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开心酒丸子Before always listen to a love story-telling uncle Guo Deji mention Shushushan, Shude security headquarters. This time to Shude, special ground Shushushan. The story of the elders, in the Guode County Revolutionary History Memorial Hall has detailed exhibition. Out of the revolutionary history memorial hall, continue to the front of the hilltop, first saw a group of Qin Dynasty soldiers and horses chariot sculpture, then forward, in a green shade, is a common stone monument, the book "Qin Fusu Tomb." Fu Su was angered by the first emperor, who was belied to the upper county by the first emperor, that is, the present Guo De, and helped the general Meng Tong build the Great Wall and resist the Hun. The widow of the first emperor of Qin handed over the throne to Fu Su, but was forced to death by Zhao Gao, Li Si Tong changed his book, Fu Su, Fu Zheng Huhai. History is all gone, leaving empty people lament. Near the top of the hill there is a Fu Su Fu, Ming Dynasty buildings, Xieshan brick and wooden beam structure, very beautiful.
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京门老客1953🌿🌿🌿 Suide Guojiagou Shuangshui Village became an internet celebrity check-in place due to the TV series "The Ordinary World". The village retains the scenes of the filming of "The Ordinary World", such as: Sun Yuhou's family, Wang Cui'e's family, Sun Yuting's family, Tian Futang's family , Shuangshui Village, etc., attracted a lot of fans to come here. 0⃣0⃣0⃣ Shuangshui Village does not accept tickets. The locals are very simple. If tourists are uncomfortable, they can take a meal or buy some local products to compensate. 🚌🚌🚌There is a minibus passing by Shuangshui Village in the county seat, so let the driver come to the place to remind you. The returning car is not easy to ride. It is better to walk for half an hour, wait at the main road at the three-way intersection, and stop after beckoning.
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13611302253Suide County Museum is located in the county seat of the hilltop, and the crown prince Fusu tomb area connected, the courtyard of the Cuibai decoration, wide view, quiet, elegant. It is Suide County cultural relics collection, collection, research, protection of the full-time institutions. At present, only the epidemic situation suspended open.
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julie2888The Suide Shishi Museum Square is on the side of the road. It is free. The museum is in the belly of the big lion. You can enter. It is closed now. Suide is known as the "Hometown of Chinese Stone Sculptures". There are Thousand Lions Bridge, the No. 1 Shipai Building in the World, and Shihun Square. There are 34 stone lions with a height of 6.6 meters on the Stone Soul Square. The shapes are very different, and the lineup is rigorous and patchy. It is very spectacular! The two tallest stone lions in Shihun Square are 19.5 meters high, with distinctive styles, unparalleled in the world. This pair of stone lions is mainly in the style of Tang and Song Dynasty stone lions, while incorporating the style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. The entire square is magnificent and spectacular!
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气韵绝俗It is worth learning traditional culture and nurturing the prosperity of the motherland
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Water Park
_CF***14I heard that there is a water world in northern Shaanxi, so I wanted to see it. After we went there, we discovered that this Hongyuan water world is really big and big. My husband and my children are very happy and have played many projects. The excitement is the tsunami pool and the big horn. The other items are also quite good, and there is also a food court. After the game, we ate a lot of local specialties. It was really good and quite awesome! ! !

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Hongyuan Water WorldYulin,China

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Gaofo TempleYulin,China

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Suide TheaterYulin,China

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Shuangshui VillageYulin,China

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Qianshi BridgeYulin,China

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Fu Su Tomb Han Pictorial-stone MuseumYulin,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Suide, including: Tomb of Fusu-Tomb of Mengtian,Shuangshui Village,Suide Museum
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