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10 Amazing Places to See Buddha around The World
There are obviously numerous places where you can see a Buddha statue. They're most often found inside Buddhist temples. Temples in Buddhism are said to be representations of a pure environment and are designed to help cultivate both inner and outer peace. Temple architecture varies from region to region due to cultural intermixing and other factors. A Buddhist temple is not just the main structure. Rather it is an entire complex that includes the surrounding environment. Buddhist temple design evokes the five elements of nature: earth, air, fire, water, and wisdom. The following guide will help introduce you to 10 amazing places around the world where you can see a magnificent Buddha statue.
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Most Difficult Countries to Visit by Someone Who’s Visited Them All
Popular imagination lends itself to picturing remote travel destinations as some wind-swept plain, far-flung island, expansive desert, or imposing jungle. Given the right qualifiers, hard to reach places exist almost anywhere. For example, take a moment to appreciate the complexities involved in reaching say Tristan da Cunha.
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