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Things To Do in Yellowstone National Park

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Ornamental Hot spring
National Park
KlesisEpic view of the Grand Prismatic Spring ! One of the most interactive National Parks in the States!
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National Park
chenweiwenYellowstone Canyon is located in Yellowstone National Park, the United States, in Yellowstone National Park 90 sightseeing spots ranked 1. Yellowstone Lake in the United States of America out of the river, after a gentle hilly zone, into a length of about 38 kilometers of steep canyon, known as Yellowstone Canyon. This is one of the most magnificent and gorgeous scenery in Yellowstone Park. Here, the swift rivers splatter and form two magnificent waterfalls, roaring into the valley floor. The first waterfall is 33 meters high, this is the upper waterfall, the second is 92 meters high, called the lower waterfall. The Yellowstone Canyon is formed by the Yellowstone River erosion and geothermal erosion of volcanic rock. About 14000 to 18000 years ago, the Grand Canyon connects three times of glacier erosion, gradually forming this typical V-shaped canyon. The Yellowstone Canyon, which was only around 10,000 years ago, is quite young. One of the best spots to view Lower Falls is Uncle Tom's Trail, a branch of South Rim Trail. The end of Trail is a platform located at the waist of the canyon. From here, the waterfall is like a white cliff, with water running halfway up the valley and rainbows crossing the cliffs. It's spectacular.
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chenweiwenOld Faithful Fountain is the most famous landscape in Yellowstone. The most famous geyser in Yellowstone is Old Faithful Fountain. It doesn't erupt regularly like other fountains. It erupts every few minutes and never disappoints travelers. It is always faithful and loved by the world. The old faithful fountains are sprayed every 56 minutes, each time for about 4 minutes, the highest and most beautiful time is the first 20 seconds, each time the hot water is about 10,000 gallons, the height of 40-50 meters, water temperature of 93 degrees Celsius. After winter and summer, the old faithful fountains are so in accordance with certain rules and endless spray, so that "old faithful" such a reputation. People come to Yellowstone Park, must see the old faithful fountains. But see it does not spray, a spray is like a thousand horses, more in the sunshine, water vapor flashes out of seven colors, grand, who can not give a sound of praise.
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海外自驾攻略Like a mirror of water, reflecting the surrounding snowy peaks and deep forests, it is difficult to distinguish between reality and reality. Compared to lakes in other places, the most special place should be the surrounding high mountains. Because of the high altitude, the snow on the mountains has not melted until the end of May, and the tops of the mountains still look white. The stones in Yellowstone Park have high sulfur content, which makes the water in Yellowstone Lake and Yellowstone River look very clear, but they cannot drink or swim.
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Geological Sites
National Park
chenweiwenMammoth Hot Springs: The Yellowstone Park in the United States, where limestone steps are the main landscape, also known as the hot step zone. It is the largest carbonate deposition hot spring in the world, and one of the most important purposes of the park's initial establishment is to protect its unique geothermal landscape. Mammoths hot springs are the most active and longest-lived geothermal areas. The hot springs are very dense, resulting in a huge karst plateau, where old and new hot springs alternately undulating in years. Looking out over the horizon, the crystal clear, the hot springs left form a very beautiful, colorful steps along the hillside. The area is the only tourist lodging in Yellowstone National Park that can be reached by car in winter.
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魔女BBIt was 10 o'clock in the morning when I arrived in Norris. Before entering the geothermal area, there was a small museum. The museum displayed objects and exhibition boards that popularized the knowledge of hot springs. Most of the hot springs in Yellowstone are alkaline, but most of the water in Norris is acidic, including acid geysers rarely seen elsewhere. The Norris Geyser Basin (Norris Geyser Basin) is to the west of the figure-of-eight waist of Yellowstone. It is also the thinnest place on the surface of Yellowstone. If it is a volcanic eruption, this will be the first place to erupt. The Norris Geyser Basin is a geothermal area with the highest temperature, the longest history, and the most geothermal energy in the Yellowstone region. It is the hottest and most unstable series of geysers in Yellowstone Park. The world's largest geyser "Steamboat Geyser" is also located in this area. The Norris Basin consists of the Porcelain Basin in the north and the Back Basin in the south.

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Bullwinkle's Saloon and EateryYellowstone National Park,United States

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Canyon AreaYellowstone National Park,United States

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West Thumb Geyser BasinYellowstone National Park,United States

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Grizzly Country Wildlife AdventuresTeton County,United States

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Morning Glory PoolYellowstone National Park,United States

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Liberty CapYellowstone National Park,United States

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A short guide on places to stay in and around Yellowstone National Park with information on COVID-19 closures.
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Here are the best places to visit in Yellowstone National Park, including: The Grand Prismatic Spring,Canyon Area,Old Faithful Geyser

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