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4.5/5Excellent318 Reviews
Cebu City Cebu|2.36km from downtown
A family of three on a trip to Bohol Island in a transit hotel in Cebu Settled in this, it is said to be the rich area of Cebu, the shopping mall next to it is very kind to see many domestic brands Let's talk about the hotel, breakfast is good in Cebu, the restaurant is too cold, we went at the end of December, and it was cold. I flew back to China this night. I asked for a double bed without a double bed and added an extra bed for free. The mattress was too soft and my back hurt. Had two buffet dinners at the hotel, 700P / 1200P, not many dishes The hotel has its own swimming pool, and the typhoon stayed for three nights. Children love to play shui q
3.6/5167 Reviews
Cebu City Cebu|1.28km from downtown
This is the Regency Tower in Cebu City, enough to stay for half a day on the day of departure. Even if you do not bring breakfast during the Lunar New Year holiday, you can rent a swimming pool at a reasonable price and assign it to a higher floor. The night view before departure is very good, and 9 : It takes about 30 minutes to reach the airport after 30, 340 pesos, without any bar teachers and worms. For that matter, McNally Jolly B. Buck supermarket has many large markets and restaurants where you can enjoy a half-day tour of the city, but they I am afraid that many factors must be considered. It takes up all the space from the lobby to the elevator bar, and the room is not as bad as it looks.
4.2/5Very Good277 Reviews
Cebu City Cebu|2.35km from downtown
Let's start with the good. I give 5 points to the environment of this hotel. It is very close to the SM business district. The hotel is easy to find. Basically the local drivers know that there will be no hotel. Let me talk about the bad places to stay! As a hotel cooperating with Ctrip, I encountered the same embarrassment of staying with my compatriots, because the itinerary changed temporarily, I booked this hotel the same night. After paying, I received the check-in voucher from Ctrip. Arrived at the hotel front desk and said that my check-in order could not be found! !! !! For this reason, I stood awkwardly at the front desk for nearly 40 minutes. Fortunately, Ctrip's customer service and other parties have finally found an order to check in. I was thinking that if the hotel could not find my order at that time, the hotel rooms would be full. So where did I go to find the accommodation late, should I let me sleep on the road? Let's talk about the rooms. This hotel looks big but don't be deceived by its appearance. The interior is almost the same as the domestic Samsung standard. The room type I booked has floor-to-ceiling windows but is blocked. So that the tide of the bathroom filled the entire room, this is still not the most terrible. The small refrigerator in the room can make a strange noise all night. I originally wanted to unplug the power, but it was difficult to reach the island by hand. So give up. Hotel food is still relatively rich. Enter the hotel for security and a search dog. The overall security of the hotel is better than that of a homestay or small hotel. 🙄
4.3/5Excellent136 Reviews
Cebu City Cebu|1.99km from downtown
Really had a great time here.. Amenities are fantastic and staffs are really nice.. Check in and check out time is flexible - they granted us a late checkout considering it is a last minute request. Breakfast is good as well. Also the hotel is centrally located.
4.4/5Excellent321 Reviews
Cebu City Cebu|1.98km from downtown
We were very upset because they gave us a room with a broken aircon. A receptionist told us that we were not allowed to use the pool and we found out later on from other employees that we can actually use it. Why would your receptionist give us that kind of information? We stayed for a week and wanted to use the pool but we were told we couldnt use it but we actually could!!! Terrible!!! Atleast the one who served us breakfast was very accomodating and the guards were nice. Pros - the hotel was near ayala. Cons, everything i said above. We couldve had a better stay but your staff ruined it...
4.1/5Very Good327 Reviews
Cebu City Cebu|3.79km from downtown
I began to think that the place of the plateau must be in a bad environment. As a result, this hotel is clean and hygienic, and there is also an oxygen generator, which relieves the high altitude reaction of the elderly and children. The breakfast is richer than expected. The girl at the front desk is also very enthusiastic. The room also gave a pendant that was a blessing and was very happy. There is no oxygen generator in one of the parent-child rooms we booked. If you want to use the oxygen generator, it is recommended to book two separate rooms. The oxygen generator works well
4.1/5Very Good143 Reviews
Cebu City Cebu|3.19km from downtown
I stayed at Castel peak Hotel in the Grand Superior Room Stayed Jan 28 - Feb 4, 2020. I payed for and was expecting no window room but to my surprise I had and excellent room on main street side with several windows one on both sides of building had a corner room number 712 top floor and the windows opened on one side. I recommend get room street side. I had a very pleasant experience. there is a restaurant in the hotel the food was pretty good the amenities there at the hotel was awesome weight/ room sauna/little pool/they offer massages. there is a little bar and an outside balcony to relax outside. The staff in every area was very pleasant and willing to help in any way. The room was pretty clean. I liked the things they offer in the bathroom hair dryer body wash and shampoo in big dispensers the shower was huge big see through glass big enough for two to have a good time in if you like! House keeping is Awesome also anything you need they bend over backwards to get for you they leave 2 bottles of water each time they clean the room I thought was very nice touch. There is a safe in the room. I thought was great. A/C worked just fine. There is a little convince store right next door connected to hotel that offers many things you might need or want. One Review I read on here about the hotel before booking about they charged extra on his card that they didn't expect.. This was not the case for me. I checked my card and asked if any other charges will be added to my card they said no and that was the case as soon as I got home I checked my card no extra charges. When I go back to the Cebu Philippines I will defiantly stay there again and if room 712 is open I would request that room excellent view enjoyed just watching the people and traffic from the windows...cant say enough Great Time
4.3/5Excellent53 Reviews
Cebu City Cebu|3.16km from downtown
The hotel's breakfast has nothing to say ~ It's really super! Next time I have to stay for 2 days before I can eat most of the food, the juice is very delicious, the service staff are very enthusiastic, there is a bar next to the lobby, although the hotel location is not very convenient (nothing next to it), but Sheng Zai is very suitable for vacation, away from the hustle and bustle, there are places to run with children ~
4.5/5Excellent274 Reviews
Cebu City Cebu|3.75km from downtown
The hotel is very convenient. Say a lightning protection, the hotel entrance called taxi must be counter-offering, feel that you can ask the security to help you. I went to ayala and the driver asked me for 800p and I didn't pay it back. Because I dragged an old man, he was in front of a car. It's ten minutes away, and Shanghai hasn't reached the price. The driver also asked if I should pick it up, but I had no choice but to refuse. Later when I went to the airport, I was smart. I came to ask me for 1000p and I said I didn't need you. I asked the security guard to ask for another car and asked him if he could go 300p. If you do n’t buy melissa specifically, you do n’t have to go to ayala or SM store to buy it.
3.6/539 Reviews
Cebu City Cebu|2.07km from downtown
The location is very good, the hotel service is good, the breakfast is very rich, and most importantly, it is very close to the Ayala business district, just across the road, super convenient

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4.2/51 Reviews
Cebu City
Bohol Island came across a recommendation from a latent friend, the boss' mother went to China, and the boss could speak Chinese. The room was very clean. I left after transitioning to one night. There are supermarkets around and barbecues. I'm lucky, one room per person, I don't know what it feels like to be full.
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