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Huaying Mountain Baoding

Huaying Mountain Baoding

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"The road to Baoding is a bit cumbersome. Now whether it is Baidu or Gaode, they are navigating the way up Cizhu Town, Chongqing. Guang'an City used to be about a hundred kilometers. There are many corners, especially the 200-300 meters near Baoding, steeper corners are bigger. The car can drive directly to the parking lot below the entrance of Baoding Guangming Temple, free of charge. The parking lot is located at an altitude of 1520 meters. There is a toilet under the left hand side of the parking lot, but there is no water, which is a bit bad. In fact, there are toilets inside the temple, but the entrance fee is 6 yuan. There are the most shops selling incense wax paper and candles in the mountains, and one or two restaurants are also open. The altitude here is still high, and the temperature is around 28 degrees at noon, which is very cool! There are a lot of herbal medicine sellers beside the parking lot, as well as plums and cooked buns. There are three main buildings in the temple, Guangming Temple, Daxiong Hall, and Baoding Buddha Light. There is vegetarian food in the temple, which costs 5 yuan per person, and accommodation is 30-40 yuan per person. Climbing to the highest point of Baoding, it is even cooler, the surrounding mountains are under your eyes, and the mountain breeze is blowing comfortably. Going down the mountain did not go to Cizhu Town, but to Kangjia Village in Sanhui Town. There are more than 10 kilometers of bad roads. It is difficult for cars to pass, and off-road vehicles can basically pass. This road can’t be navigated at present. The specific distance is, descend to an altitude of about 1000, and there is a sign indicating the direction of Jindao Gorge. Just go in this direction. The basic principle is to turn to the right and pass through Yangjiawan Coal Mine. Kangjia Village in Sanhui Town is connected to Provincial Highway 204. Baoding’s scenery is beautiful, it’s nice to escape the heat in summer and see the snow in winter. Tourism supporting construction has to keep up, otherwise it would be a pity such a good place." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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