rest area on the road every section, must grasp their own climbing rhythm. Arriving at the top of Zhuoer Mountain ⛳ the scenery is so beautiful, the view is extremely wide, there is no obstruction around, the opposite of the mountain is Niuxin Mountain, which can see the four seasons. On the left and right sides are Ladong Gorge and Baiyanggou Scenic Area, and on the back is the rolling Qilian Mountain. The Babao River at the foot of the mountain is like a white Hada around the county. If it wasn't raining 💦, you would have stayed a little longer on it. 📍 It is recommended to drive by yourself and navigate the "Zhuo'er Mountain Scenic Area". Located in Qilian County, arriving at Qilian Town, passing through the Qilian Grassland along the road, the end is. ☑️ Photo Raider Scenic Area: The view is wide, in addition to rapeseed flowers, you can see Danxia landform and the town under the mountain. One step, like a toner plate that is overturned, is spectacular. The disadvantage is that all the paths are repaired and can not go into the grassland at will. So it is more suitable for taking pictures of the scenery. Tickets plus shuttle buses are 80 per person, and then climb the steps to the top of the mountain for about an hour. ☑️ Traffic Raider Zhuoer Mountain is more than 300 kilometers away from Xining, and will pass through Menyuan and Qilian Prairie in the middle. Because we are the last stop of this Northwest Great Loop, we have not stayed for a long time in these two places, but the scenery is really beautiful. It is recommended to arrange a half-day tour. ☑️ Accommodation Raider Zhuoer Mountain recommends staying at least one night. We live in the Zhuoer Mountain Viewing Villa at the entrance of the scenic spot at the foot of the mountain. It is a small wooden building, clean and tidy, with a great view. The mountain next to the hotel can go up, if you go up, you can go up to the halfway side of the Zhuoer Mountain. After seeing the Qilian Mountain in the summer, I found that the most beautiful scenery has been on the road. When it comes to winter, I must come back to see the Qilian Mountain in winter. 💓 All platforms and scenic spots can be purchased at the door. The low peak season is poor, and the peak season 80💰 includes a sightseeing car. 📝Note Tips: There is a certain altitude in Zhaoer Mountain [!][!] Be sure to pay attention to your body rhythm. Don't deviate from the path and trample on the grass, there will be staff on the site, civilized travel. Sunscreen and mosquito control are certain, we have not been stationary on it. Anyone who has been to the northwest knows that the weather ☁ forecast doesn't work there. There is a bad weather shelter at the top of the mountain. If you encounter it, you must listen to the staff. #Northwest Travel #Damei Qinghai #Qilian Mountain #Zhuoer Mountain Scenic Area @Lucy is not fat
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碉堡的九哥The beautiful Qinghai ushered in the most beautiful season, and the Menyuan Rapeseed Flower Sea is the highland of the United States and China crown, blue sky, leisurely white clouds, yellow and green earth, people intoxicated. 💗At the end of June, rape flowers will already appear small yellow heads, but it is not yet open until the beginning of July 🕒 Each year, here is entered into the rape flower season, flowering time is July 5 to 25, [RedHeart] the best flowering period is July 10 to 25. 🌾 Rapeseed Flowers and Blue Sky White Clouds, Alpine Flowing Forests and the Steppes and unique folk houses, bee farmers and other intersections, changing a unique and charming scenery, so that countless tourists are intoxicated. 📷The best location for shooting the Menyuan Rapeseed Flower Sea: 1⃣: On the South Mountain opposite the county cement factory, about 4 kilometers southeast of Haomen Town (the seat of Menyuan County). 2⃣: The Maruyama flower observation platform in Qingshizui Town is about 20 kilometers west of Haomen Town. 3⃣: Xining to Menyuan County Road Dazhang Mountain Observation Deck 🌈 This is about 30 kilometers from Haomen Town. Most of the tourists will choose to watch rape flowers in Qingshizui Town, where rape flower fields are concentrated. # Qinghai surroundings # northwest travel # Damei Qinghai # Menyuan Baili Rape Flower Sea
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2332123217Along the national highway 227, one of the most beautiful roads in China, the road passes Gansu and Qinghai, the scenery is indeed beautiful and spectacular, there are the grasslands beyond the eye, the wild flowers of all colors, the end of the grasslands is high snow mountains, the grasslands have snails, horses, the mountains have large flocks, the sacred gold sail, There are large areas of canola flowers. We were deeply enchanted by the scenery in front of us, and for a long time we were reluctant to return. The rain was falling, listening to the driver said: If it is a sunny sunny day, the scenery would be more beautiful! I look forward to the opportunity to come again.
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Memorial Hall
关裕年guanyunianThis is a very famous place, want to graduate from the aviation school, two students were assigned to the second plane department, from this day each side do not know what they are doing, then know, they assigned to Qinghai Province of the seagull is this place. Traveling from Ningxia to Qinghai Lake, passing here, I saw the legendary atomic base, now a normal town.
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sle***epThe scenery is good. Shortly after entering the door, there are snow mountains, forests and grasslands. There is a little bit of Swiss scenery, but there is only a lake missing. Then along the way, the mountain, the car takes the snow mountain scenery, the highest road is a little snow, and then there is another exit on the east cable road. Overall great,
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尕宝子浪青海[Scenic] Can be called the world's peach source, Qinghai one of the most beautiful places [fun] self-driving fun unlimited [price/performance] after opening, it is highly recommended to go to Bird Island to play.