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Incheon is South Korea's most well-known port cities and home to one of the world’s most modern international airports. There are many small islands on the Incheon Sea, which means that it’s a popular destination for tourists. Ships from around the world travel to and from here, and there are active exchanges with Chinese cities. Incheon is home to many islands such as Yeongjong Island, Yeongheungdo Island, and Deokjeokdo Island. Incheon started as a light industrial city and developed into a coastal industrial city. Today, modern Incheon has an administrative area of 986.45 km², accounting for 0.98% of the total area of South Korea. It consists of 8 districts, 2 counties, and 137 towns, townships, and neighborhoods. Incheon’s old name was Michuhol. Michuhol was founded as an administrative district at the time of Jangsu of Goguryeo (475). When King Gyeongdeok unified the Three Kingdoms, the name was changed again to Soseong. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit, and there are plenty of hotels in Incheon to choose from.

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Incheon International Airport region
4.6/5458 Reviews
Incheon International Airport region
4.5/5407 Reviews
Incheon International Airport region
4.6/5910 Reviews
Incheon City
3.9/5159 Reviews
4.2/5157 Reviews
Incheon City
4.5/596 Reviews