Top 10 The building Hotels

Top 10 The building Hotels


20 Reviews
TB17376, Ground Floor, Lot 4, Block F, Jalan Kubota, Kubota Square, 91000 Tawau, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
"This hotel really exceeded my expectations. I thought the hotel was in a good level in the town, but after I went in, I found that the elevators had to be swiped up and down, and the room was very clean and the layout was very reasonable. The air conditioner would not be blowing on the bed. Said the boss is still very careful. Next to Watsons, shopping is convenient, there are many restaurants nearby to choose from. In addition, the boss is Chinese. I was going to travel to Xianben that day to help me use Grab to call the car, because I was a girl who took a taxi to Semporna alone. The boss also added me WeChat to communicate with local drivers in Malay. After a moment, tell me to send a message to the Semporna Hotel to reply to her, to ensure that there is no accident on the road. The Chinese female boss is indeed a very responsible and caring person, manages the hotel well, and provides all kinds of help to the guests. If they go next time, they will continue to stay in the hotel."
"The hotel is very clean and tidy. The security is extremely high, there is a guard at the entrance of the hotel, and it is necessary to use the room card to enter and exit. The hotel staff is very welcoming, there is wifi in the room (requires hotel staff to help set up), there are many choices in the restaurants around the food, the total cost is very high."
"The hotel is clean, the facilities are complete, the service staff is polite, the boss also speaks Chinese, the uncle is very loving, the restaurant opposite has a great taste, the Watsons next to it is convenient for shopping, the surrounding environment is clean and tidy, and the street scenery is pleasant"
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LOT NO.40, LOT H1, KUBOTA SENTRAL, JALAN CHONG THIEN VUN, Bahagian Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
"VISTA HOTEL is located in Tawau. All units in the hotel are equipped with a kettle. At VISTA HOTEL every room comes with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. The nearest airport is Tawau Airport, 14 mi from the accommodations."
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8 Reviews
TB 2103, North Road, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
"Renting a room under Hotel Emas Tawau: Imagine every time when you have the urge and rush to washroom to answer the nature's call (number 2), only to find out that there is NO WATER, and whatever coming out needs to be put on hold. Each and every time, each and every day, that has been my life in Tawau in the past 2 months. Empty water tank or faulty water pump, either way NO WATER. Need to shower - no water. Need to pass motion - no water. Need to cook or wash - no water Need to practise hand hygiene (wash hand) in a super red zone during pandemic - NO WATER. Have been paying >RM800 per month for rental, water, and electricity with NO INTERNET CONNECTION, for staying in a unit where rats outnumber the human."
"The location of the hotel is OK, there are supermarket pharmacies restaurants around. But the facilities are relatively old, and there are many car repairs around. It's ok, the hotel is pretty good, and the price is quite high."
"Good breakfast with drop-off service 25 MYR per person 2-4 MYR 40"
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53 Reviews
Mile 1, Jalan Kuhara, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
"The appearance is good, but the facilities, hey, can't say everything. It's too old. It's like a small broken hotel in the county seat. Breakfast style is too few and taste is average. Only convenient: the underground supermarket is convenient!"
"Compared to that hotel in Semporna, this hotel is too good. The hotel is very good in that environment. Breakfast is okay, relatively local. Overall can give praise."
"Hotel is good, the service is okay. The view is quite spectacular if you are staying at higher floor. Overall, the hotel is quite clean and nice."
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Very Good
87 Reviews
TB 210-213, Jalan Bunga, Fajar Complex, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
"This hotel has the taste of an old-fashioned Hong Kong hotel. It seems to be the light-swimming hotel in the 2046 movie. Did not order breakfast, there is a fast food restaurant across the road, open at 7:00 to eat there. There are convenience stores and banks nearby. There is a 24h food stall behind the hotel. Hotel facilities are very old, but the bathroom is large. The hotel is very soundproof, the background music is still playing until 11 o'clock, some people are noisy in the middle of the night, wake me up, I thought it was dawn, and the result was only 1:54. Stayed for one night, this price is like this."
"Breakfast is served opposite the hotel, open at 7 o'clock, the car can only be picked up at the resort more than 7 o'clock, to catch up. The taste is not clear, because I am afraid that the motion sickness will spit, and I will see it. As an over-perfect hotel, it is worthy of this price. The most important thing is SWV, Madin, Kapalai's shuttle bus is parked at the hotel entrance, convenient! Isn't it here to go to the island?"
"Turn around in Madagascar, it is okay to live temporarily, after all, it is cheap. The location is very convenient, it is convenient to eat nearby, there are convenience stores and a shopping mall-although the shopping mall is more urban and rural. The reception was welcoming. The rooms are large but the facilities are average and old. The water temperature of the water heater is not high, and the bath water is too cold. The sanitation is not very good and the sheets are not very clean. I specifically booked a room with a window, but I couldn't open it."
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0 Reviews
TB 4701-4705, Jalan Haji Karim, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
"Conveniently placed just 2 km from Tawau Airport, Kingston Executive Hotel features modern and well-appointed guestrooms that are fully air-conditioned. Free WiFi access is offered throughout the hotel. Each room is furnished with cool tile flooring. A comfortable seating area and an electric kettle are included. You will also find an attached bathroom equipped with a hairdryer and bidet. Kingston Executive Hotel operates a 24-hour front desk. Parking facilities are offered to those who drive. Laundry services are available at an additional charge and housekeeping is provided daily."
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25 Reviews
TB457, TB458 & TB459 Block M, Bandar Sabindo, Tawau, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
"The location of the hotel is just opposite the food stalls, and the food stalls are super delicious. After 5 minutes, there is a big Chinese supermarket, and shopping is very convenient. The room is suitable for a friend who has turned around for one night. The room is almost the same as the domestic 7 days. The price is just right. For breakfast, coconut rice and another rice 2 are selected and will be delivered to the room. Not very tasteful About 30-40 minutes from the airport, the mobile phone can be next to the grab, and the car is past, about 40-50mb."
"The younger brother at the front desk was very good. Luna accidentally forgot to stay in the room. I called the past to check for me, and added my WeChat contact to make sure that I was sent and helped send it. I was really touched. Of course, the room finishing environment is also very good, very neat, opposite is a seafood street, a few steps diagonally opposite is a fruit stall street, always good people are very recommended ~"
"The room was clean and tidy, that is, the layout of the four rooms was different. There was a special unreasonable. The air was adjusted to the front and the head was blowing. It was more uncomfortable. The rest was especially good. Fruit Street and Jinling Seafood were on the opposite street, and the meal was not picked!"
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Very Good
1 Reviews
1733, Jalan Masjid, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
"The employee response was very kind. Rooms are clean and perfect. The price is reasonable and the cost performance is very good."
"The hotel room was kept hygienic. The employees are very kind. I think the cost performance is very high."
"The front is very kind. The room was very clean and in every corner. Cost performance is outstanding."
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Very Good
15 Reviews
TB 224-227, Lot 1-4, Jalan Bunga, Fajar, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
"The location is so so strategic, near the port and downtown shopping areas also lots of eating places nearby. The place is also near the bus terminal. The room itself is clean and spacious, there’s free wifi. The only thing I will nitpick is the floor which is not all carpet as most hotels have, also the bathroom is not an actual bathroom as there’s separate shower room and waste chamber(?) "
"Convenient location, near food shop, cheap price, but need to use the stairs before lifting, it is inconvenient to take heavy luggage, facilities are average, it is a place worth living."
"The room is large, the facilities are perfect, the stock attitude is good, and the satisfaction is satisfied."
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30 Reviews
TB 248, Jalan Bunga, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
"Close to the airport, there is a free shuttle service, Ctrip's customer service is also great. The room is not big but it can open a 28-inch suitcase. The hotel's breakfast is very good and the variety is rich. The swimming pool is not too clean by visual inspection. It is next to the restaurant and there is nothing wrong with the transfer option."
"Convenient and comfortable, opposite the hotel is the Miramar Supermarket. The separated road is Jinling Seafood and Fruit Street, and there is no food. The front desk clerk also called me to the airport, which was cheaper than the 45 cars!"
"The hotel service is good, clean, and the pillows are latex very comfortable. Facilities are slightly lacking and no morning meals are provided. There are fewer Chinese halls in the surrounding area, but there are more local express halls. Overall cost-effective. recommend"
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