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Things To Do in Huma

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24 Reviews
滇国剑客In the Huma River Mouth Scenic Area, all kinds of trees and wildflowers grow in the ditches of the rivers and bays, which make the Huma River Mouth scenic area "flowery", so that the vast number of tourists and friends can not extricate themselves from being immersed in the beautiful scenery.
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City | ​​landmark
M37***77Luding Mountain, located in the northernmost part of China known as "high cold restricted area" known as the Heilongjiang Daxinganling area Huma small county. Huma, perhaps a little curious about the name, but more people are confused, not knowing its place name, not even knowing where it is, and a very few know that this little town that sounds like nothing has won "China summer health and leisure vacation tourism best destination", "national humanities and eco-tourism base" and many titles, it must be hidden behind a lot of "secret weapons", and Ludingshan, is the secret weapons of the "killer weapon".
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滇国剑客The beauty of the pine forest, from the name, people feel that the "protagonist" here is the pine forest, but after coming here, new discoveries have been made. In addition to the pine forest, this place is a white Hualin arched out of the pine forest. , Also very beautiful.
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City Park
滇国剑客The scenery of Nanshan Park is very beautiful and endearing. No matter the natural scenery, or the later artificially processed landscape design and buildings, they all give people a beautiful enjoyment. It is really charming.
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Summer PD The small city of Huma | The first summer resort in summer~ During my trip to Huma at the end of April, I fell in love with this small border town close to Russia. I visited again this summer and saw the beauty on the other side. ·The ultra-comfortable climate of 25 degrees in the day and 15 degrees at night is an excellent place to escape the heat. There are green grass everywhere, take pictures by yourself or friends. ·On the other side of the Heilongjiang River is Russia. In the daytime, the blue sky and white clouds are refreshing, and the sunrise just over 4 o'clock in the morning, what falls into the camera is a large pink sky and water. ·In "The Deer Ding Ji" by Mr. Jin Yong on Lu Ding Mountain, the location of the Dragon Vessel of the Qing Dynasty is Lu Ding Mountain. In Huma, the three characters "Deer Dingshan" were written by Mr. Jin Yong himself last year. ·Huma Jade Pavilion Huma’s northern red agate is famous far and near, and the jade in the Jade Pavilion is carefully carved into different images. Cheap and good quality, you can take home to make souvenirs. ·Huma Museum The quickest and most profound way to understand a city is to go to the museum. The Huma Museum is not big, but it's good to stroll around. ·The Huma Diqing Museum is also the former site of the Huma Governor’s Office. It was built in 1915. It is a well-established century-old building that has witnessed the century-old wind and rain in the small city of Huma. ·A section of Heilongjiang in the Eighty Mile Bay, but it has been meandered into a super beautiful and super spectacular image. Climbing up to the tower, the mist is full of mist, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Huma. ·The nameless wheat field encountered by the boundless wheat field is so big. My mind is full of the tones of "The Wind Blows the Wheat Wave".
Nearby City
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E44***23Oh, it's almost a big rock on the surface of the river. Near the confluence of the Huma River and Heilongjiang, there are mountains and mountains lying on the surface of the river. Like a dragon head facing south. Surrounded by Jiangwei and deep mountain valleys, few tourists

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Natural History Museum of Huzhong National Nature Reserves Administration BureauDaxing'anling,China

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Huma Estuary Scenic AreaDaxing'anling,China

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Humaxian Luding MountainDaxing'anling,China

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Nan Mountain ParkDaxing'anling,China

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Huma MuseumDaxing'anling,China

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Baiyinna Ethnic CountryDaxing'anling,China

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Huma Weather

Oct 27, 2021
Mostly Clear
-5 ~ 4
Oct 28, 2021
Partly Clear
-2 / 11
Oct 29, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
-5 / 10
Oct 30, 2021
Mostly Clear
-10 / 2
Oct 31, 2021
-8 / 3
Nov 1, 2021
-5 / 6
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Oct 27, 2021 Huma Weather: Mostly Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 59%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:18/17:17

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