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Kirin CourtNearby City

Kirin Court

4.2/527 Reviews
"Historical Architecture"
Ranked #19 in Chaozhou Can't Miss Attractions
"I went to the Pavilion of King Yue the previous year. Today I saw the introduction of and went to the Pavilion of King Yue. Then I will talk about my experience and opinion of the Pavilion. First of all, the main pavilion structure of the Pavilion is basically designed according to the Pavilion of King Yue. The time of construction is not long, and the selection of tones (gold, red) is warmer than the style of the royal pavilion. I like gold more often. Although imitation, but carefully looked at the architectural paintings and patterns are very detailed, personal feeling than the palace part of the beam dome. Should have asked a very good artisan master to draw. Because the Pavilion of the Prince of the Prince is built on the edge of the river, the Pavilion is built on the flat area of the high speed side of the mountain. So the overall layout is not the same. The construction precision of the building itself can be basically a high level with the Pavilion of the Prince of the Prince. The appearance is characterized by each. I guess the owner of the building is to collect, display books and promote the products, therapies and principles of TCM. The idea is good, after all, TCM is vast and profound, and hopes to be more perfect. For example, collect all the books of traditional Chinese medicine, collect all kinds of herbal medicine as display, all kinds of Chinese medical law history and introduction, etc.! Remove some tacky decorations. Build a museum of traditional Chinese medicine, let the tourists in the play and understand the classics of Chinese studies. Also mention that my father and I (71 years old) on the Pavilion today are directly taking the elevator to the top floor, and are more friendly to the elderly. After all, there are too many people in the Pavilion. It reduces the pain of climbing stairs, and of course I like to exercise when I don't say it. Overall, it is still a very good attraction."