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Things To Do in Zinnowitz

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华-RainbowThose who are interested in science may wish to take a look. For children, this place is also very novel and attractive. Recommend to have a look.
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88topThe seaside scenery and the very beautiful white buildings are worth enjoying slowly. The seafood feast is not to be missed. There is a locally produced sea buckthorn juice that is sweet and sour and worth a try. You can take a cruise to admire the white cliffs of the World Natural Heritage Site, which is very shocking.
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National Park
M32***23Jasmund National Park is located in the northernmost part of Germany, across the sea from Denmark and Sweden. It is said that it only takes 4 hours to get to Sweden by boat and can go back and forth in one day. I regret that I didn't arrange another day to go to Stockholm. Jasmund National Park is also a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Its most characteristic chalk rock beach is very beautiful, with the highest point of chalk rock reaching 118 meters. The chalk rocks, green trees, blue sea, and blue sky in the Jasmund National Park echoed each other, which is so beautiful!
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TodemmyThrone Cliff is a place to choose if you come by car! It is very spectacular, with good greening, and the mountains stretch, the cliffs and the undulations of the mountains set off each other as a scene, which is worth enjoying!
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