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文旦柚The mural town, just by on our way from downtown Launceston to the Cradle Hill, was a place to visit to show the award winning work of the mural competition over the years, and the paintings of Chen Shun were interesting to see, and also the work of Chen Shun
Glengarry Bush Maze
Entertainment Center
Cradle Mountain
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National Park
文旦柚The Cradle Hill is worth a visit but it must take a whole day to get more interesting, this time from the camp at 9am, first to the mural town and then to the Cradle Hill, it was already over 14:00 pm, cloudy day, immediately cold, it was dark, not enough to enjoy
Trowunna Wildlife Park
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带着Cici看世界Trovana Wildlife Park, located in the dense jungle near Mole Creek, is a great place to protect Tasmanian demons. Although the zoo is small and there are not many animal clocks, there are large and small kangaroos walking around in the park for tourists to feed themselves, hug wombat babies, and have close contact with the animals, and the animal caretaker will provide interactive programs . I saw a kangaroo as soon as I entered the door! The kangaroos here are very docile, and they cooperate with pictures. Buying a bag of specially fed food at the entrance of the zoo is only a dollar, and there is a big bag! Compared to 5 yuan in People's Square, a small bag of corn for pigeons is really cheap to cry! It is very gentle, it just licked the saliva of my hand! In the beginning, kangaroos will swarm you when they see you have food in your hand. The daughter is a little scared and turns around to run away, but they just slowly follow you behind with an innocent expression. They will definitely not catch up with some animals. Food, so don’t be afraid at all, because they are really friendly. Soon, the children are getting better! At a fixed time every day, the zoo will have a tour and follow the keeper to watch the feeding. At around 10:55, the broadcast will start to announce the interactive tours in 5 minutes. At about 11 o'clock, the breeder took out a little wombat and explained it to us in great detail while feeding, and also showed us its "pouch". This little wombat is only two months old. Wombat (Wombat) is a marsupial. The pouch opens back. The clumsy wombat is like a short-haired pig. It's super cute. Feel free to touch it! At that time, after Po took a picture of her daughter hugging a Tasmanian badger in Moments, many people asked, "Do you need money to take pictures of a wombat?" They answered "No money!" In China, tourists are allowed to hug animals to make money, but in foreign countries, they are In order to popularize animal knowledge and allow tourists to experience the cuteness of animals, thereby enhancing the awareness of protection, this is the most fundamental difference! Next, we followed the breeder to see the Tasmanian devil! Seeing the keeper come in, the little devil immediately climbed up on his legs to beg for food, which is actually quite cute! However, when eating, we still saw that there is a certain reason for calling it a "little devil". The screaming and chewing noises are quite scary! Although the zoo here is very simple compared to domestic ones, it does not affect the enthusiasm of the children at all. It is really rare to have such close contact with animals!
Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm Cheese
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雨丝风片This place is actually a cheese factory in the front shop and back factory. There are actually many cheese factories of this kind in Tasmania. Each has its own characteristics. Every time I come, I don’t pay attention to the pile of dairy products in the room, because I eat dairy products and have diarrhea, so I can only feast my eyes. This time I took my mother. She liked to eat that pile of cheese and said that it tasted very good, better than Europe. I think the pile of cows outdoors is more fun, some are real and some are fake. The colorful fake cows are suitable for taking pictures, and the real cows can be viewed from a distance but not for fun. Appreciating them grazing slowly and enjoying the leisure time of rural strolls are my favorite things to do here.

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Llama Farma
Llama FarmaMeander Valley Council,Australia

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Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm Cheese
Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm CheeseMeander Valley Council,Australia

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Christmas Hill Raspberry Farm
Christmas Hill Raspberry FarmMeander Valley Council,Australia

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Elizabeth Town Weather

Mar 7, 2021
10 ~ 19
Mar 8, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
8 / 22
Mar 9, 2021
Partly Sunny
6 / 19
Mar 10, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
10 / 18
Mar 11, 2021
11 / 22
Mar 12, 2021
12 / 22
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Elizabeth Town
Mar 7, 2021 Elizabeth Town Weather:Clouds, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:88%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:01/19:48
Elizabeth Town Driving:Suitable, Running:Suitable, Cycling:Suitable
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