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Trip Moments

NKS Hotspring Grand View Garden
I still remember the hot youth idol drama "Slightly smiled and poured into the city"? The heroine Xiaonai God is riding a single car with the goddess slightly showing the scene of love on campus. I dont know how many single dogs are abused. Our best couple after 90s is naturally unwilling to lag behind, and I want to restore one of the most TV dramas. A classic cycling scene. This is not the case. There is such a small forest suitable for concave shape in the Grand View Garden.

Romantic couple bicycle couple bicycle: 28 yuan / hour (2 seats) two bicycles 68 yuan / hour (2 with a shed) four bicycles 88 yuan / hour (4 seats)

Riding a small bicycle, facing the cool breeze in the morning, came to the ecological vineyard in the Grand View Garden. After 80 years of experience in crop farming, I said that I was full of curiosity about this original green space. I heard that I can pick the grapes in the garden myself, and I cant get excited at the moment. Daguanyuan Vineyard adopts hot spring planting technology. The fresh hot spring water flowing out from the hot spring pool is scientifically treated. After the relevant environmental protection data is tested and naturally cooled, the grapes are irrigated, so that the grapes absorb the trace elements rich in hot springs and make them grow. The grape taste is different from the grapes that are grown out. More sweet and delicious.

Vineyard tickets 15 yuan, send half a catty of grapes, if you want to pick and take away, then charge 25 yuan a pound
NKS Hotspring Grand View Garden
The hot spring of Nanguan Mountain Grand View Garden is said to be one of the most vital hot spring areas in the Longmen. The daily hot spring water volume is 5000 cubic meters, and the highest temperature of hot spring water can reach 82 °C. It is a high calcium silicate temperature mineral water, trace element pole. high. Every guest in the house can enjoy unlimited hot springs and fun water world rides with their room cards. There are a total of 79 hot spring pools with different functions in the hot spring area. The personal favorite is the salt bath and the sexy kiss fish bath. Both hot springs are available at an extra charge. Net red take you hot springs fun fish treatment: 28 people / time (extra charge hot spring milk bath: 38 yuan / person (extra charge salt bath: 28 yuan / time

body cold, liver fire friends) May wish to come to the chrysanthemum spring to soak a bubble.

Ms. may wish to come to Ai Yequan for a bubble. It is said that Ai Yequan's hot spring water has special effects for menstruation. It also helps the skin eczema

The friends who have been soaked in hot springs must have experienced the stimulation of fish therapy. The "sexual kiss fish" in the hot spring pool of Grand View Garden will not let you down. Put your feet into the pool and there will be hundreds of thousands of small fish in an instant. Gush over, screaming at your feet, hahahaha!

Best friends who want beauty and skin care may wish to try the most characteristic "salt bath" in the hot spring pool, the so-called salt bath After the warm water soaks the skin, the staff will dig a large enough pit in the middle of the salt pond. After the person lie in, the appropriate amount of salt will be buried in the whole body. Remember to check if there is any small wound on the body before the salt bath.
Nankun Shanju Hot Spring Resort
Kunshanju Hot Spring Resort is located in Nanxun National Forest Park, the national AAAA level scenic spot in Longmen County, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. Nankun Mountain has 240,000 mu of virgin forest and 60,000 mu of bamboo and sea. The rolling hills and winding streams surround it. It is the "natural oxygen bar" of Nanyue. The lobby of
Nankunshan Residence is spacious and bright, and the golden system gives a sense of sunshine and prosperity! There is a wetland park on the west side of the
Nankun Mountain Resort, where you can see the scenery of the resort and villa area. Strolling along the shore of the lake, the breeze is light, and the sun at dusk will dye the western sky into yellow, and the scenery in front of you is like ink painting. The room at
is located in Building C. In the room, you can enjoy the natural mountain scenery and the lush green garden. The garden is full of children's entertainment facilities.
Leisure facilities are scattered in all corners of the garden, sitting on the ground, sitting on a book, a cup of coffee, or a couple of friends, and the time is quietly flowing in a relaxed atmosphere...
Luxury of Nankun Mountain Residence The bed room has a beautiful view of the mountains of Nankun Mountain through the balcony glass. Open the balcony door, the negative ions instantly filled the room, breathe the fresh air in the mountains, and taste the free drinks in the refrigerator in the room.
The room is spacious and bright, clean and elegant.
Soak in the hot spring pool on the balcony, you can quietly close your eyes and raise your mind, feel the mountains, and the people are jumping off the horizon.
Living in Nankun Mountain, slow is not a luxury, but a natural norm.