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Park Hyatt Changbaishan
In Changbai Mountain, there are various hot springs and pools to enjoy, but to make a net red fan, it may not be this family. This network red bubble pool is located in the Park Hyatt Hotel in Changbai Mountain Wanda Resort, from minus 20 degrees to 41 degrees, what kind of feeling is there, can be felt here. The bubble pool is located outdoors, so before entering the pool, you must have the courage to face the temperature of minus 20 degrees. In fact, from the hotel to the bubble pool only 10 seconds to the distance, that is, this short 10 seconds, in order to let This experience of harmony between man and nature is at its best. The moment when the door was opened, it was a snowy scene. The water in the pool was quietly lying in the white world. The temperature of the pool was the same as the latitude of Changbai Mountain, which always maintained 41 degrees Celsius. Between the cold and the heat, the air of the fairyland with empty water and water is formed. The blue of the sky is printed in the pool water. The white and the sly in front of the eyes are looming. When the tip of the toe touches the pool water, a warm current flows to the heart, and the second second is still chilling, and the next second is melted. Slowly walk towards the center of the pool, let the natural mineral springs from the underground 2700 meters, moisten your own skin, and deeply breathe the cool cold wind, like eating a heart-cooling mint, cool and comfortable. Sitting in the pool, surrounded by crystal clear haze, not far away is a large forest and ski resort. Here, be sure to leave a few photos of scent, which can be a back, or a hibiscus. . .
Neyin Ancient City
The ancient city of Neyin under the Changbai Mountain is one of the three Jurchen tribes of the Ming Dynasty. It is the site of the Jianzhou Nyin Yin Yin Bingcheng, the place of exile in the Nurhachi youth, and the birthplace of the Manchu teacher of the Emperor Kangxi, Fucha Ezeh. And growing up, the area is now repaired 230,000 square meters. The ancient city has a wall, a search for the city, the Shaman Temple, the Shaman Temple, the Yinyin Laodong Square, the Changbai Mountain Shendong House, the Lingying Palace, the Former Residence of the Emerald, the Neyin Museum and other attractions, highlighting the rich historical and cultural connotations. In July and August, the south has been raging everywhere, but the ancient city of Nei Yin in Changbai Mountain is still a cool world. Under the shade of the trees, on the wooden path in the forest, the breeze is everywhere, making people feel refreshed. There are a lot of forest huts in the resort. When you walk in, there is a special fragrance of wood. Each house has three or four rooms, suitable for a big family, or a few good friends for a holiday. Going out the door, the wildflowers were all over the ground, and the bunny was squatting in the woods, not afraid of people. Nan Yin Ancient City is 20 kilometers away from Changbai Mountain Forest Tourist Airport. It takes only 25 minutes by car and 30 kilometers from Songjiang River Railway Station. The journey takes only 30 minutes. This summer, come and spend a holiday in the ancient city of Neyin!