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Things To Do in Mannheim

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快乐鱼仙It is definitely worth going here! It is a landmark building in Mannheim, located in the central square of Mannheim. The sculptures on the square are also very impressive. Just in time for the Christmas market, a festive atmosphere! awesome!
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快乐鱼仙It is definitely worth going here! Just across the street behind the University of Mannheim. The church is very beautiful inside and outside, it can even be said to be magnificent, the holy platform of Jesus, the frescoes and the huge organ, everything is impressive! awesome!
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City Park
GeorgezouLuisenpark is located on the outskirts of Mannheim, which is closer to Heidelberg. Louison Park is recognized as one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, next to the beautiful Neckar River, the park can be self-driving boats, the air is also very good.
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快乐鱼仙It's worth going here! It is now Mannheim University with Baroque architectural style. Unfortunately, the museum inside is now closed and will not reopen until January next year. The overall impression is very magnificent, it should be very good to be able to study here! awesome!
Nearby City
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凤凤吖吖Heidelberg debris and chateau, recorded the germans for hundreds of years of memories.This is one of the most legendary German wine estates, and its reputation is well deserved.
Nearby City
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小鱼儿2015The market square has direct access to the city hall and the famous Holy Spirit Cathedral. This place is also a good place to buy daily necessities and souvenirs in the city. There are many shops, and hotels and supermarkets are also very good.