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Hotel Xbalamqué & Spa Cancún Centro
3.4/5107 Reviews
Downtown Cancun
I personally like the overall environment and decoration style, and the interior decoration is also very impactful. You can see the outside garden directly from the room, which is very beautiful. In the morning, I can watch the sky slowly light up. Towels, soap and shampoo are provided on the daily necessities, but not others. Door-to-door service for in-room dining, good value for money. It's just that the shower head is a bit broken, and there is no hot water by the way, but I didn't contact the front desk either. I don't know if it is broken or does not provide hot water.
Oh! Cancun - the Urban Oasis
4/549 Reviews
Downtown Cancun
The location of the hotel is really good, it’s close to the zona hotelera yet it’s still in downtown Cancun, it’s really close to the ADO bus station, which will allow you to take a bus to the airport or to visit other cities at a very cheap price, The hotel looks a bit older than what appears on the pictures online, I visited 4 hotels while in Cancun and this one was the worst in télé of cleanliness, it doesn’t mean that it was dirty, but it’s definitely worst than what you can find in Cancun The breakfast is not bad, the pool is great, the staff is friendly, The decorative style of the hotel looked a bit outdated and it was all over the place, it didn’t feel very coherent to me, which left a bad visual impression over all But the location of the hotel is really great, you have buses going to all sort of places just at your doorstep, that’s a great way to save on transportation, cause taxi fees can quickly add up !
Cancun International Suites
4/572 Reviews
Downtown Cancun
There is basically no need to consider public transportation in Cancun, but it is more convenient to book a hotel to rent to the airport or other places. The room environment is good.
Smart Cancun by Oasis
3.6/5105 Reviews
Downtown Cancun
It was a great facility with many amenities. Highly recommend for any one. Only negative and positive thing is slow wifi. Then again. You don’t go to Cancun to use wifi. Get out and enjoy. 5 star.
Hotel Maria de Lourdes
3.6/571 Reviews
Downtown Cancun
clean and tidy hotel,enthusiastic staff,convenient location to move out
Hotel Luma by Kavia
3.9/5105 Reviews
Downtown Cancun
It is as they describe it, comfortable, clean, organized, well located.

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