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About Geneva

Geneva is to Protestantism what Rome is to Catholicism. The Swiss city is the country's second most populous, and is famed for playing host to many international organizations and committees -- the International Committee of the Red Cross, the European base of the UN and the World Health Organization. Like many of Europe’s other well-known cities, Geneva's museums, parks and excellent cuisine aren’t hard to come by in this stately city. St. Pierre’s Cathedral is one towering example of religious-inspired ingenuity that decorates the Geneva skyline. Another tough to miss part of Geneva is the Jet d’Eau, or “jet of water” that at a maximum height of one hundred and forty meters has turned Lake Geneva into the world’s biggest fountain. Geneva’s prominence in global politics has made her into one of Europe’s best destinations for the politically interested tourist, but her wealth of locally developed culture is sure to charm a wide variety of visitors.

Popular Attractions in Geneva

St. Pierre Cathedral
90 Reviews
St. Peter's Cathedral is located in the old town of Geneva, majestic and striking. Built between 1160 and 1232, it is an impressive landmark in the old town. The cathedral blends a variety of architectural styles. The spectacular façade is built with a Greek Koslin-style white column. It is a Greek temple. The Romanesque main building is lined with Gothic spires and arches. . St. Peter's Basilica has two towers that climb to the top of the tower and offer views of Geneva's Old Town and Lake Geneva.
Palace of Nations
254 Reviews
Historical Architecture
The Palais des Nations is the headquarters of the former United Nations “International Alliance” and is now the European headquarters of the United Nations. It is located on the shores of Lake Geneva on the northeastern outskirts of Geneva, facing the hustle and bustle of the Alps. The Palais des Nations is made up of 4 magnificent buildings surrounded by green trees and beautiful surroundings. As the residence of many UN agencies, the Palais des Nations is the place to hold important meetings.
The Geneva Water Fountain
266 Reviews
The Grand Fountain is located on the Lake Geneva near the English Garden and is one of the more representative landscapes in Geneva. The large fountain is like a water jet from a whale, and its spectacular sight can be seen far from the city center. The big fountain will have a rainbow in the sunny daylight, and there will be a chance to see the big fountain under the illumination at night. It is also very magnificent.
Old Town Geneva
65 Reviews
Featured Neighborhood
The old town of Geneva is situated on the slopes of the southern bank of the Rhone River. Due to the high terrain, the locals also call it the mountain city. There are not only ancient buildings such as churches, but also many art galleries, small bars and antique shops on the winding old streets. The art galleries have a variety of styles, and there are pottery jars from ancient China and Japan which belong to early impressionist works and have been placed in the conspicuously bright space.

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Trip Moments

Ivana Zhang   
Posted: Oct 24, 2019
#Swiss Travel # live in the comics, what kind of feelings do you have? Enbo IBIS Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland, but really feels a real feeling. Today, Enbo recommended the IBIS Hotel in Geneva to the small partners, and hopes to have a childlike partner to feel it.
Hotel Name: Ibis Hotel Geneva Gera
Booking is called Geneva Shangpin Carouge Hotel
Enbokop: Geneva is the third largest city in Switzerland, after Zurich and Basel. Geneva has Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Western Europe. In the city, the park is dotted with flowers and the lakeside flowers are everywhere. The
Hotel is located in the heart of the small town of Carouge, Geneva. It has carefully selected 6 stylish cartoonists to create a unique and unique comic world with 119 rooms! Each of these 6 cartoonists Responsible for the comic design of a whole floor room, therefore, these 119 rooms represent 6 different comic worlds.
First entered the hotel, as if walking into the comics center in Brussels, looking for the adventures of Tintin! Find the world of the Smurfs. Comics are no longer the privilege of children. Often the depth of the heart touched by the brush is the depth that many film and television works cannot reach. The cartoons often give me creative self-brainstorms. Although the hotel is a three-star hotel, the three-star rating is relatively young, and the service and quality are not lost to many domestic five-stars. The comics that can be seen everywhere are really different from all the hotels that Enbo has lived in. This is an artist hotel. You can't help thinking, liberating yourself from the imagination in comics.
All rooms in the hotel include buffet breakfast and unlimited Wi-Fi, and pets are allowed. The hotel has a restaurant and two bars with a wide range of dining options and convenient leisure and entertainment.
ibis Styles Geneve Carouge Route De Saint Julien 3
Seeing Enbos photo overlooking the half-town of Geneva, you can also see the big fountain! The niche is the welfare! Traveling in Geneva takes at least 2 days to play! Let's enjoy together and enjoy the beauty of Switzerland together.
Posted: Aug 11, 2019
I am Ann An   
Montreux's spring, walking to the mountains to see Narcissus

romantic jazz capital Montreux (Montreux), is an idyllic small town, known as the "Swiss Riviera". Situated on the shores of the vast Lake Geneva, between the lakes and mountains, there are churches and small houses. The surface of the city of Xiyong is the business card of Montreux.

In the early summer of the year, in the Montreux mountains of Switzerland, the red daffodils will suddenly open on the hillsides. They quickly open on both sides of the train track and open the ski resorts that are closed. A heavy snow, dyed the mountains into white, they are like the mission of replacing the heavy snow, with vigorous white, with dazzling light, officially bid farewell to the winter.

A few centuries ago, at the turn of the spring and summer, the opening of the wild daffodils was once a prosperous age. Like people who are keen to go to the Netherlands to see tulips in May, and to see lavender in Provence in July. Before the First World War, every year in June, a large number of people would come here to see the daffodils. The Narcissus Festival is lively and extraordinary, and the grandeur is unprecedented. The symphony orchestra plays the music, the ballet opera group takes turns, and the parade floats shuttle in the city... After 1957, due to natural and artificial factors, the wild daffodils are getting less and less, the daffodils The flower festival is closed. Until recently, the daffodil festival has come back. The Swiss Daffodil Protection Association has launched different daffodil walking themes. The train company has also adjusted the route for the daffodil festival. Each hiker is required to protect the daffodils while also allowing the picking of small bundles. The narcissus is taken away. As if it was re-emerged yesterday, people took the hand of a lover, took the child, went to the depths of the mountains, came for the daffodils everywhere, for an ancient festival.
Posted: Aug 11, 2019


Outdoor Recreation
Natural Landscapes
For a sizeably small, landlocked country, Switzerland has an exceptional amount of charm, natural beauty, cultural diversity, heritage and variety in its lap along with some of the most picturesque cities in Switzerland. Switzerland is not just about Davos. Davos is beautiful, but the Alpine and lakeside villages in the cities of Switzerland are even more gorgeous and breathtaking. So leave the guidebook and hop on to explore these 10 magical cities in Switzerland that we have curated for you instead. These ten cities of Switzerland spread across the country just elucidate the best Switzerland has to offer- spectacular mountain views, panoramic scenery, flower line nature walks and paths, lakeside beauty, and picturesque historic sights and attractions.
TripBlog   Oct 17, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the best places to visit in Geneva, including: St. Peter's Cathedral, Broken Chair, Montreux, Old Town Geneva, Flower Clock.
It takes between 7 and 8 hours to take the high-speed train. Every second hour from 7:00 to 12:23, the last shift is 12:23, and the fare is between 70-120 euros. The plane is very fast, and it will arrive in an hour of direct flight. Cheap tickets can be purchased within 100 Euros. Basically every hour from morning to night.