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Xiaochaidamu Lake

Xiaochaidamu Lake

4.5/557 Reviews
Haixizhou Top 6 in Amazing Natural Scenery
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"From Dongtai Jinel Lake, we returned to Xiaochaidan Lake. Xiaochaidan Lake is the end of the day. We will camp by the lake. I planned to experience camping before I came out this time, so I brought all the equipment. I passed by Xiaochaidan Lake on the day I went to Golmud from Dunhuang and saw many cars parked by the lake. At that time, I had the idea of camping by the lake, kids I also agreed. Although I had camped in the Dunhuang desert before, I didn't feel that I had set up a tent by myself, and I was not happy enough. It was already ten o'clock in the evening when I arrived at the lake. There seemed to be several Sichuanese camping nearby, neatly tying up three tents, eating, drinking, and chatting in the plastic shed. The wind was very strong that night, and the tent could not be set up. Later, I thought of a way and put the tent next to the car to keep the car out of the wind. This method was immediate and it was tied up smoothly. Then the air bed was inflated and the sleeping bag was taken. I came out, um, it was all there, and I started to worry that when I was inflated on the plateau, I would be physically exhausted and would react. As a result, nothing happened and I successfully completed all the work. My kids and I had a great time eating and drinking in the tent, but the weather was not strong enough. The strong wind in the first half of the night made the tent so loud, and it rained again in the middle of the night. The water of Xiaochaidan Lake was tidal like the sea, accompanied by it. The sound of the wind, the crackling rain and the rushing lake water, I slept all night in a daze. Although it is dark and late in the northwest, the dawn time is the same as in the east, so I got up after 7 o'clock and I got out of the tent to see, wow! It's so beautiful. After rain purification, the sky is blue and blue, the mountains and green water are blue, everything is so beautiful, the Sichuanese next to them left early in the morning, and there is a Shaanxiese family left. The young man was very excited, boiled water and washed his hair, and his wife cooked noodles. Then the two sat by the lake, enjoying the lake view and eating beautifully. Waves slapped the shore of the lake, and I couldn't bear to leave this beautiful place." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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